toilet doodle


well i was scrolling through tumblr and found a random set of ffxv headcanons that were too ridiculous and adorable to pass up on drawing

as much as i regret drawing the last panel ,, it had to be done

Credit to @joioliviapolaroid for the headcanons!


“im like.. plastic trash for my favorite show”
“what does that even mean”
“it never rots”

somedude2002  asked:

How to draw

1) Stop asking everyone how to draw. They won’t draw for ya.

2) Take a pencil and paper, no matter if it’s toilet papeh. Make doodles and sketches about the styles you like, dude.

3) Trust yourself, don’t stop drawing and be freaking patient. Don’t treat you like trash cuz ur not like other person don’t be dumb.

4) Congratz and go away

Bartimaeus, Kitty, and Nathaniel all getting their CREATIVE on~! 

Just an idea if the gang were to be attending @jonathanstroud ‘s upcoming event on creativity ~