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I was innocently scrolling through amazon, looking for Sidney Crosby related wares as you do, when I stumbled upon this action figure

Pretty cool! Totally normal for a pro athlete, but then I accidentally zoomed in and–

Uhhhhhhhh Sidney



And right then, as I contemplated how they managed to create a Sidney Crosby face mold that sucks the soul right out of your eyeball sockets, I realized that multi-millionaire, face of the NHL, Sidney Crosby must have many many toys on the market that boast his face. This can’t be the only one. I furthered my research. I was not disappointed.

And so I present to you below the cut:


*rated by me*

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I’d rather see Harley and Joker if we’re gunna do Harley because we didn’t get enough of that. What people wanted in Suicide Squad was more Harley and Joker not necessarily… This. Gotham City Sirens? I feel like that’s toy marketing. Give us Harley and Joker instead.
—  Jeremy Jahns (Collider) on the Gotham City Sirens movie (x)

Aki Maita - The Creator of Tamagotchi

Aki was around 30 years old when she came up with the Tamagotchi virtual pets. Hoping to work with children, she joined Bandai in 1990, working in sales and marketing. She came up with the idea of a portable pet when she saw a commercial of a young boy trying to carry his pet turtle around.

In October 1996, she passed out prototypes of the toy to 200 high school girls in Tokyo. The toy went on sale the following month, on November 23, 1996. It was originally developed as a gender-neutral brand, but as the majority of the audience was women (over 60%), the toy would later be marketed primarily to girls, while Aki would later help develop Tamagotchi’s brother franchise, Digimon.
Disney Store Ditches Identifying Halloween Costumes By Gender
The Disney Store has taken a step to make sure that kids feel encouraged to choose from any of its Halloween costumes, regardless of their gender. In the past, Disney promoted its Halloween costumes by

“The Disney Store has taken a step to make sure that kids feel encouraged to choose from any of its Halloween costumes, regardless of their gender.

In the past, Disney promoted its Halloween costumes by identifying them as either girls’ costumes or boys’ costumes.

For Halloween this year, the company’s site is promoting costumes “for kids” and “for baby.” This means kids have all of the store’s options at their little fingertips, not just costumes traditionally deemed appropriate for their gender.”

Read the full piece here

Oh jesus it’s an entirely decorated room.

Well gotta give it to Vidalia, she certainly lets her kids express themselves.

That painting would be a lot creepier if I didn’t know that Vidalia probably painted it.

Also what’s in that chest? Cut heads?

It’s nice that Steven likes things and toys that marketing would percieve as feminine, he likes the gals as much as the guys in these… weird toys.

so i’m writing and thinking a lot about draco and his upbringing and stuff and like

he’s pretty good at flying right?? he was pretty natural during the first flying lesson and probs the best on the slytherin team seeing as how they went way down hill after he left in sixth year

so like who taught him how to fly when he was a babe? lucius? maybe but he always seemed super stuffy to me and i just cant see him darting around on a broom. they could have hired someone sure but what about

what about narcissa? is there anything that says she’s a bad flyer? she could have totally been on the quidditch team and been super badass and feisty as a kid. imagine lucius at a game and she just whizzes by and he’s all, “she’s a black and she’s a boss on the field? done!”

and then they have draco and when he gets old enough they get him the best toy broom on the market and shes in the gardens all day teaching him to fly and

yes. yes. this is my new fave headcanon. [more here]

The Steven Universe Facebook page just announced that they’re partnering with McFarlane to branch into the construction toy market. While it’s good to see Steven Universe get more recognition, and (generally) any merch is good merch, I have to say that honestly I’m devastated. I’d been holding out hope that LEGO would pick up the license since other Cartoon Network properties (namely Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go and The PowerPuff Girls) got the LEGO treatment in 2016/2017. I especially hoped they would bring Steven and the Crystal Gems into LEGO Dimensions, but I doubt Steven Universe will stick around long enough to re-license with LEGO after is current contract. By all means, support and enjoy these toys, but for me personally I’d have far preferred LEGO over any of its knockoff competitors …

Reasons it’s sucks that female characters don’t get action figures

Today I was cosplaying as Mara Jade and I ran into this little girl who was really excited by the costume because she loves Mara. I was curious how someone her age came to be a Mara fan, since she seemed a bit young to have read any of the books she’s in.

