toilet and bath


Photographer Lorenzo Aguis described how he worked together with Jude and Ewan:

Jude Law and Ewan McGregor were “like a couple” when they posed together for a photo shoot.

Agius explained: “For a shot in the bathroom, I couldn’t stop them laughing. Jude pulled his trousers and pants down and sat on the toilet reading the newspaper. Ewan stripped off naked and got into the bath.”

Amazing story ! Love that !


“The thing about Joan I keep coming back to is the incredible weight she carried from childhood, the terrible abuse, poverty and a mother who never wanted her. She carried this incredible sorrow. From there, she climbed to the top. Her ambition was monumental. MGM taught her how to walk, how to talk- there’s this Mid-Atlantic upper-class accent- and yet there are moments when you see it all fall away.” -Jessica Lange

“…very disturbing childhood, raised by a tyrant of a mother who whipped her causing bleeding welts across her legs…young Joan’s father had abandoned the family. Her brother Hal showed no sympathy for her. Her mother’s second husband Mr.Henry Cassin was kind to her, but he also left the family. Sent to a catholic boarding school, St. Agnes, she worked at waiting on tables because her mother could not afford tuition. Finishing her curriculum at St Agnes, her mother found her Rockingham Academy, in Kansas, who took her on as a pupil in exchange for her cleaning fourteen rooms of the mansion, scrubbing toilets, bathing the young children and tucking them in bed. She got five hours sleep on average. Life was hard at the academy as the principal would also beat the child. She tried running away, but was returned and further beaten. Neither her home nor school allowed escape from beatings. While Joan was schooling, her mother had a new man installed at home and he too would beat Joan mercilessly…this was when she dreamed of becoming a professional dancer.” -Vince Voice

“She had a Dickinson childhood. She was abandoned by her father before she could even remember him, then her stepfather abandoned her. She was forced to go to work in schools at the age of nine, clean toilets, she was beaten by her mother, by sadistic school mistresses, she was treated as a third class citizen by the other students in those schools.” -Bob Thomas


CREATED BY NynaeveDesign 

Created for: The Sims 4

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Your sim’s bathroom can effortlessly become a sanctuary for cleanliness, relaxation and comfort equipped with a sleek bathtub, sink, shower and toilet.

Set includes:

Vanity Shelf
Room Divider
Glass Panel
Potted Plant
Hand Towel
Bathtub Towel
Zen Print
Rock Rug
Creator Notes

No expansion or stuff packs are needed.

Do not modify / convert / re-texture / re-color my objects.
Do not re-upload or claim my objects as your own.

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When Hogwarts was rebuilt after the Battle of Hogwarts, new unisex toilets were built on the request of several transgender students. Now all floors have at least one set of unisex toilets. While each dormitory does have its own bathroom, every house also has a unisex bathroom which includes showers and other bathing facilities complete with anti-peeking charms and a wide range of bath bombs and potions. 


I had a teddy bear that just had to go everywhere with me as a kid. I’m nothing special there, I’m sure we all had that one toy, stuffy or comforter that went everywhere and anywhere with us. Mine wasn’t really a ‘bear’, it was a grey and white Husky dog that I’d named Archibald, Archie for short… Don’t ask about the name, I was a weird kid.

Archibald and I did everything together: he slept in my bed, sat on the lid of the toilet whilst I bathed or brushed my teeth, sat on the table beside me whilst I ate, sat in my backpack or on my desk at school and in my lap on the school bus as well as any car trips. I cherished him, kept him incredibly pristine for a child. The only damaged he suffered was unfortunately losing an eye, but he was clean and neat and I loved him.

But one day Archibald went missing.

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Around the house - Vocabulary in Spanish

