toilet not found

  • Saihara in Chapter 1: finds the door to the mastermind's secret lair by himself with no hints, is super smart, a good assistant
  • Saihara in Chapter 5: well MAYBE Ouma-kun took his clothes off and is running around the school as an evil mastermind but NAKED and also Kiibo found his clothes and SLAM DUNKED THEM in the TOILET

The Ice Box Murders - On 23 June, 1965, authorities in Houston were asked to check up on 81-year-old Fred Rogers and his 79-year-old wife, Edwina Rogers, at the request of their nephew who had become worried when the elderly couple would not answer their phone. The two patrol men found the house seemingly empty. They began to search each room to see if they could find any clues as to where they could have disappeared to. Before leaving the kitchen, for some reason, they decided to look in the fridge: “We didn’t know it was a body until we got ready to close the refrigerator and we could see the head down in the bottom of the vegetable bin.” The immediate, and only, suspect was their 43-year-old reclusive unemployed son, Charles Rogers, who had lived with his parents; he was nowhere to be found. An investigation revealed that the elderly couple had been murdered on Father’s Day. Edwina had been brutally beaten before being shot in the head, execution style. Fred had been bludgeoned with a claw hammer; his eyes had been gouged out and his genitals removed. The couple were then dismembered and their organs were flushed down the toilet. Charles Rogers was never found or heard from again but his life was documented in the 1992 book, The Man on the Grassy Knoll, in which the author claimed that Rogers was a CIA agent who was involved in the assassination of President JFK. He theorised that his parents had discovered his true identity and responded by killing them and then fleeing to Guatemala.

Harry and Arlo.

just a lil something.. single dad Harry is just too adorbs!!

Harry and Arlo.

“No monkey, please don’t do that.”

Harry placed Arlo in her den. He was tired, he was thirsty and a little peckish but Arlo’s needs came first, his current issues were not so important.

“Dada, naa na?

“I know you want a na na, bug, but daddy really needs for a wee.” Harry spoke so gently to Arlo, although he knew that didn’t understand half the things he muffled on about. But Harry still carried on.

“I’ll be 5 seconds.” He told her and rushed to the toilet. Jogging back, Harry soon found a den with an open gate and no Arlo inside. His eyes darted around the room.

She’s so tiny, she could be anywhere, she’s always beating me at hide and seek.

Harry sighed softly and tried to think rationally, where would his 13 month old daughter be?

“Arlo, monkey.. bug..” he started, leaving a pause in each nickname Arlo has. 

“It’s not funny to be hiding from Daddy.” Harry said his voice a little stretched but nowhere near abrupt. 

He walked around the living room filled with every toy you could think of. Harry looked under the sofas, in the toy boxes. “Monkey.” Harry said every now and then. “Bug, please, daddy really doesn’t like this game anymore.” Harry tried to calm down, but he hated the fact that his precious baby girl, was out of his sight.

Ten minutes.

Harry couldn’t hear anything, alarm bells ringing in his head, giving him a slight nauseous feeling and possible migraine, he needed to sit down.

“Arlo, daddy doesn’t want to play anymore, he’s feeling kinda icky and needs a big cuddle from his love bug.”

The little patter of footsteps and muffles of laughter became louder and louder, turning his head to the door of his bedroom he saw her, running towards him chewing those chubby little fingers that he loves to hold whenever he can.

“Da da.”

Her long golden-y brown locks bouncing slightly in the air. Her piercing blue eyes looking him dead on.

 Arlo was hers. Harry knew it, and so did she.

“Yeah well, things are a little ‘tough right now, s’tryna find the uh, perfect outfit for Arlo’s birthday, and s’yeah I know… - s’this just means the albums gonna be on a… ‘spose the word is ‘pause’ for ‘the uh, uh time being.” Harry said into the phone, he was warming up Arlo’s milk in the microwave. He looked back to his laptop screen and continued to scroll through various items, occasionally looking at his emails.

The other end shrieks down the phone, Harry moves it away from his ear. “S’well if ya gon’ s’talk to me like ‘at, I’m s’not gonna listen, s’look… It’s ‘meh daughter’s birthday, and I’m taking time off, to be with her, simple as that, s’this just uh s’not as uh im- important anymore, she is, Arlo is.” Harry put down the phone and just sighed.

He bent down and picked the toddler that was sitting at his feet, up, and kissed her. 

“S’just you and me, bug.” 

