toho megane

You’re very specific lol. I chose these three because I had something to say about them though. c: (And it was a bit easier on me. xD) The rest of them were awesome. cx Nue’s, man. xD 

This still took me 45 minutes. xD I’m so slow lol. ( ^^ ;;)  Other people can doodle this stuff in, like, 15 minutes. 

But regardless of speed, here’s an answer from me~! cx Man, I want Toho Megane… xD Kaguya’s– since I usually associate her with black because of her beautiful long hair –surprised me with its peachy color. If you’re not going to go for her hair color, how about being really colorful like her danmaku or something? Well, it’s still Touhou-related, so I give it the thumbs up. I like the others more though. cx But that’s just me. c: 

About height… Well, I’ve always imagined Byakuren as a tall person. If you put Eirin in the picture, I think she and Eirin would be around the same height. (So if ya wanted a point of reference or somethin’.)