Original post in Finnish by blackteaandlanguages

Originally posted by spatialmadness

la casa - house
el departamento - apartment
el hogar - home
el cuarto/la habitación - room
arriba - upstairs
abajo - downstairs
la(s) escalera(s) - stairs, staircase
los escalones/peldaños - steps
el piso - floor
la alfombra - carpet
la pared - wall
el reloj - clock
la pintura - painting
la foto - photo
el póster/la lámina - poster
el enchufe/la toma de corriente - socket
el cielo raso - ceiling
el techo - roof
el tejado - tile roof
la alarma de incendios - fire alarm
la lámpara - lamp
la puerta - door
la cerradura - lock
la llave - key
el timbre - doorbell
el buzón - mail box
la reja - bars
la ventana - window
las cortinas - curtains
la entrada - entry
el recibidor - hall
la repisa - rack
el perchero - hanger
la sala de estar - living room
el sofá - sofa
el sillón- armchair
la mecedora - rocking chair
la mesa ratona - coffee table
el televisor - TV set
la televisión - TV (the service)
el control remoto - remote control
el hogar - fireplace
la chimenea - chimney
el dormitorio - bedroom
la cama - bed
la cama marinera - bunk beds
la cama matrimonial - double bed
la mesa de luz - nighttable
la almohada - pillow
la frazada/manta - blanket
la sábana - sheet
el colchón - mattress
el armario/ropero - wardrobe
la cómoda - chest of drawers
la cocina - kitchen
la mesa - table
el mantel - tablecloth
el jarrón - vase
la silla - chair
la alacena - cupboard
la mesada/encimera - counter
la cocina - stove
el horno - oven
el lavabo/la pileta  - sink
el grifo - faucet
la esponja - sponge
el refrigerador - refrigerator
el freezer - freezer
el (horno) microondas - microwave oven
la cafetera - coffee cooker
la pava - kettle
la tostadora - toaster
el lavaplatos - dish-washing machine
la sala de juguetes - toy room, playing room
el juguete - toy
la caja - box
el estudio - study (room)
el escritorio - desk
el tacho de basura - bin 
la biblioteca - bookshelf, library
la computadora - computer
el teléfono - phone
el lavadero - laundry room
el lavarropas - washing machine
la canasta de la ropa - laundry basket
la aspiradora - vacuum cleaner
el balde - bucket
la pala y la escoba - dustpan and broom
la batería - battery
la caldera - heater
el baño - bathroom
el toilette - toilet
el inodoro - toilet bowl
el papel higiénico - toilet paper
la ducha - shower
el baño - bath
el jabón - soap
el shampoo/champú - shampoo
el acondicionador - conditioner
las burbujas/pompas de jabón - bubbles
la espuma - foam
la cortina de baño - shower curtain
la toalla - towel
el espejo - mirror
el cepillo de dientes - toothbrush
la pasta dental - toothpaste
la maquinilla de afeitar - razor
el/la secador/a de pelo - hairdryer
el sauna - sauna
el termómetro - thermometer
el sótano - cellar
el altillo - attic
el balcón/la terraza - balcony
el patio - yard
el jardín - garden
la huerta - vegetable garden
el invernadero - greenhouse
la cucha - doghouse
el garage - garage

Let’s Just Be Sick - Carl Grimes x Reader

“Yeah, for right now, let’s just be sick.”

Request: @lovefortears

Summary: The Reader finds out that it’s Carl’s birthday so she plans a smutty night, but ends up throwing up all over him.

Characters: The Reader and Carl

POV: Second Person

Warnings: Smutty Stuff/Disgusting Stuff (It probably won’t bother you guys tho, vomit is not as bad as Glenn’s death. That was disgusting.)

Let’s Just Be Sick

It was Carl’s 17th birthday. You had been counting for months, trying to figure out which day it was and you were about 85% sure it was today. Carl had no idea it was his birthday, but you were very ready. He was out on a run and wouldn’t be back until late into the evening so you got ready for his return. A few months back Maggie had found a lingerie store untouched by the walkers and seemingly not scavenged. You decided to pick out a few outfits to surprise Carl and his birthday was the perfect occasion. After you got into the matching lingerie set you put on one of Carl’s flannels and looked in the mirror. You were so excited that your stomach was churning with nervous giddy. You looked fabulous, his jaw was going to drop when he saw you.

“I’m so tired.” Carl was home. You practically leapt onto the bed nervously placing your hair over your shoulder. Your stomach gurgled again and you shrugged it off, almost squealing in delight. The door squeaked open,

“Y/N, I am so-woah!” His eyes grew to the size of watermelons and you smirked at him.

“Hey, baby.” You whispered seductively. You slowly slithered off the bed, making sure to reveal as much skin as possible. As you walked towards him his face turned red and you ran your fingers through your hair. “What’s wrong?” You asked mischievously, biting your lip and tilting your head to expose more of your neck to his naked eye. Running your hands up his arms, you stopped them at his neck, cupping it. You looked up into his eyes; black with lust, for a moment before placing achingly slow kisses on his neck. Each moved up farther to his ear, where you softly nibbled before whispering in his ear, “Don’t you wanna play with your birthday present?”