Jeno - The Correct Direction

An overpowering smell of detergent tickled your nose. Straightening your back from your previous slouching posture, you stretched and made a weird noise of satisfaction. A completed piece of algebra assignment lay neatly on the table in front of you, and you scanned the page contentedly. That strong detergent smell was still irritating your nose. You got up, about to go hunt for the culprit of the detergent malfunction when your phone dinged.

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Gorillaz HeadCanon #3

2D has about 20 kids with 20 different women he hooked up with, and some of the women tried to leave the kids with him, but Murdoc attempted to flush them down the toilet. Russel found them playing in the toilet water and then made 2D be responsible, and adopt his kids. Ironically he’s a great father, and his kids all really love him. Some of his kids are in the “Dirty Harry” music video.

Pic is by my friend who doesn’t have Tumblr.
Yeah I’m pretty sure this is the toilet that’s now closed off in the bathroom. Idk why people are so gross with the bathrooms like people have to go when they have to go jeez.

Anyways, here’s what has happened during my time using the bathrooms:
-found the mcdonalds in the toilet with my friend
-found a HUGE PAD (like overnight super size) on the floor. It wasn’t in the original wrapping, it was just there. It didn’t look like it was used but there was no way I was picking it up because what if it was used…
-there was water on the floor (probably from the toilet) that got on my shorts. That was disgusting.
-the sinks aren’t good in most bathrooms. They usually spray too fast and in small amounts so they feel like needles and other times they are don’t spray enough. Also, the ones without hand dryers tend to not have enough paper towels to make it through the day.
-don’t even get me started on the soap. The bathroom in the fine arts building runs out really fast for some reason and I HATE IT because I need clean hands to play violin or else I just feel gross and sloppy.
-also there’s a freshman girl smoking weed in the fine arts building bathroom. I only know that much because my sister knows her (one of the cellos in her orchestra class). I only discovered this because I’m in the class after her and I did not have a good time when I used them (my asthma got all worked up and I did not work my best that class that day). My teacher locked the door so no one else used it.
-I also think there was something written on the mirrors once in something gross (not sure) but I’m convinced that was a dream. I’m hoping it was just a dream.

I have no idea if the boys bathrooms are better or worse but one time I looked in the boys fine arts bathrooms and the lighting is just as sucky as the girls except it smelled like cologne.

ladytharen  asked:

for the prompts, how about jyn/cassian + smoke gets in your eyes?

On a scale of one to excruciating, bumping into your ex at the corner store in the middle of the night while you’re stocking up on PMS supplies is fairly high up.

Cassian’s eyes skim over Jyn’s shopping basket, full of chocolate-covered pretzels, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and cheap red wine. She knows he recognizes the combination, but he’s too polite to comment on it or on her sad troll ensemble of ratty yoga pants and a shapeless, faded hoodie that used to belong to him (Jyn had honestly forgotten that until now, and her blush intensifies).

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anonymous asked:

So I just recently watched Train to Busan(I was sobbing man) and I've also been getting really into Mark of NCT. Could you maybe do a Scenario with like Train to Busan concept and Mark and the reader just met and he saves her and they stay together. Happy ending please, don't do my wrong like the movie 😭love you!😘

Originally posted by jonqins

Pairing : reader x mark

Genre : train to busan/ apocalypse AU

A/N : this was such a cool and fun request thank you for sending it in !! So sorry it took ages to post it tho ehe

tee xx


“Okay make sure you get off at the right station. If you miss Busan you’ll have to get off at another station and catch another train”

“Yes mum” I mumbled barely listening to what she was saying. I tried to navigate myself through the crowd and find the platform that my train would be on. My mum and I had been planning my trip down to see her in Busan for months. She’d moved to get closer to the sea while I’d stayed in Seoul with my dad.

The train arrived and slowed to a stop. I waited for people to step out of the train before I got in and searched for my seat. Knowing this train was a popular one I had reserved a seat to make sure I wouldn’t be left stranded. As soon as I sat down a boy with short light brown hair and and almond eyes sat down next to me. He had earphones in and smiled slightly at me as a greeting. I bowed my head and looked out of the window.

After a few stops I needed to go to the bathroom. I got up in search for a toilet and found one on the other side of my cabin. As I open the door to leave the same boy from earlier rushes in and slams the door shut.

“Hey okay you’re safe I thought you might have been attacked” he panted scanning me with this eyes.

“What? Attacked? What are you talking about?” I asked confused.

