toilet dreams

KHH Fact #45

One time when Simon D was on a flight, he found it too awkward to ask the two foreigners sitting next to him to go to the toilet so he stayed in his seat for the entire flight, which lasted more than 10 hours.

i had a dream last night that i was a delinquent in the 100 and i was talking to everyone at the camp about how Bellamy was all grumpy and he never let anyone have fun and i was like “Bellamy? more like BelLAMEY” and we all laughed and then Bellamy heard me and put me on latrine duty for a month. i don’t think i’ve had a more real dream in my liFE

8381) Maybe this sounda crazy but... Everytime I go to toilet, I dream and wander about the day when I will be able to pee directly from a simple hole between my legs and not from this tube inside a disgusting worm-like "thing" coming out from my pubis...