Carl backed up, his eyebrow raised and his hands held out in shock.

“What are you talking about?” You smiled and used your nimble fingers to take his hat from his head and you placed it on yours.

“It’s your birthday, silly.” You whispered gently gripping the front of his shirt, drawing your foot up and down the inside of his leg.

“What? It’s not my birthday? We don’t even know the date.” You giggled at him.

“Oh, but I do. I know a lot of things.” You rose your right leg higher, grinding it into his crotch.

“Mmm.” He moaned and you started kissing the bottom of his chin. Suddenly you felt your stomach grumble again. It almost felt like you were going to vomit, but sometimes you felt like that when you were excited so you brushed it off. “God am I so fucking happy you figured out it was my birthday.” You smiled and he brought your body flush against his, capturing your lips in a wet, messy kiss. That’s when you felt it again, but this time stronger. You carried on, wrapping your leg around his waist when you felt something come up in your throat. You broke the kiss, uncomfortably.

“Carl-” Your sentence was stopped by your turkey and pasta dinner, blowing out of your mouth in vile chunks, all over Carl. You groaned, trying to regain your composure, “Carl, I am so so-” Again. All over him and this time, dripping all down yourself. He walked behind you and held you, rubbing your back.

“Just get it out, get it out, baby.” Tears formed in your eyes. You ruined your whole night and you ruined Carl’s birthday. It was the only day of the year about him and you pretty much desecrated it. You looked up at Carl, ashamed, but before you could say anything he picked you up and walked you into the bathroom. As soon as you got in there he placed you on the toilet and turned on the bath.

“Carl, I- I’m so sorry. I-I-I can d-do it. Just let me, i-it’s yo-your birthday.” He didn’t say anything, he just turned around and started taking off your clothes. He didn’t say anything, you just did what he wanted, afraid he was angry at you for ruining his special day. After he disrobed you completely, he put you in the bath and sat on the outside.

He grabbed the washcloth on the side of the bath and dunked it in the water. Gently massaging your back with the cloth he kneaded circles into your back and down your arms. Moving downward he began to rub the small of your back and the round of your ass. Then sweeping his strokes up and down your long legs. When he go to your feet he scrubbed each toe and then dragged the towel back up to your core. Although your night started out sexual, he painted your core with compassionate brush strokes of tender love. Dressing your smooth curves with his sweet caresses he moved upwards. Reaching your breasts he took one at a time, rolfing and kneading each, careful to show each as much love as the other.

Placing the towel back on the side of the bath he poured shampoo into his hand and delicately scrubbed your scalp. Dragging his fingers through your long, beautiful hair, he handled it like the finest Chinese silk. After washing all the soap out, he walked out of the room. Within minutes he was back, a towel and a bowl of slightly warm soup in hand. He turned off the water and wrapped you in the towel, after patting down your body so you wouldn’t be cold. Picking you up, he took you back into your bedroom and into your bed. Carl quickly brought you the soup and a shirt of his that you put on. After setting you up he went back to cleaning and you watched. In a few minutes you finally said something.

“Carl, just stop. You had a terribly hard day of work and you come home to cleaning up after me. He stopped walking towards your vomit stain to clean up the mess.

“Baby, don’t feel bad, you can’t help being sick.” You started to cry again.

“I completely ruined your birthday. You’ve been working non-stop, I should be the one cleaning up after you. You didn’t even put on clean clothes, you still have my vomit all over them.” He walked back over to you and put his hand on your thigh.

“No, baby, it’s just my birthday.” You started hyperventilating, but you pushed yourself off the bed and walked over to the stain to clean it up. Before you could pick it up you lost your balance and Carl caught you.

“Get off of me, I can do it myself.” He scoffed and gave you a look of exasperation.

“Y/N, you’re so dizzy you can’t walk. You can’t clean up, okay. I know you’re upset that it’s my birthday, but you physically can’t.” You hit his chest so he picked you up and placed you back in the bed. This time you didn’t fight him, you just laid there. He went back to cleaning up your chunks of vomit and you continued to cry. After a few good minutes of silence you poked a hole through the wall dividing you and whispered to him.