“Okay this sounds crazy and I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. But, something is changing people into zombies. They’re running all over the train and infecting as many people as they can.”

I scoffed “look dude if this is some weird way to get us in a quiet place together or to get my number then it’s not working”. I opened the door to leave when a bunch of heads turned to look at me. Their eyes were completely white and they had blood dripping from their mouths onto their clothes and hands.

I froze. A scream was lodged in my throat and my brain was screaming for me to move, to do something. But I stood there motionless staring ahead of me as the creatures slowly made their way towards me. Out of nowhere the boy behind me lunged at the the door and closed it making sure to lock it. We heard banging and scratching coming from the other side and the doorknob turned but they failed to come in. I panted looking at the guy who was still stood stuck on the door. His chest was moving up and down at an alarming rate but he still seemed to scan me, maybe to see if I was okay.

“I hate to be the guy who says this but I told you so. Oh and for the record if I wanted your number I’d be a lot smoother”

“This is not the time to get cocky boy. Why the hell are there zombies outside? Zombies only exist in movies don’t they? What is going on?” I started rambling walking back and forth in the tiny bathroom. We needed to get out, I needed to warn my mum. Where there zombies all over the country? Had they already gotten to my parents? Where they dead?

“Hey stop you’re making me dizzy and you’re overthinking.That’s not gonna help us in anyway” He grabbed hold of my shoulders looking me in the eyes. “We should find out how far this has spread have you got your phone with you?”

I nodded frantically pulling it out of my pocket. I had texts and missed calls from everyone I knew including both my parents.

“Good. Now look for as much information on what is going on as you can. Answer everyone later we need to have an escape route and find a way out okay?” His voice was so calm and reassuring cutting through all the worst case scenarios playing in my head. “I’m Mark by the way” he held out his hand and I shook it.

“Y/n” I answered.

Suddenly all the lights turned off and the constant banging from across the door stopped. Everything stayed eerily silent until the lights came on again. Mark and I looked at each other understanding one another. They got confused in the dark and if we wanted to escape we’d have to escape next time we go through a tunnel.

“Mark it says here Busan has been marked as a safe haven and is the closest city to us” I showed him the article on my phone and he nodded scrolling through his.

“We go through a tunnel in 10 minutes then we have approximately 5 minutes to run from here to cabin C. It’s where all the others ran to stay safe.”

I gulped and nodded. This was our one shot and if we didn’t make it we’d probably die. We stood together counting  down the minutes and holding onto each other’s hand.

“You ready” he whispered.


“Okay now”

As if on cue the noise stopped and we slowly slid the door open. We tiptoed around the zombies closest to us and began running through cabin after cabin. I tripped over something on the floor and felt a hand grab onto my ankle. Before I could scream Mark kicked at it and helped me up. Time was running out and we still had one more cabin to run through. We got to the closed door and Mark knocked 3 times then twice. It opened slightly and the face of an older man appeared. He let us in and just as the train left the tunnel he closed the door, barricading it.

Mark and I stood panting, clinging onto each other. There were so many people watching us, from old men and women to tiny little babies and children.

“Busan is the safest place for us and it’s the next stop. We need to get off before we’re seen by those .. things” I said wondering if they had any plans of their owns. Everyone nodded and resumed what they had been doing earlier. They all seemed just as scared and lost as I felt.

I stayed in Mark’s arms until we reached our destination and left the train. We walked past  wounded corpses on the floor and crashed trains. This wasn’t what the Busan train station was meant to look like. I choked back tears as Mark reassuringly squeezed my hand and we made our way into Busan.

aph romano is real i was just going to use the toilet and i found him fully clothed and crying while taking a cold shower and he had a can of ravioli and he was eating it straight from the can and when i asked him what’s up he offered me ravioli and now we’re both fully clothed, crying, taking a cold shower together and eating ravioli who wants to join

College Party Head Canons - Kuroko no Basket Version

*raises hand for knb drunk shenanigans* even though i noticed your askbox is closed for requests, idek if this counts as a request x.x but if you wanna do some stuff for some of those guys then i would not be opposed!!

AN: I’m glad you gave me an excuse to write this yo I gotchu

So here are the KnB boys who would most likely be caught at a college party and what kind of drunk they are!

WARNING: Alcohol & weed mention!