And she told me. Last year, she found the Black Series Mara Jade action figure and thought she looked pretty cool. She asked her dad who this was, and he said I don’t know, let’s do some research. So they went and they read about Mara Jade and now she has a new character she loves.

If the figures aren’t on the shelves, this can’t happen. Kids miss out on discovering characters they might love because there’s no figure for them to look at and say “Hey, she looks cool, I’m going to find out who she is.”

I used to have a recurrent fantasy of paying my parents back.  I’d work out exactly what I cost to them, every meal, every toy, fair market rent on my bedroom, reasonable babysitter wages for my parents, everything right down to the hospital bill for my birth.  I’d save up for years upon years and then I’d write them one gigantic check for the purchase of me, now wholly paid off and owned by me.

I didn’t really expect to do this–it would come to a couple hundred grand, and they’d probably take it as an epic insult–but I fantasized about it because it seemed like the only way to make things right.  Otherwise it felt like I had to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars of value as a child, and how the hell could I do that?  How could I possibly be so successful, so obedient, so pleasant and helpful that you’d rather have me than a Lamborghini?

It’s hard to accept that your childhood was a gift, rather than a loan, especially when your parents aren’t too keen on that view themselves.
Man Poses as Target on Facebook, Trolls Haters of Its Gender-Neutral Move With Epic Replies
Brands can't be as honest as they might like in dealing with haters on Facebook. But sometimes other Facebook users can do it for them. That dynamic played out in particularly rogue fashion on Target's Facebook page this week.

“Brands can’t be as honest as they might like in dealing with haters on Facebook. But sometimes other Facebook users can do it for them.

That dynamic played out in particularly rogue fashion on Target’s Facebook page this week. As the retailer received a steady stream of nasty comments from people upset about its move toward gender-neutral labeling of children’s products in its stores, Facebook user Mike Melgaard came to Target’s defense—in a most provocative way. He created a fake Facebook account and posed as a Target customer service rep—under the name Ask ForHelp, with a bull’s-eye profile pic—and began excoriating the haters with comically sarcastic replies.

He got away with it for about 16 hours, too, commenting on about 50 posts before the fake account was shut down. Here are a few of his greatest hits.”

See more of the tweets here



My boyfriend and I found this at a flea market yesterday

we ended up buying it because I can’t say no to that face

birdmacklin replied to your link: German parents told to destroy doll that can spy…

I guess people should be able to buy whatever they want, but I can’t help being glad that crap like this isn’t sold? There are some ethical issues, I think, with toys and products marketed towards kids, that give adults access to spy on them via video, gps, or anything really. I don’t know…

Yes, and no. Yes, people should be able to buy what they want, BUT they shouldn’t be able to violate the rights of others. Similar problem to google glasses.

In Germany are discussions whether there should be laws that make it explicit that human rights are for children as well and that means that they have these rights against their parents. Right of privacy is one of them and this includes making it illegal that parents read the diaries of their children and stuff like that, it would probably also make it illegal to use tracking devices on your children (that is another sour spot here).

So the doll should be able to be sold, I think if it is obvious to consumers, that this spying can happen (similarly to the way you are warned that you enter an insecure network, where people can spy on you, when you walk around with your smart phone).

Yet the moment children walk around with it and it is misused and used to spy on people, that is a huge issue. Like having it in doctor’s rooms or basically anywhere where you might take your child with you and sensitive data is discussed. Or maybe take it into the cinema and record a movie. ;) The problem is that it is “disguised” and people around are not aware that their privacy might be breached.

And another really concerning issue is that people can hack into it to talk with the child. That is downright creepy.


This week’s Tortie Scouts is all about showing resourcefulness in Entrepreneurship!

My dream is to open a photography business! I have learned from Mommy that taking pictures is lots of fun. I even have my own Kirby-sized camera!