“Carl, I love you. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my life. You mean more to me than my life, you’re my family. I-I just want you to be happy. I just wanted this night to be amazing, for once I wanted you to be at peace. I wanted you to lean on me so that your pain could become ours and that we could make it into happiness. I hate everyday, watching you work your ass off, struggling, with the world, with everything that’s happened over the years, over your eye, over who we’ve become. I just wanted to take that pain away, make you forget with a special birthday surprise, but instead of doing that I just gave you the worst present in the history of birthday gifts.” Carl turned around to you, his face contorted in a melancholy expression and his eyes filled with love.

“Baby, I don’t care that it’s my birthday. You are my love and you are worth everything I have, everything I am. I didn’t even know about my birthday until I got home and you told me, but to be honest, I don’t really care. Not because I don’t care about you and not because I don’t care about that very, very, very sexy outfit you were wearing, but because you are all I need. Whether it’s my birthday or not, you are all I need, all I want. You wanted to make today special, but you make everyday special. Your smile you can make any day amazing. You, are what I look forward to everyday. You are what keeps me going, not some silly birthday. I just want to love you, give you everything you deserve for making me so happy. If that means cleaning up your vomit and washing your hair, then I will do it. A million times over again I will do it, for you.” You were crying again, but this time for a different reason. Your heart was on fire and you were entranced by the beauty of his loving eyes. As soon as he realized you were crying he ran over to the bed.

“Baby don’t cry.” You started giggling at his reaction.

“Carl, I’m not sad anymore.” His face relaxed.

“Oh.” He sighed, relieved.

“I love you, silly.” He rolled his eyes, faking annoyance.

“I love you, too, you butt face.” You jaw dropped in fake shock.

“You are so mean.” You teased and he chuckled.

“Yeah, but at least I don’t throw up all over my boyfriend as a birthday gift.” You shrugged.

“Well, you always say how much you like being inside me so I decided to bring my insides out to you.” He scrunched up in his nose in disgust and you laughed at him.

“Just come here.” It was your turn to be grossed out.

“No, you have vomit all over you.” He put his hands in the air.

“Fine, I’ll go get cleaned up.” You smiled.

“Good.” He frowned.

“But only, because I’d really like to see you in those panties when you get better.” You bit your lip and he groaned.

“Baby, please don’t do that, even when you’re sick I can’t take it.” You sat up and kissed him passionately.

“Let’s have a do-over birthday.” You said with a smile. His grin was larger than any you’d ever seen before.

“Yes, please. I want to get out of those red panties and not because you vomited all over yourself.” You giggled.

“Ye-Carl!” Once again you threw up all over yourself and Carl. After you finished he picked you up and took you back into the bathroom.

“C’mon, let’s get you back in.” You frowned.


“What?” You turned your head to look him in the eye.

“Get in with me. I may have ruined your birthday, but we can still have a nice night. If you know what I mean.” You wiggled your eyebrows suggestively and he chuckled.

“Don’t mind if I do.” He said, teasingly pulling up the shirt you were wearing to take a peek under. You giggled at him and slapped his hand away.

“Nah-ah-ah.” He frowned.

“You are such a tease.” You rolled your eyes and suddenly his eyes bulged out of his head.

“What’s wrong, Carl?” Carl sprinted to the toilet and spilled his guts into the bowl. You ran after him, holding back his hair for him.

“Baby, it’s okay. Get it out.” When he finished he slumped against the wall and you stroked his hair.

“Now you got me sick.” He grumbled. You frowned.

“Yeah, but now we can be together. And Carl Grimes, you are all I want for my birthday.” He raised his eyebrows.

“But it isn’t your birthday.” You hit his shoulder.

“Carl, I was trying to be cute.” He smiled.

“But you already are, especially when you’re naked.” You shrugged your shoulders and stood up, grabbing the bottom of your shirt.

“Well, it is your birthda-” You threw up a third time, this time in the toilet. “Yeah, maybe we should save that stuff for your do-over birthday.” He chuckled.

