Photoset of commissions I did for people at AOD!

1.) The Satsuki was my sample commission

2.) Rozalin holding a plate of meat owo

3.) One Punch Man doing his thing, Marie is aghast. @A@

4.) Dahlia and Annie drinking after the voting. Dahlia pours the bartender (and his bar) a drink too. He *gladly* complies.

5.) Some toohooz: Patchouli Knowledge. Books!

6.) Cerebella and Noel. Incidentally, Cristina Vee was a guest at AOD.

7.) Parasoul (SG) and Vanessa (VF5)

8.) Shadow443’s characters. You can check out his stuff at:

9.) Rangiku

10.) Ryuko and Squigly, apparently @3@/

Also, I got a neat gift from maddoxfanx. Check it out here!

I also drew his character:

Here’s his tumblr in general:

See y'all next convention @3@b Thanks!

[12:41:25 PM] john bean-a: ver draw me mokou
[12:41:32 PM] john bean-a: pls
[12:41:33 PM] john bean-a: for chirstmas

Well I couldn’t say no to that.

I know nothing about Tohou and ended up with the most boring pose ever for this girl. A brief search for basic information about her revealed she’s sort of a loner, she’s quiet, she has fire powers and hates a moon girl, so I went with the most conservative depiction to fit those first three, I guess? Quiet fire-power loners just idly stand there showing off their abilities while staring into your soul, right? Right???

Anyways, Static, you requested for my first and probably last Tohou fanart ever; I hope you like it.