toi: spinners and losers


How you fucker can be the sweetest possible term of endearment.

And also, obviously, how Malcolm and Jamie always end up having this *exact same conversation* every single time they go to the video shop to rent a dvd.


Is Geoff Shaking His Tiny Head? Malcolm Can’t tell: Aired version vs. Rehearsal version

1. In the first gif from the rehearsal version (top right), see laughing Peter transform into deadly Malcolm in less time than it takes to draw a single breath. 

2. The aired version and the rehearsal version don’t quite line up because Aired Version Geoff puts in the extra line about NOT standing before insisting his head IS the right size. 

(Mind you, if he hadn’t put in the extra line, they still wouldn’t line up because the rehearsal scene cuts off before Malcolm’s Francophonic punchline; however, I’m quite sure Rehearsal Malcolm IS about to correct Rehearsal Geoff’s perception about the scale of his undersized noggin vis-à-vis the rest of his body.)

3. I swear that until a couple of years ago when I finally I watched the (teeny tiny) Spinners and Losers behind-the-scenes extra with the rehearsal scene showing Malcolm’s office with the lights ON and the grainy-gloomy-post-processing OFF, I never realized he had the same office in The Specials and series 3. (Seriously, it was a total revelation.)

4. The aired version of the scene and the rehearsal version of the scene equals two versions, but I would say there are actually threeish thanks to this bit from the extra

that is just different enough from what aired – mostly in terms of pauses and inflection – to make me think it’s actually an alternate take.

5. In whatever version, the ONLY person who thinks Geoff Holhurst’s head is the right size… is Geoff Holhurst.

Malcolm: Can you be a realist for five minutes?
Jamie: I will be a realist. Just say ‘You were right, Jamie’, and I’ll leave it at that.
Malcolm (storming off): Oh, don’t start.

Deleted (aka 'Too Homoerotic for TV’) scenes, Spinners and Losers.


I feel like Malcolm and the Vote for Me sticker is him being crude by even his own very very very low standards, but on the other hand I’m not sure I can even tell anymore.

So I’m posting this on UK polling day 2015 (we’ll assume for the time being that there will only be the one) because even though Spinners is about a possible leadership contest and not an election, well, it does seem particularly relevant to the situation at hand.


Obviously, the reason Jamie sways and licks his lips so much is because the 1960s TV-Batman-cliffhanger-style-narrator-voice is always there, running through his head; it’s only after a night of stress and no sleep that it bursts forth to amaze us all.

Except for Malcolm, of course: it’s so totally normal for him to hear Jamie’s thoughts anyway that when he’s busy with his two direction dramatic pointing, he doesn’t even realize Jamie’s thoughts are — for once — being said out loud so that other people can hear too.


“No surrender, eh?”