  1. A very cuddly person! Always has his arm tightly around someone or some people with a mixed drink in his hand. Often buries his nose in his shorter partner’s hair affectionately.
  2. Can’t stand the taste of most hard liquors, so prefers a heavy dose of jungle juice, but isn’t opposed to shots.
  3. With that said, does lotsa body shots! Like a crazy amount…. His drunk self thinks it’s the sexiest thing if someone is so willing to lie down and let him lick salt off of them before a tequila shot.
  4. The type to bring someone up to the host’s bedroom and lock the door the whole night.
  5. The king of beer pong because Midorima doesn’t go to parties.
  6. Has a permanent, sexy smirk and bedroom eyes the entire night and he can easily bring someone home.
  7. He’s an affectionate drunk, both cute and cuddly and nsfw LOL. Most of the time he goes to these parties and drinks for recreation and fun, but sometimes he’ll go to forget the bad day/week he had. Alcohol enhances the mood he’s feeling that day.


  1. Who let this mans into the house? Straight up making out with someone the second he enters throught the door, even before he grabs a drink.
  2. The one that everyone wants to end up in bed with. Rumor has it he spoils his catch of the night until they’re shaking and begging for more.
  3. Straight no chaser typa mans. It’s tequila and henny or nothing.
  4. Most likely to black out and not remember the night. Any normal person would be scared as hell blacking out, but Haizaki isn’t normal LOL.
  5. Although he looks like the tank of the party, his tolerance isn’t too high, but not too low, either. He tries to outdrink everyone, but it never works out and he’s gone after 10 shots.
  6. Spends half of the night on the dance floor. Lives for being in the middle of a grind train.
  7. Most likely to get into a fight, let’s be real. He’s the reason why parties get busted by the cops LOL.
  8. A wildcard when he’s drunk. He’s either super horny and tries to get it in, or is angry as hell and tries to fight.


  1. This little shit cheats in beer pong like he cheats in basketball.
  2. He gets caught too many times, so he’ll play circle of death or irish poker instead.
  3. Prefers beer because hard liquor burns his throat.
  4. Honestly doesn’t get too drunk at parties on purpose. He thinks watching everyone else drunk is entertaining. He likes to spike others’ drinks or shove shots into their hands.
  5. Also likes body shots, but only because he gets to lick salt off of soft skin. Most of the time the person he’s licking will drag him up to the bathroom or the 7 Minutes in Heaven closet, which is exactly what he wants.
  6. Would rather finish that business at the party rather than take them home. He thinks it’s too much work to do the morning after.
  7. When he does drink to get drunk, it’s either as a celebration or because he’s in a bad mood, so like Aomine, how he acts really depends on how he feels that day.


  1. Uh oh.
  2. It takes a lot to get him drunk, but because of that, he doesn’t really know his limit, so he’ll chug and mix lots of things and it all hits him at once….
  3. Most likely to be hunched over a toilet or found in the backyard. He’s very good at not making a mess in the house.
  4. He gets very needy when drunk, but only to his close friends. He’s not really one to socialize, so he’ll get clingy to the people he came to the party with.
  5. He got so tired of drinking and tasting alcohol that he decided to try some other party paraphernalia. If you think he eats a lot now, oh boy…. you do not want this gentle giant high.
  6. When high, he’s a lot lazier than usual LOL but he thinks high sex is the best sex he’s ever had and gets so into it that he’ll actually do equal amount of work as his partner.
  7. After converting to the greens at parties, he almost instantly gets a hard on, due to all the activity he’s experienced with it, so had to convert back to alcohol (he’s like Pavlov’s dog).
  8. Usually keeps to himself at parties. Doesn’t really approach others unless he sees someone he really likes. Once he talks to them, he’ll do all he can to take them home.


  1. Life of the party! Everyone knows who he is and everyone says hi to him as they enter the house.
  2. Is often the host of the party because Midorima always visits his parents on the weekends (he doesn’t know).
  3. Likes to kiss everyone either on the cheek as a friend or pull them into a heated make out.
  4. Is always the dj because obviously everyone’s taste in music sucks except for his.
  5. Takes lotsa snapchats to show the world how lit his party is.
  6. Makes the best jungle juice. It’s both strong and tasty.
  7. Because he’s the host most of the time, he’s like the mom at the party. He readily supplies water, plastic bags, napkins, a place to stay if someone reallllyy needs it, and saltine crackers.
  8. Once in a while, when he’s attending someone else’s party, he’ll go all out. A row of shots immediately, but then quits because it doesn’t take him long to get drunk.
Crush (Part 8)

Originally posted by inacatastrophicmind

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Summary: Jensen has a huge crush on you
Warnings: none

Crush Masterlist

You stumbled into your apartment, a little drunk and a little hazy, with Jensen in tow. After shutting the door to your apartment, you leaned your head against it and let out a deep breath, before turning around and looking at your new boyfriend.

