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Photographer Lorenzo Aguis described how he worked together with Jude and Ewan:

Jude Law and Ewan McGregor were “like a couple” when they posed together for a photo shoot.

Agius explained: “For a shot in the bathroom, I couldn’t stop them laughing. Jude pulled his trousers and pants down and sat on the toilet reading the newspaper. Ewan stripped off naked and got into the bath.”

Amazing story ! Love that !


CREATED BY NynaeveDesign 

Created for: The Sims 4

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Your sim’s bathroom can effortlessly become a sanctuary for cleanliness, relaxation and comfort equipped with a sleek bathtub, sink, shower and toilet.

Set includes:

Vanity Shelf
Room Divider
Glass Panel
Potted Plant
Hand Towel
Bathtub Towel
Zen Print
Rock Rug
Creator Notes

No expansion or stuff packs are needed.

Do not modify / convert / re-texture / re-color my objects.
Do not re-upload or claim my objects as your own.

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When Hogwarts was rebuilt after the Battle of Hogwarts, new unisex toilets were built on the request of several transgender students. Now all floors have at least one set of unisex toilets. While each dormitory does have its own bathroom, every house also has a unisex bathroom which includes showers and other bathing facilities complete with anti-peeking charms and a wide range of bath bombs and potions. 


I had a teddy bear that just had to go everywhere with me as a kid. I’m nothing special there, I’m sure we all had that one toy, stuffy or comforter that went everywhere and anywhere with us. Mine wasn’t really a ‘bear’, it was a grey and white Husky dog that I’d named Archibald, Archie for short… Don’t ask about the name, I was a weird kid.

Archibald and I did everything together: he slept in my bed, sat on the lid of the toilet whilst I bathed or brushed my teeth, sat on the table beside me whilst I ate, sat in my backpack or on my desk at school and in my lap on the school bus as well as any car trips. I cherished him, kept him incredibly pristine for a child. The only damaged he suffered was unfortunately losing an eye, but he was clean and neat and I loved him.

But one day Archibald went missing.

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“You coming or what, doll?”

Prompt: [text] I am not stalking you. But you should do something about your bathroom, it’s gross.

Characters: Reader, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, mentions of Nat & Tony

Pairing(s): Mentions of Stucky and possible Steve x Reader x Bucky

Word Count: ~1187

Warnings: Nudity, getting caught in a towel, suggested sexy times

A/N:  (o˘◡˘o) More of me working out my writer’s block lol. I’m probably posting way too many things in a day but whatevs.

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The shower in your bathroom was broken for the day until Stark decided to fix it himself or send someone else up to repair the busted pipe. FRIDAY had quickly shut the water off to your bathroom so you didn’t have to worry about flooding your whole apartment or being without water in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it still meant that you had to go elsewhere to use the toilet or bathe if the need arose.

The thing is though, you hated using the communal showers in the locker rooms and you knew you were scheduled for a pretty intense training session with Natasha in a few hours. You groaned and flopped down onto your couch. Hopefully you’d be able to sneak into someone else’s apartment or something afterwards. Nat was always pretty protective over her bathroom (with good reason considering she lived with Clint for so long before he met Laura) so you never bothered to ask her unless it was an immediate emergency.

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SG Toilet Bathing Spycam (Boys)

Greetings to all my followers,

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Oh jeez, Monsterwatch's Lucio is a siren? That just BEGS for a hypno fluff scenario. musical hypnosis = the good shit

oh HELL yeah. fluffy hypnosis is just as good as smutty hypnosis. also the hypnosis is more… implied than anything, i suppose. there was no way to actively state ‘youre hypnotized’ other than the way i did it in the scenario.

Lucio (Overwatch [Monster Au])

You’ve been stressed lately. It was obvious to everyone- especially your loving boyfriend. You knew he planned on helping you out with your stress. The minute you stepped into the house, you could hear water running. He was getting a bath ready. You put your stuff down, and went to the bathroom. He was just in a pair of pants, hair down and scales glittering slightly in the light.

“Got home just in time, babe,” he said, knowing it was you. He turned off the water, sitting on the toilet. “Bath’s ready.” You smiled slightly, flopping back against the wall as he grinned at you.

“Is this bath gonna be like the last one?” He snorted. “No- I mean… unless you want it to be,” he winked. You rolled your eyes, moving off of the wall to take your clothes off. He stood, removing his pants.

“Maybe next time- too tired to do anything.” “Yeah, I figured.” You glanced at him as he slid into the water.

“Is that why you drew the bath in the first place,” you asked, getting in with him. He let out a quiet “mhm”, letting you lean back against him. A small clicking noise came from him- something akin to a purr.

Without thinking- or, maybe he was thinking about what it’d do to you- he began to hum quietly. You, immediately, felt relaxed at the sound of his singing. You heard the humming falter slightly as he chuckled. He patted your shoulders gently, kissing your cheek, before he started really singing.

You felt your eyes slip shut, a nice fog settling over your senses as you listened to the creature holding you. His forehead bumped against the back of your skull gently, arms moving to hold you around the waist. You barely registered that his legs were now gone- replaced with a long, green tail.

How long had you been in the bath, already? It didn’t even feel like the five minutes it’d take for his tail to appear.

After a few moments, you felt him start to wash you. You would’ve thanked him, if your body didn’t feel so pleasantly heavy. You barely managed to get out a small sigh of approval. You could hear the smile in Lucio’s voice as he pressed his forehead to your temple.

“Just relax for a while,” he hummed. “Let me work the tension out of you.”



£560 + £20 bills a month.
Renting ASAP - September.
Large room with double bed, two tables, two cupboards. On the first floor in a house with two toilets and a bath/shower. Lgbt and poc friendly house, not wheelchair accessible, has a patio. Near a 24 hour co-op and in walking distance of QM uni. 

I really need to rent out this room asap so please share and message me if you are interested xxx

i’m watching a documentary on bathrooms through british history, and it’s so fascinating! like. the sort of things that’s so hard to picture?

like I’m at this part where they explain how people used the toilet, washed clothes and bathed in groups of Victorian working-class city homes. it’s amazing. the whole system. must have been - well, not efficient as we know it, but they were organized and it was definitely a concern, if not a priority! you’d have like handful of toilets for 50+ people, then a little house at the back with a stove to heat water to fill the (portable, communial) bathtub and wash clothes, etc.


hey everyone im judas/sven spiralphobe my house has been getting remodeled for some time because a few years ago the bathroom was destroyed by poisonous black mold and we’ve been living in a bathroom with a rusty toilet/bath tub with mold stains and nothing but dry wall, there isn’t even a door

it’s really expensive because our house is extremely old and there is a lot of problems with it and we are running out of money to pay to fix it, we haven’t had a working toilet for weeks and have been going to fast food places just to use the restroom, its awful and our bathroom smells of rotting wood and rats

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we’re pretty much broke and all our money is going to the bathroom to the point where we barely have enough food to eat and it i would appreciate it if you could help me out

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