toi stori

Youtuber Story
  • Wildcat: [Glaring] You're mocking me aren't you?
  • Vanoss: [shakes head innocently] Oh no no no no
  • Vanoss: [Points behind Wildcat] Tyler! Look a subscriber!
  • Wildcat: [Turns around] WHERE?!?
  • Vanoss: bwahaha! [Falls over laughing]
Lego Batjokes Toy Story AU

Ragdoll pullstring clown Joker gets shown up by cool new action figure Batman, who thinks he’s real (until he catches an episode of the Animated Series or something). Afraid he’ll no longer be Robin’s favorite toy, Joker deliberately knocks Bats out the window.

Maybe I’ll draw something for this soon, in the meantime, feel free to add anything to this AU. I kinda like it.

Totally Canon™ Couples that we were denied due to heteronormativity:

- woody and buzz

- timon and pumbaa

- baloo and bagheera

- the roman soldier and the cowboy from night at the museum

please feel free to reblog and add more obviously gay couples from children’s media