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High School AU List

A list of au’s inspired and compiled by myself and Spacefighterkaratebastard

1.       We both want the last seat on the bus AU

2.       We have to share rooms on a residential trip AU

3.       I forgot my bus pass and the driver is an asshole but you paid for me instead AU

4.       Having to sit next to each other for a really long bus trip AU

5.       We’re competing for top of the class AU

6.       We’ve been rivals in school since year one but oh my god you’re really cute now and I crush on you so hard AU

7.       I was stood up on the bus next to your seat and the bus braked really suddenly and now I’m in your lap AU

8.       You found me crying in the toilets AU

9.       You found me hitting the vending machine because I didn’t realise its exact change and shit that’s my bus fare AU

10.   I tripped over in the canteen and I got my lunch all over you and I’m so sorry AU

11.   I was trying to throw the tippex to my friend but it hit you and your blazer is stained and so is your work oh god AU

12.   You put my shirt on by accident in the changing rooms can I have it back please AU

13.   You’re really good at IT and i can barely make a PowerPoint omg please help me before i start crying AU

14.   We met in the medical room when you’re about to throw up and I’m praying it’s not on me AU

15.   I just accidentally flung a basketball at your face because my aim is terrible and holy shit you’re bleeding let me take you to the medical room AU

16.   It’s sports day and I’m not going to fucking lose to you AU

17.   We got partnered together for a dissection and I HATE gore AU

18.   Year group game of manhunt and oh you fucker that’s my hiding spot but neither of us is moving so were both gunna have to cram in here AU

19.   I thought you were my friend from behind so I just ran up and punched you omg I’m so sorry AU

20.   I was making ugly faces at a friend in class and I forgot you’re right in front of me oh god you’re cute too this is so embarrassing please stop laughing.

Wounded (Hurt pt. 2)

Summary: Things get steamy when you and Peter wake up

A/N: So, this chapter isn’t the greatest, I accidentally deleted the last half so, I had to rewrite it. But, I still liked it, hopefully part three will be out soon.


You called his name as you followed him out, no response, he was down the hall a mere twenty feet ahead of you so you know he’d heard you. He rounded the corner and you began to think that this wasn’t worth it. If he isn’t going to stop then why chase him? Your walk became somewhat of a stomp as you reached the parking lot and you resisted the urge to smile as you saw his lean figure standing against your car. His smirk grew larger as he watched you approach.

“Nice of you to join me” his smirk never faltered even as you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms.

“Well it is my car” you told him, feigning annoyance “did your Wolfy powers go out of wack? I called your name” it was like your mind wasn’t sending the signal to your mouth to just *stop talking*, you hoped you didn’t sound like a clingy girlfriend but, you hated being ignored. During your short rant Peter’s eyes danced over your features and he had stepped so close that your noses touched.

“I’m sorry darlin’ I just didn’t want anyone to hear” his eyes filled with lust. You opened your mouth to ask what exactly he didn’t want anyone to hear when his lips came crashing down on yours you barely registered that you were kissing back until he bit your lower lip softly. Giving in eagerly to his silent request to open your mouth as he ran his tongue across yours, you let out a soft moan as he pulled you to him tight, you felt his member against you, letting out another as  he pulled away half a second later. “That, is what I didn’t want them to hear” huffing as he answered the unasked question. He bent his head and let his teeth brush your ear as he spoke “I want that noise to be reserved for my ears only”

You didn’t get a chance to respond because as quickly as it left, his mouth was back on yours and one hand was sliding its way up your shirt, the other gripped your ass tightly. “Peter” you moaned breathlessly into his mouth. Your hands found themselves eagerly pulling at the button of his pants and you began pulling them down.

Your eyes snapped open and you stared at the ceiling oh God oh God ohhh God you thought to yourself as you looked down, Peter was in the same position that you fell asleep in, arms tightly wrapped around you with his head still on your stomach. The dream momentarily pushed out of your head as you saw a sight that you’d never see well, more like felt, there was a small pool of drool right above your belly button. Resisting the incessant urge to giggle, you closed your eyes and thought back to your dream, your hand finding its way to its new favorite spot in Peter Hales dark locks. Really? A dirty dream about Peter? In Peter’s bed?! It isn’t like it’s never happened, you weren’t obsessed with the man but you couldn’t deny the fact that he was handsome. If you’re being honest you’ve had dreams like this before about a few of your other friends, what can you say that you haven’t before? They’re attractive and there’s no way to control your dreams plus you’re a grown ass woman with needs and all this supernatural stuff is seriously blocking your chances at getting anyone near you.