Hitch a Ride (Part 3) Katlaska - Vixen

So this is part 3 of “how many references can Vixen fit in a fic.” In this one we’ve got kpop, porn, Buffy, Harry Potter, Friends, Secretary and X Files. So this is my first time ever writing strap-on fic, I tried to watch a lot of videos of it (which Katya also watches) but none of them really felt…true I guess? So here is my take on strap-on smut, hopefully it’s good. Also, the lemon stealing whores porn is an actual porn. It’s very funny, go watch it. As always, I’m open to feedback and constructive criticism and hope you like! -Vixen (And I actually do find Bellatrix really hot just fyi)

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iconic gorillaz quotes

“this is me cutting an onion”
“mmmm, motorola. look i cant talk now im naked”
“HI, im murdoc niccals”
“the bath”
“sod off you old goth”

I Am An Alpha Ch 14: Baring My Teeth

His deep hearty chuckle rings out. His chest vibrates against mine as he wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer to his full weight is resting on me. “I guess you really are an alpha.”

I hesitantly respond, “So you aren’t mad?”

It takes him a minute to stop laughing to answer, “No Love I’m not mad. I kind of take it as a compliment.”


“It means you accept me, even your alpha side. You actually want me,” He holds me even tighter. “I was scared for a minute that you didn’t want us.”

“Of course I do.”

We lay there for a while, wrapped around each while Kris’s knot continues to shrink. Neither of us says anything, until there is a quiet knock at the door. I tense.

“Shit,” Kris groans, “I was supposed to get you for lunch.”

“You did a great job of that,” I chuckle, taking a deep breath I try to figure out who is on the other side of the door but all I can smell is Kris. “Who is out there? I can’t tell.”

“It’s Tao. We will be down a few minutes,” He tells both me and the other man.

“I can’t go down there after this!” I cover my face that is burning with embarrassment.

“Getting shy again aren’t you? Why am I the only one to see you bare your teeth huh? As much as I love having you to myself if you don’t open up to the others is going to be hard on all of us. So come on love, show them that fiest,” He kisses the top of my head.

“I will, I still don’t want to go down there right now, could I bathe first?”

“Oh of course! I’m sorry, I should have offered that first. Lets go jump in the shower quick!” With me still wrapped in his arms he jumps up and scurries across the room into the bathroom. I cling to him as he kicks off his pants and flips on the shower head. He chuckles at the sight of my wide eyes, the water pours down from the ceiling like rain, it would be a lie to say I’m not amazed. “New, huh?”

“Since when do they make showers like these?” I muse as I stick my hand out to feel the steaming water.

“These are pretty common in nicer houses now a days, but I guess you aren’t used to any kind of plumbing or technology.”

I shake my head, “You would be right, I know the basics, lights, toilets, showers, baths. I know about TVs and cellphones but I’ve never actually used one.”

“That is so strange.”

“You could definitely say I’ve had a strange life.”

He nods but doesn’t add more. He gently sets me down and we separate, it leaves an empty feeling in my chest. My arms curl around my small frame in an attempt to keep the sudden chill creeping up on me away even under the hot stream of water. Kris notices and once again wraps himself around me, “Are you okay?”

“Why is it so cold?” I grumble snuggling closer to him.

“It’s the mark,” He explains, “That connection you felt before is going to become a lot more intense, but not with just me, with everyone. So you will want to be closer, both physically and mentally, with everyone.”

“This goes both ways right?”

“Of course,” His hold on me tightens, “Though it’s a bit more infuriating on this end because I will be fighting for your affection against my brothers. So you will notice we might get a bit more possessive.”

“As long as I get to see my pack I don’t have much of a problem.”

He groans, “Fine.” We wash up quickly followed by Kris gently drying me off with a towel, his eyes fixated on my back. “So are you going to tell us how you got those?”

I sigh, “I already did. Years of abuse and torture in a slave army, I wasn’t just trying to be mean earlier, that was the truth.”

“But I mean specifics,” His finger runs down one of the longer scars, “Like this one, how did you get this one?”

“If I am thinking of the right one it’s from getting to mouthy with one of my superiors. They were being particularly brutal on one group of new soldiers and I was an idiot and stepped into say something. There should be three other marks along with it, maybe a bit smaller, for each boy I defended.”

He is silent for a moment before his fingers started dancing around my back again, “And this one?” His fingers land near my shoulder.

I have to actually look this time to know, he is pointing to two little marks that are only half, on the front of my shoulder the marks are mirrored. “It’s a bad bite mark, the wolf was ripped away from me so the mark isn’t clear but he took a good chunk of flesh, hurt like a bitch.” I grimace at the memory.

“Were you in battle?”

