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Some dog toys have um, awkward shapes. Some look like sex toys. And there's one in particular that looks like a butt plug. It's kinda funny, kinda weird, like who designs these, y'know?? But. A little kid was wandering up and down the aisle where the rubber dog toys are, and runs back to his dad waving THAT particular one and shouts "look daddy! This is the one from mommy's drawer!" I was stocking nearby and nearly choked. I had to dart away because I almost peed myself laughing

Omg! 😂😂😂😂

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hey, you remember furby's? well someone went and made a game where the monster is a furby rip off.

Yeah, I know–Tattletail.

Aesthetically, though, it looks more like a toy from the 80′s.  I think it’s cute. :3

I can’t stop laughing watching people play the game, because it’ll just sit there with this face for like five minutes straight:

Then suddenly:


stim toys for the office?

Hey fellow autistics! I recently started a new full time job, and it’s a desk job. I’m looking for some work-appropriate stim toys. By work-appropriate, I mean, like… nothing messy like kinetic sand or anything that makes a lot of noise.

I’ve bought some sculpting foam and I enjoyed stimming with that (i like tactile stim toys), but sculpting foam isn’t made to be used for 4-7 hours a days, and it becomes gross and flat after just a couple days.

does anyone have any suggestions for a good stim toy(s) I can use at work? Thanks!

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lena, lena, lena

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au in which rose gets a girlfriend

The day she and Lukas break things off Rose meets a girl named Lena at the hospital, where she’s started volunteering.

Lena Vasquez is nothing like Rose expected her to be when she first saw the short, thick haired girl standing at the nurse’s desk. The first thing she said to Rose was, “I haven’t been puked on in three days, so try not to jinx that.”

Immediately, Rose was drawn to her. The way she smiled, the way she laughed, the way she made Rose laugh. The kind way she had with the kids when they delivered books and toys around the kid’s unit. The way she made Rose feel. Happy, safe, content.

There was never any wondering with Lena, even before she realized that she liked her.

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Sheep’s new stuffing and old heart:  A Sheep Serial Part 5

Sheep is now restuffed!  First he got a bit of new stuffing and I made a heart for him from a bit of his old stuffing.  It’s white to match him of course!  Here’s his heart being made and installed:

Then I took a first stab at chubbiness… his head seam was left open so he could be made fatter or thinner…

His person was concerned that he needed a bit more in the face… apparently his face had been sliding quite a bit at home.  Fortunately, his face had its own divider, so making it dense didn’t mean the rest of him wouldn’t still be squishy.  I also added stuffing for his forehead.  Here are the next chubbiness photos with the additional stuffing (Ducky wanted in on the photo shoot):

His person wrote:

He is perfect! He looks like a little Sheep angel. And I love how Duckie is posing with him, it’s always nice to have a buddy. I can’t say enough how wonderful he looks. You are amazing! It’s almost making me cry - he looks better than I can ever remember.

So, he got closed up and… final pics tomorrow in the conclusion of the Sheep Serial!

Potentia Amoris - part 2


It’s 1997. The Order of the Phoenix - a group you called your family -  is about to disband, possibly forever. Hogwarts is in great danger, and as an Auror and talented Aurologist, you’re assigned to work with Samuel Winchester, a known Legilimens, as protection for the school. Being an Auror, you’ve hardened yourself against feeling any sort of love or romantic interest, especially for the man who seems most likely to attract your attention. However, as the final battle of Hogwarts and the fate of the wizarding world becomes more and more of a reality, you start to wonder: maybe feeling love in what could be your final months might not be so bad after all.

Pairing: Eventual Sam x Reader

Word Count: 4694

Warnings: Flirting, adult toy section in Weasely’s Wizard Wheezes, badly named sex toys, almost-smut


You reached Grimmauld Place at eight o’clock on an early Saturday in July. A light sprinkle of rain spattered on the pavement, making the streetlights reflect bright yellow in puddles of water. You hurried up the steps, knocked three times on the heavy door with the number 12 emblazoned in gold. Within seconds, the green eyes of Remus Lupin peered through a magical slot in the door.

“Code word.” He demanded, his voice hushed.

“Immunis,” you replied, grinning. “Come on, Remus. I doubt a Death Eater could pull off this hair color.”

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Dylan invites Eric over for Passover and Dylan is speaking Hebrew and Eric just thinks its so cute and lots of fluffiness after

• dylan and his family and thEIR GOD!!! DAMNED!!! JEWISH TRADITIONS!!! MAKE ME LIVE!!
• he invites eric over for seder dinner and while eric is totally lost on what goes on, dylan just does it for him and hopes he catches on
• dylan saying the blessing for the holiday in hebrew and eric’s just like.. staring at him like wow this is kinda cute
• when dylan’s cousins are hiding the toy (i forget what it’s called but i know not all jewish families do this. it’s a game where the kids hide a toy in a blanket and the adults have to find it) and eric’s like, “give it to me, dylan come here”
• they end up stuffing the toy under dylan’s pillow and sue just walks in on the boys making out on his bed?? and she’s just like?? “?? just give me the toy and i’ll give you a condom”