Seriously you were a human, how could you tell if the next guy who took you out wasn’t going to try to murder you? Your train of thought was brought back to reality when your stomach growled about ten minutes later, you’d been in the middle of eating your own food when Stiles and Peter had their argument.

“Guess that’s my cue to cook you breakfast”  Peter’s voice rasped below you. You jumped internally​.
“How uh… How long have you been awake?” You gazed at him from above.
“About twenty minutes” you could almost hear the smile on his face. Your cheeks grew hot because you’d only been awake for a few. “What were you dreaming about?” He asked mischievously. He loosened his grip slightly, only to tilt his head to look at you.

“Rainbows and Unicorns” you deadpanned, looking away from him, you wouldn’t give Peter the satisfaction. He looked at you with desire, Peter was never one to back down from a challenge so he let a slow smile cross his lips as he slowly unwrapped himself from you and slid so that his head was burrowed into your neck, never letting his body stop touching you. He brought his lips to your ear.

“Lucky unicorn” his breath tickled your cheek and he let his tongue graze your ear. “How do you like it?” Your head turned instantly and you met his gaze.

“W-what?” In a second, Peter stood with his regular amused smirk and a lazy stretch, you hated how you had to force your eyes to stay on his face so as not to look down to the small line of skin that was peeking out from under his shirt as he raised his arms.

“Your bacon? I’m cooking you breakfast” the smirk he wore now stretched into a smile. Ladies and gentlemen, Peter Hale is back. You followed his lead and stretched before you left the bed.

“Extra crispy” you tried to run your fingers through your hair but you were met with a clump of leaves and mud. “I’m gonna need to borrow your shower” you told him with a scrunched face.

“Be my guest.” He pointed towards his master bath “towels are in the top cupboard” you nodded and headed towards his bathroom, saying it was huge was an understatement, this place was massive. Who needs this much room to shower? You couldn’t help thinking. There was a large jacuzzi tub on the far right side and you contemplated just hopping in and forcing Peter to bring your breakfast in while you bathed, a small giggle bubbled out at the idea, to your direct left was a door that you could only guess held the toilet.

You found the cupboard full of fluffy grey towels. And stepped into the large clear shower, it was one of the ones that had those blurred lines going through the middle so that if anyone were to be there they would only see your shoulders and above and your legs down, the entire torso blurred. You peeled off your muddy clothes and hopped into the now steaming shower. You sighed as the water hit you and thought about the previous night’s events. You couldn’t imagine how Peter felt, he may have gone about his revenge differently than the others may have liked but, it was revenge. Being with a group of supernaturals around the clock made you a little more cold hearted than you would have liked. Every one one of your friends had blood on their hands, though they didn’t like to admit it. Peter did though, he was accepting of what he did - of who he was, even if he was a little over the top at times.  Maybe that’s why you held such a soft spot in your heart for him, he never hid from you, his intentions were clear… for the most part.

You reached for your towel and wrapped it around yourself, looking around for your clothing as you stepped out and saw a pair of folded sweatpants and a too small tank top with lace straps in place of your clothing. You couldn’t help but let your mind wander as you pulled the top over your head and saw that it hugged you tightly and stopped just below your belly button. You blushed a little at the contrasting sweatpants that were much too large, they had to be Peter’s own. You tossed the towel in the hamper and walked out into the hallway following the smell of freshly cooked bacon.

As you made your way to the kitchen, you were met with a shirtless Peter, humming as he moved his way around the kitchen effortlessly. His hair still damp from a shower if his own, you avoided looking at his chest. “Thanks for the clothes” a pause, “won’t she miss her shirt” a little venom, you didn’t want to add laced your last few words. You weren’t jealous, you just thought it a little rude to give a woman another’s shirt. You were convincing yourself.