I nod, “Well sort of, three wolves only a few years younger than me, that were in our squad, tried to rise up and our general saw how tempted the rest of us were and gave us the option to die with them or kill them ourselves. We chose the latter, they were stupid kids who didn’t know their place, and didn’t have the mentality to be a soldier.”

“Do you feel guilty at all?”

I close my eyes for a minute and shake my head, “We did those boys a favor. If those boys had been executed by anyone else it would have not been as nice.”

“I’m sorry for asking.”

“It’s a great warm up for telling the others.”

“Only tell them what you are comfortable with.”

“I’m not really comfortable telling anyone how I slaughtered people but it’s going to come up.”

“I guess you are right.”

“Now lets get dressed so I can talk to my mates.”

He chuckles, “Okay, give me a minute.” He walks away to his closet, returning a moment later with another t-shirt and boxers. “We will need to go shopping for you.”

“Why? I have my two outfits, that’s all I need.”

“Two?” He stares dumbstruck, “You only have two outfits?”

“I’m a wanderer, I can only have what I can carry, blankets and food are much more important than extra clothes.”

“I know you are right but still that is so strange for a girl your age, I mean the age you look.”

“I thought we already discussed that I am not your average omega.”

He nods, “We did, I’m sorry. This is going to take some getting used to. Speaking of which they should be watching TV by now if you would like to watch one.”

“Really?” I pull on the clothes he gives me and rush out the door. He his right on my tail as I run down stairs and into the living area they are usually in. The window is closed but I suddenly find myself freezing. But I ignore it for a moment at the sight of massive colorful screen hanging from the ceiling. I’m not sure what is happening on the screen but the colorful picture captivates me. It’s sunrise in a big city with tall buildings, something I have only seen in the pictures Namjoon has in his books. Two small bars appear in the corner of the screen and the image stays.

“Insoo?” Yixing’s voice breaks me out of my trance, he is standing up near the couch, wringing his hands nervously. I now notice that everyone is staring at me.

“Why isn’t it moving?” I point to the screen.

They all seem so confused by my question until Kris leans in the doorway, “She has never seen a TV before.”

“Really?” Jongdae questions.

I nod, “Can you make it move?”

He nods this time, snatching a little black box out of Suho’s hands and pressing a button on it. A grin spreads on my face as the view continues on, circling the beautiful city.

“Where is this?” I wonder sitting down on the floor as I continue stare.

“New York,” Luhan answers, sitting on the edge of his seat so he could be closer to me. Kyungsoo is in between him and I, and like the older man he scoots closer.

“New York,” I echo back. “I want to go there!”

“Really?” Kris questions, “I don’t think you are ready for that yet. You should probably ride in a car first before we work out way up to a plane.”

“Insoo?” Yixing calls again.


He gulps, “Can we talk?”

“I don’t really want to talk to you right now. I would much rather talk to Jongin.”

The tan boy across the room looks absolutely frightened, “Me?”

I nod, “Yes, we have a problem. You attacked a member of my pack and just like how you would take that as disrespect, I take it the same way. It is as if you had your teeth digging into my throat, I’ve been bitted multiple times, it is not a good feeling so you can understand my anger.”

He stands up and take a few steps closer so we are on either end of the coffee table, “Please, you have to know it was my alpha taking control. I was insane to tackle you like that and I’m sorry I bit that pup but he came at me-”

I jump to my feet and rush over to him before he can react. Without any hesitation I punch him across the face knocking him on to his ass. The rest of the room watches with wide eyes at the sight in front of them. “He was trying to protect me! You guys have no idea what I have had to do to keep that boy away from any pain that I knew and it is always you who tries to rub it in his face. That boy has never done anything wrong so don’t you try to blame him!”

“Insoo,” Kris warns from the doorway, not yet ready to step in.

I unclench my fist and let my hands drop to my side, “I am not sorry for giving you the karma you deserve for hurting my pup. I am not sorry, nor will I ever be, for knocking you on your ass. But I will give you the benefit of the doubt and not hate you. Now stop staring at me like I have an arm growing out of my forehead and stand up.”

“You forgive me?”

“No.” I snap quickly, “But I’m giving you the chance to earn my forgiveness, and you better pray that my pup doesn’t have mark on him.”

“Thank you!” He surprises me by wrapping himself around me. I return the action.

“You are such a strange man. How can you be so scary but so cute?”

“Trust me,” Kris muses, “He isn’t like that with just you.”

