tohru honda x kyo sohma


Another really long photoset, apologies aha.

Tohru’s and Rin’s relationship is another one of my favorite things. I’ve always felt they were similar in a lot of ways, and this particular similarity really strikes me. Rin recognizes Tohru’s depression after only knowing her a short while, because she relates to it. Tohru quietly falling apart, alone behind a closed  door. Rin gets that, she’s been there, she’s there right now. But the difference is she has Haru.

And it gives me such FEELINGS that Rin wishes for someone to appear before Tohru and “gently open the door” like Haru did for her. Rin recognizes Tohru’s pain and wishes for someone to come and open her up, so she can heal.

I also feel like this exchange is important for people who still don’t understand the dimensions of Tohru’s character. Tohru was not ever endlessly cheerful. Not ever in this series, except perhaps the end, was she just a character who was happy all of the time. Tohru had a serious, sinking depression throughout the entire series that she simply hid away. She locked it away, instead focusing on remembering her mom and keeping the bond alive with her, and everyone else around her. She had to very slowly, very gently open the door to her depression to be healed from it (and her falling in love with Kyo and accepting that was the catalyst for it).

Rin recognizes something else too, when she seems to remember her mother in her thoughts about Tohru. She recognizes that if the “door” were to be forced open or broken down, Tohru would break. That’s why when she asked that question about what was most important to Tohru and she saw Tohru’s reaction, she said “Nevermind” (didn’t cap that). That’s why she wishes for someone to come to Tohru and open the door gently, so Tohru can be healed without being broken.

And this is the second time you can see a parallel between Kyo and Tohru, and Haru and Rin. The first time, it was more direct. This time, you can only really recognize it if you know how this ends. But though Rin doesn’t know it, Kyo is already there for Tohru and that door is already being opened (though unintentionally and neither of them realize it).