A chuckle bubbled out of him and he gestured for you to sit at the small dining table, you did. “You’re very welcome” he placed your plate with bacon eggs and small pancakes in front of you, orange juice had already been placed on the table. “I don’t think she’ll miss it very much at all” a knowing smile as he sat next to you with his own plate. You rolled your eyes and kept the conversation light after that. You both avoided talking about last night’s happening and you knew he was secretly grateful. You raised an eyebrow as he stood halfway finished with his food. “Haven’t you been wondering where your clothes are?” He answered your confused look and began walking away. “They’re in the wash” you thought back to the stripped bed and tossed a grateful smile and thought about the underwear you’d worn last night, satisfied with the lacy bra and boy short set you remembered wearing.  Not that it mattered.

“Put on some clothes!” You yelled as you heard him fumble about in the unseen laundry room. You had a very satisfied look on your face when he came back with a Henley top now hanging loosely on his torso. You kept your conversation as you both finished your meals. You chose to wash the dishes, it was only right as he was being so hospitable. A thought hit you and you couldn’t help but grin as you looked at him “Peter, am I your best friend?” The way you spoke to one another was a lot more casual and open than when he spoke to the others. You thought back to your relationship, every time you were around he was a little looser, you’d definitely been alone with him more so than anyone else, and when the rest of the pack left Peter’s you were always the last, sometimes mooching his food. Maybe you were friends after all.

The question brought a little color to Peter’s cheeks “If we have to put a label on it” he muttered. He stood behind you and leaned in, placing his arms on either side of you. “I’ve never had a best friend though, so you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t know how to behave” his hand inched their way closer to you, until his arms were pressed tightly to your sides.

You cursed your body for the way that it betrayed you, your heart rate grew quickly, you felt yourself getting moist. You had to be a big girl about this though, he’d already won this morning. You turned your body and made sure press your ass against him as you did. “Lesson one:” You stood on your tiptoes and looped a finger through his belt loop as you pressed your lips against his ear, whispering “friends don’t get this close.” you trailed your hand up his torso and flattened your palm against his chest, pushing lightly. He gave you a genuine smile as he backed away.

Your heart jumped and Peter chuckled “You are much better at this than I thought you’d be” he studied you with soft eyes, then hungry ones. “What else can you teach me? And when can I teach you?” He leaned against the sink, still invading your personal space. Flirting was one of your favorite pastimes but, he was laying it on thick.

“I can teach you many things” you took his lead and leaned against the counter with a smirk that matched his  as you watched Peter’s eyes roam your body. The little minx that was brought out of you caught you by surprise but, you couldn’t say that you weren’t enjoying this, you could play this game. Peter let out a low growl in response and made a move to grab you until, the buzz of the dryer sounded and you and Peter both stood. Peter opened his mouth to say something and you saw him visibly decide against it, he turned headed to the laundry roomm.

You took that opportunity to cool down and grab your phone. 12 messages and 9 missed calls. You sent both Scott and Derek the same generic ‘I’m fine, we’re fine’ text and turned when Peter walked in.

“The fan club trying to get ahold of you?” He quirked an eyebrow and you laughed. He held your clothes in his hands and placed them on the table.

“Just trying to see where I ran off to, last night” you shrugged.

“Do they know that you ran off with the big bad wolf?” A wolfish grin formed.

“You’re not so big, and you aren’t that bad” you told him.

“Oh sweetheart, I’m very big, and I can be very bad if you ask nicely” there he was with his growling.

“Oh, I’m sure” you said sarcastically trying to hide the fact that your heart was pounding, that a small wet spot was forming between your legs, that you wanted to see if he was bluffing or not, you tried. But then, your eyes met.

Within seconds you were up against the wall with his lips attacking yours, you didn’t give yourself a chance to think as you were kissing him back feverishly. This was no pretty kiss, there was biting, pulling, grabbing. Peter pushed his hips into yours and you grasped a handful of his hair which earned a moan from him. So much for cooling off. He began to kiss down your neck as one claw ripped the straps of your tank top, your top now hung dangerously low on your breasts. “Peter…we can’t” you said between heavy breaths.

“We can” he let out a sigh and placed a hand on the wall behind you. “We should” you bit your lip and shook your head.

“Best friends, remember?” You smiled a little as you tried to calm your breathing. You held your hand out for him to shake, he glanced at it and shook his head once.

“You and your labels” he sighed and pushed himself off the wall. “You and your everything” he let out a frustrated groan and ran a hand down his face. He took a few more steps back and watched as you stood upright. “Fine. But please don’t let that shirt get any lower because, I promise I’ll show you how big and bad I am” you let out a gasp and covered your chest quickly.

“Sorry” you told him shakily.

