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Charlie “No”, Golden Retriever (3 y/o), Bond & Lafayette St., New York, NY • “He’s always in trouble – his nickname is ‘Charlie No’, as he’s always being so mischievous that we add the 'No’ nine times out of ten. He likes the paper products. We say we can’t afford toilet paper rolls when he’s staying over.”

50 Asks
  1. What was your favorite 90s show?
  2. What is the last song you played?
  3. What is one character you feel particularly tied to?
  4. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
  5. How do you keep yourself organized, if you do?
  6. You’re in a bad mood. How do you choose to deal with it?
  7. You can marry one fictional character. Who?
  8. If you weren’t born in this era, which do you think you should have been born in?
  9. Coffee, tea, or water?
  10. Name one weird gift you’d like to be given.
  11. One thing that always creeps you out?
  12. What is your Starbucks order?
  13. Are you more like your mom or your dad?
  14. Does the toilet paper roll belong with paper coming from the top or the bottom?
  15. You get to meet one author of your choosing (dead or alive) and ask them all your unanswered questions about their book. Who do you talk to?
  16. Do all disasters have an up side? Or is that foolish thinking?
  17. What is your favorite rainy day album?
  18. Do you tan easily?
  19. Do/did you ever pass notes to your friends in school?
  20. You are going to be isolated with one person for a week straight. Who is with you?
  21. What is your feel good movie?
  22. If you had to dye your hair, what color would you choose?
  23. What is something you are proud of?
  24. Tell me a story about you.
  25. Name a lesson you have learned from a fictional character.
  26. Any recurring dreams?
  27. If you could take a long roadtrip anywhere, where would you go?
  28. What was the first concert/show you attended?
  29. Best sing-along-dance-alone-in-your-room songs?
  30. Weirdest phase you went through as a kid
  31. Pro- or anti-sleeping with socks?
  32. Are you still in touch with your first best friend?
  33. The moment when you realized you loved _____ (music, sports, etc)
  34. Jelly or jam?
  35. Have you ever learned to knit or crochet?
  36. Tell the story of your first love
  37. A book you would recommend to anyone who would listen
  38. A movie you would recommend to anyone who would listen
  39. Are you good at keeping plants alive?
  40. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
  41. Something you’ll admit to the internet but not people irl
  42. You’re in a tattoo parlor about to get inked. What are you getting done?
  43. What are you like when you are really really tired?
  44. Do you prefer taking notes on paper or online
  45. Are you a leg jiggler?
  46. What makes a song /good/ in your opinion?
  47. How many drafts do you have on your blog(s)?
  48. Are you an old soul or young soul?
  49. Frosted cupcakes or unfrosted cupcakes?
  50. What do you think your mid-life crisis will be about?

Flash’s latest love interest: the sexy-as-all-get-out toilet paper roll. He just sat there talking to himself inside of the roll and making flirty sounds this morning and it was about THE funniest thing ever. I love my little weirdo.
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I’m in a silent battle with the girlfriend over refilling the toilet paper. The rule is, if you use the last of it, you have to refill it. This time it wasn’t me, and I’m definitely not giving in. Fuck that mess. It’s going to sit on the back of the toilet until we have company and she gives in. I’m a ruthless strategist.

Victor Headcanons:

- never changes the toilet paper roll after finishing it
- tried to convince Mila, Georgi, and Yurio to do the Team Rocket intro thing and was slapped
- still fantasizes about how cool it would be if they actually did it
- but only watched one episode of pokemon bc he’s trash
- gets really confused about technology in general
- once accidentally ripped out a few strands of hair and cried on Yuuri for half an hour
- cut his long hair because he got bubblegum in it
- hates brit pop with a passion
- closet memer and redditer
- cannot cook at all, has burnt water
- likes having Yuuri brush his hair
- Yurio is his son and has been for a very long time
- is still a bit suspicious of Otabek bc he’s dating his bby and his little angel must be safe
- simultaneously the mom/dad friend and the drunk friend
- gets manicures with Chris whenever they meet up
- secretly signed all of Yuuri’s posters
- Had a stuffed toy poodle growing up
- Mama’s boy
- strawberry ice cream
- lived his life vicariously through Makkachin (before Yuuri of course)
- has a collection of dry sharpies collecting dust in his desk drawer. Has no explanation for it.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Mouse, I'm super SUPER low on money. I really want witchy supplies but just can't afford fancy crystals or even jars... Any tips? Thank you <3

Hello love! Oh yes, I’ve got loads of tips!

First of all, you don’t NEED any supplies or tools to practice. That being said, I know how nice it can be to have them!

✨-Jars. You’ve got plenty of jars sitting around your house. Herb jars, jam jars, pickle jars. For spells you can always use a different vessel, such as toilet paper rolls (which is great if you bury it!).
✨-Crystals. I love crystals, but they can be so pricey. If you must have one, I’d highly recommend Quartz. It can act as a substitute for any other crystal. Rose Quartz and amethyst are also great starter crystals.
✨-Candles. You can get super cheap pillar candles (I’m talking 0.99). Totally worth getting one or two.
✨-Herbs. No need to buy fancy herbs. Utilize what you already have in your kitchen. Rosemary is similar to Quartz, it can substitute for any other herb. Additionally, many herbal teas contain herbs that all go together (calming/sleepytime tea = calming/relaxing/peaceful herbs for spells)
✨-Grimoire. Doesn’t have to be fancy, you could use literally any notebook. My first one was a school notebook I got for 10 cents! (Back to school deal).

Some places to visit for supplies:
🌿-Thrift stores. Find jars, candles, baskets, altar pieces, journals and sometimes even crystals at an amazing price!
🌿-Online. I’ve heard of people getting tarot cards for a couple dollars from Amazon. You can get pretty much anything online these days! Be cautious with crystals though, some people sell fakes.
🌿-Dollar stores. Candles, rocks and sand, journals, artsy supplies, fake flowers, basic herbs and more!
🌿-Craft stores. Large selection of jars, not always the cheapest. My go to for small crystals and crystal beads! Be careful, it’s easy to spend a lot here.
🌿-Grocery stores. Packs of canning jars, pillar candles, herbs and salt!
🌿-Antique stores. You can find all sorts of treasures here, but it requires some dedication. I’ve found beautiful, very cheap crystals at antique stores before!
🌿-NATURE. Even if you live in a city. I find raw Quartz all the time. Dried plants. Stones are so underrated and are just as powerful as crystals!! Branches with magickal properties. Collect water, each type has different uses. The possibilities are endless.

🌿And of course, when possible, support your local businesses and fellow witches!