“Does this mean you aren’t mad at me either?” Yixing tries again.

“Yes, it does,” I sigh, “As long as you prove that I can trust you. I don’t want to share my heart with you if you are just going to ignore everything in it. If I look to you for help, I expect you to be there, okay?”

He nods eagerly.

“Great.” I look to Kris, “How is that for baring my teeth?”

No Place for a Baby

***can you write an imagine where the reader only has her sister left and then her sister dies. nothing romantic has to happen just Carl comforting her***  

You squeezed your fists tighter and felt the small flakes of dried blood crunch in the folds of your skin. You blinked for what felt like the first time that day and looked at your jeans. Your lap was almost entirely caked in old blood that had dried hours ago. The material was stiff against your thighs. You looked at a hand. A small, soft hand with smooth skin. Little chubby fingers and wrinkles at her wrist.

Her eyes were dull now. They felt as if they were staring into your soul. Your life was gone. The one thing that kept you going was dead now, and you had no idea how you were going to go on from here. Your goals now meant nothing, and survival was on the very back of your mind.

You felt a hand slip around your upper arm and tug slightly. After you hadn’t responded to it for a few seconds, a second hand gripped your other arm from behind and pulled you up to stand. Your back hurt and your knees screamed at you for sitting in the same position for so long.

You were finding it a bit hard to stand, for you haven’t moved in so long. These hands guided you up the stairs, and an arm wrapped around your shoulders to keep you upright and moving. You turned into the bathroom and looked to your right into the mirror and saw Carl. He helped you sit on the closed toilet and started the bath water. This was odd, knowing that you two have never talked to each other deeper than stupid jokes and basic conversation.

He looked at you with sad eyes and kneeled. He took his hat off and set his hands on your upper arms again. You didn’t move as they moved lower and started pulling at the bottom of your tank top. You lifted your arms as he pulled it off and left you in your bra. After that, he unlaced your shoes and took them off along with your socks.He pulled your arms to help you stand and he unbuttoned your jeans.

You watched the top of his head and watched how his curls moved along with his movements as he tugged your jeans down and you stepped out of them.

You hiccuped and tears started collecting at your lashes once again. He watched you as he pulled you toward the bath tub and helped you into it. He sat on the side of the tub and used a cup to pour a bit of water in your hair. After the water reached just under your breasts, he stopped the faucet, and you listened to the droplets of water from the piping hit the still pool.

You sobbed quietly as he rinsed your blood-dried and dirt covered body and ran his hands softly over your skin. Your head was tilted upward and your hands sat in between your crossed legs. How you hated the feeling of the warm water surrounding your body, your stuffed nose, and the sound of water moving along with the boy beside you. These were things she could no longer experience. She was gone forever. Her existence; taken in an instance, depriving her of ever falling in love, finding a hobby to be passionate about, a favorite band, or trying something new that once terrified her. You would never hear that light chuckle or see that blush on her cheeks that appeared when the weather was too hot.

You were empty. The overwhelming disappointment and sorrow that took you over was too much to handle.


The room was getting darker by the minute as you sat alone on the hard living room floor. Your hands sat on your folded knees nimbly and your eyes were straining to see the pattern in the short carpet’s woven design in the dimming light.


You jumped slightly at the intrusion and didn’t move. You hadn’t even heard him enter. Your mind was in fog, but a frenzy all at once. Your senses buzzed, but you still felt numb. You were within yourself looking outward at a life that hurt too much.

“At least drink some water?” He knelt across from you and held a glass in his hand.

Your eyes slowly moved from his hand he had on the floor to steady himself, up his arm, and to his face. Here you were, being the biggest burden to someone you barely knew. Not once have you ever done anything nice for Carl, and here he is. This boy that you always saw from a distance and admired for the fire in his bright blue eye after every horror he had been through.

Carl raised the glass a bit and moved it toward you as an offering.

You felt your lip quiver and you leaned forward, arms moving past the glass, and threw yourself onto him, arms wrapping around his neck and face buried. You heard the glass hit the carpet, but it did not break. You felt the water at your foot.

Carl sat for a second before moving his arms around you and leaning his head against yours. Sobs overtook you as he held you, but his warmth and the tightness of his hold was everything you needed in that moment. 

I’m back! This is the first of a few I need to finish. Sorry if this one’s a bit lousy. I need to get back into writing. Anyway, feedback is appreciated!