“Don’t be.” He said huskily. “Sorry about your shirt, I’ll  buy you a new one” he said with a wink and left the room after handing you with last night’s clothes you put your shirt on quickly and slid the other off.

You both were calmer now, and you were greatful, because there was no way that if Peter made another advance, you’d push him off. You had to get out of there.

You quickly packed your clothes in your purse and put your shoes on.

“Leaving so soon, bestie?” Peter questioned as he walked back into the room, watching your every move.

“Yeah. I’m afraid that we’ll violate our new friendship, bestie” you told him honestly and walked towards the front door, you opened it.

“Right. Best friends” he gave a mock salute and put his hand out for you to shake.

You took his hand in yours and gave a firm shake. “Exactly” you smiled up at him.

“The handshake of death.” Peter remarked and you chuckled. You pulled your hand away but Peter had a firm grip, he loosened his grip on you but held your fingers in his, “Thanks for not treating me like a wounded animal” he said seriously, looking at your hands. He let go of your hand and you gave him a small smile.

The last thing you saw while you were leaving was Peter watching you drive off from his Apartment window.

Love at first Vidcon | Part 2

Hello! This is part 2 of a short fanfic about Dan Howell. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think! Part 1

A knock on the door at 10 a.m. the next morning woke you up from a good night’s sleep. Pretty soon after you’d left Dan in the toilets Melanie had found you and convinced you to join her and a few friends for a midnight swim in the hotel pool. Around 1 o’clock you called it a night and went upstairs to your room, waking only when Melanie came up as well about two hours later. You hadn’t expected her to be such a party girl, she hadn’t mentioned it before and it sort of came as a surprise. You rose from the comfortable bed and pushed the sheets off of your body. They’d gotten all sticky from the hot Florida weather and you were in desperate need of a cold shower. You put your favorite silk robe on and made your way to the door quietly, careful not to wake your sleeping friend. Once at the door, you noticed a small note under it and bend down to pick it up. When you realized it was the receipt of a dry cleaner’s, a big smile appeared on your face. He hadn’t been joking, apparently, and he remembered who you were. How he got your room number was beyond you, but as you turned the receipt you were greeted by a hand-written note that made you forget all about that. You owe me 20 dollars. Call me today and pay up. It was definitely Dan’s handwriting, and the phone number underneath it made butterflies flutter in your stomach. “What is that?” Melanie’s voice made you jump and you turned around, hiding the note behind your back. “Nothing. I thought there was someone at the door but there wasn’t. You can go back to sleep.” Satisfied with your answer, Melanie rolled over and went back to sleep, probably suffering a strong hangover. You decided not to hesitate, and grabbed your phone to call him in the safety of your bathroom.

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Received a call from an Alpha requesting that I clean a gas station toilet. This Faggot found one with quite a few crusty yellow and brown stains. The result after using my Faggot tongue 👅 is shown. Hope Alphas will notice a Faggot was there before they used this bathroom!

One Sided Silence - Part IV

HERE IS PART 4! So sorry for the wait but good news… as this chapter was originally so long I split it into two, so there will be a Chapter 5 to follow. Thank you again for all of the kind words - hope you enjoy the latest instalment! 


Just in case you missed them or they got lost in your feed here are PART I & PART II & PART III 

She looked pale, almost too fragile to move but she was moving. It took Owen longer than expected to think, everything was blurry and he couldn’t focus on any sounds. Nauseous he felt so nauseous, it was like a knot in his throat, it made it heard for him to breath; before he could even realise or think about what he was doing he ran out of her room, he ran down the corridor, through the men’s room door and emptied the contents of his stomach in the first toilet he found. He heaved and heaved until his throat was dry and sore, his brow was sweaty and his hands were trembling. She smiled at him, she looked at him, blinked, breathed, talked… she was awake, Amelia was conscious. Amelia was conscious, AMELIA WAS CONSCIOUS?!?!?!?!?! As soon as that thought his him he ran back out of the men’s room, back down the corridor and came to a halt just outside of her room. Checking his reflection in the reflective glass of a nurse’s break-room, he straightened his clothes and hair; checked his breath for the smell of vomit and his armpits for the smell of B.O. “Is it ok for me to come in?” he quietly asked gently letting his knuckled bounce off the door; a sheepish look dominated his face, he couldn’t remember the last time he was this nervous about talking to someone, it was Amelia; they had had hundreds of conversations in the past, but none this personal or private. For the second time in 24 hours his blues eyes met the swimming pools of blue that were hers.

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