toilet thursday

Let me tell y'all about this bed.

About a month ago, I randomly stumbled across the tumblr @unfuckyourhabitat , which is based off a book by the same title that gave practical strategies for cleaning and maintaining your environment in a practical way. The author makes posts daily reminding everyone to make their beds, and I, being a devout anti-bedmaker, was prepared to dismiss that. But the rest of what she was saying made sense, so I decided to give it a try, and I can say without exaggeration that this habit has changed my whole home life. I’ve made my bed every day for the past month, and starting the day with that one quick act of tidying makes me feel prepared to spend other minutes in other areas of my house and car and classroom, because if I can get up at 3:30AM and muster the energy to better my habitat then, surely I can manage to wash a dish or sweep a floor in the evening.

My house is sparkling, y'all. You know how many dirty dishes are in my sink right now? Zero. When was the last time I cleaned the base of my toilet? Why, every Thursday actually! And what did I do last weekend, just for giggles (and because it needed doing)? I washed my blinds. Washed. My blinds. Like with a bucket and rags and the whole shebang. A month ago you would never have caught me willingly spending my weekend doing something that labor-intensive for a reward as small as not having a decade of dust on my blinds. But I find myself wanting to do those little things now, because I’ve been living in this clean and organized habitat and I love it. It doesn’t take much, just one or two quick tasks a day to keep things from getting out of hand, and I honestly credit my continuing enthusiasm and motivation to this bed.

If my bed is all pretty and made, surely I can put the clothes into the hamper when I take them off instead of a pile on the floor. And if I have a clear floor, I suppose I can avoid dropping my junk on the tables too. And if my room is organized, I guess I can keep my bathroom tidy too. And if my bathroom is tidy I might as well keep the kitchen clean. The chain of logic goes on and on until eventually it just clicked somewhere in my brain that I want a clean habitat and I’m willing to do a little work each day to have one.

And it starts with a bed that’s made.

So thank you, ufyh, for kicking my butt into gear in this one eensy weensy area of my life that turned out to be not so eensy weensy at all. The light switches I Lysol this afternoon will be dedicated to you. ✊

She's the one Bro ~ Vol.4

Sitting next to the toilet early hours of Thursday morning, was not what you expected. Tears rolling down your face as you sat up against the wall, waiting for the little timer to go off and Jack to come home from going clubbing, was really not what you wanted at three in the morning.

The timer went off and you quickly stopped it before picking up the three tests. Taking deep breaths to calm you nerves that have been creeping up on your since you brought tests you took one last breath before flipping them all over.

Positive. All three of them were positive.

Tears rolled down your face in pure happiness as you finally seen the little cross, you and jack had both been wanting to see for two months now.

Although that moment was shorted lived when you when felt it coming back up, you pushed you self up and lent over the toilet as fast as you can. Too busy throwing up you didn’t hear the the front door slam open and the sound of running feet towards the bathroom, until Jacks hands were holding your hair.

“It’s okay baby, I’m here now.” Jack whispered before standing up slightly and shouting, “Conor! Get me some water!”

By the time you finished, Conor had rushed into the bathroom with water and tablets. Jack pulled you up and placed you on the counter surface before grabbing the water and tablets.

However, before he could pass them to you, you jumped off the counter and turned your back to them.

“Woah, Y/N, are you okay?” Jack asked in panic thinking the worst. He was constantly worrying about you 24/7 since the start of the week when you started throwing up without a reason.

Sighing you bent down and picked up the tests before turning around and hiding the test behind your back, “Jack, baby. I’m fine” You grinned.

Jack scoffed and Conor looked at you like you were crazy, “Y/N you are defiantly not fine. You have been throwing up for four days now, as your best friend I’m fucking worr-”

“Don’t.” You cut him off still smiling before bring out the tests and handing them to Jack.

Jack looked down at them for a couple of minutes, not saying anything while Conor looked like he seen a ghost when he saw the tests. Jack looked up at you, tears rolling down his face seeing tears of your own falling down before speaking up.

“I’m a dad?”

“Baby your a dad.” You cried at the pure look of happiness in his eyes.

Jack threw his arms around you crying into your neck, all while thinking. I’m a dad. You both rocked each other back and forth crying in pure happiness when a loud voice ruined the moment.

“I’m going to a fucking uncle?!” Conor shouted, causing the both of you to pull away and stare at the older Maynard jumping up and down on the spot with his own tears rolling down his face.

You and Jack both chuckled at the sight, watching as Conor rambled on about being the best uncle in the world.

Jack turned his head slightly, his breath tickling your ear. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” You replied leaning up and catching him in a kiss filled with passion and love.

“-I’ll buy him or her anyth- wait?! Jack didn’t you say the last time you had sex was last month?” Conor answered, excitement slowly turning to disgust.

“Yeh, bro. Why?” Jack asked confusion laced in his voice.

“I walked in the last time you had sex…OH MY GOD! I WATCH YOUR BABY BE MADE.” Conor shouted pain written all over his face, remember the time he walked in on Jack and you both hitting your highs.

Which ended up on both of you telling him your plans and making sure he didn’t tell anyone because you weren’t getting any positive results yet.

“Oh Con.” You laughed slightly as he cursed you both.

“Shut it, leave us alone dude.” Jack sighed, hugging you from behind.

Conor said goodnight and said he was too lazy to drive home so he was going to use your guest bedroom before leaving you.

“Let’s get you to bed baby momma, you look tired.” Jack gave a small smile picking you up bridal style, causing you to giggle.

He placed you bed, taking his clothes off before joining you lying down. Once he was comfortable, you put your head on his chest drawing little patterns.

Laying in silence for a while, you both couldn’t get the picture of a little baby in your arms.

“You know,” Jack started, while you looked up at him. “I’ll be more excited in the morning, I’m just scared this is one big dream.”

“Not a dream this time baby, I promise you.” You kissed his chest, eyes falling shut to the feeling of Jack playing with your hair.

Jack looked down at you, seeing your breathing get slower and heavier. “Get some rest gorgeous, I love you.”

“I love you too.” You mumbled falling asleep but was still awake slightly to hear Jacks last words making you fall asleep with a smile on your face.

“You too, little one. I love you too”

An Unexpected Guest

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Fluff (with just a touch of angst+comfort), AU
Word count: 4,689 words
Warnings: Alcohol, drunkenness, slight life crisis
Description: Phil’s flat gets an unexpected and unwanted guest…

A/N: based on this prompt, from @petalsofivory (sorry I changed it just a bit!). Happy Birthday!!!


It was two minutes past 8:00 PM, there were three tequila shots lined up on the bar, and Dan had at least four good reasons for wanting to be drunk right now:

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