andaru gaarfiil canon lore
  • his parents, ghesei izinbir and ehmas tohn, were interplanetary spice smugglers of ill repute and when they found out that ehmas was pregnant they began making plans to leave the criminal life behind and paid a trafficker to change their identities and resettle them in a small cobalt mine on lah’mu
  • however the empire knew it would discredit the government greatly if these two notorious smugglers were able to slip through their fingers and so they ramped up a manhunt to capture ghesei and ehmas and take them into custody
  • ghesei and ehmas were very nearly at their contact point on dantooine, where they were to meet the trafficker, when they were alerted to the presence of empire ships in the raioballo sector. they realized that the “trafficker” had actually been an agent of the empire
  • as they were making an emergency landing on the forest moon of endor, ehmas realized that the stress of this crisis had caused her to go into labour, and they began to search through the forest searching desperately for anyone who might be able to help deliver the child.
  • they came upon a village of ewoks and there, with the aid of an ewok midwife, a child was born. they named him andaru after andar suquand, the ancient ithorian revolutionary.
  • knowing that to stay on endor would endanger andaru’s life, ghesei and ehmas left him in the care of the ewok clan and made a daring escape from endor the following day, pledging to return and collect andaru when it was safe to do so.
  • unfortunately the empire got them and they died rip
  • andaru was raised as an ewok cub and learned to speak ewokese, which apparently is the name of the language that the ewoks speak, according to wookieepedia, the star wars wiki. in ewokese, “gaarfiil” means “tall boy,” and this nickname eventually became his last name.
  • when he was about five years old the ewok village was visited by old friends of the tribe han solo, leia organa, and ben solo - the only other human child andaru had ever met! they became fast friends, despite the language barrier. ben learned some ewokese to speak to andaru.
  • leia was like, “why the fuck is this human baby being raised as an ewok plus also i can also sense that he has the force” and made arrangements to bring andaru to live with her and han on chandrila, the capital of the new republic.
  • andaru took some time to adjust to the norms of human culture after being raised by ewoks for the first five years of his life and he was mercilessly bullied at school but ben vigorously defended him always
  • sophisticated DNA testing revealed the truth of andaru’s parentage and andaru was devastated to learn that his parents had died, furthermore han knew ghesei and ehmas from his days as a smuggler and they had a bad history; regrettably he allowed this stale betrayal to colour his perception of innocent young andaru. he was frequently cold to andaru and this bothered ben greatly.
  • anyway when they were fourteen ben and andaru both got sent off to jedi school with ben’s uncle luke, who observed the obvious comradeship and intimacy between them and was reminded of his own comradeship and intimacy with han…
  • luke was like, “aww look at those crazy kids” but the ghost of obi-wan rose up and was like, “attachment is not the jedi way, luke, you cannot allow these boys to go the way of anakin and padme or, me and anakin for that matter” and the ghost of yoda was like “rmmmhrmm separate them you must” and thus did luke arbitrarily separate ben and andaru henceforth in all exercises and social spaces, much to the boys’ chagrin.
  • ben and andaru angrily confronted luke about this, ben being like, “why can’t i room with andaru anymore!!! he’s my best friend" and andaru being like, “please master luke he’s all i have in the world! ! he’s like a brother to me” and luke was like, “attachment is not the jedi way boys!”
  • now forced to room in separate quarters and forbidden from speaking to one another ben and andaru were forced to communicate via letters written in ewokese and hidden in special drop-off points throughout the grounds of the jedi academy, thus did their friendship bloom into love, thus did they begin to make plans to escape from the jedi academy and start a kinder, gentler warrior tribe, the knights of ren (ren is ewokese for “gay”)
  • anyway one night they stole an x-wing from the hangar and took off but they didn’t account for bad atmospheric weather conditions and the ship took on some damage so they were forced to crash-land in a swamp on the nearby planet of naboo
  • andaru was badly injured during the crash landing and ben tried his best to treat andaru’s wounds but not before gungans, attracted by the scent of blood, rose up out of the swamp and ate andaru alive
  • ben was badly traumatized by this and turned to the dark side immediately

How The (LL) Ships Communicate

Jadam: constantly, whenever whatever comes to mind. If its important and they’re not in the same room, one of them should expect a phone call.

Stohn: Non verbally. If something can’t be said with body language they play fight it out until one of them is ready to talk about it seriously.

Cohn: somewhere between never and once in a blue moon, they both are chronic bottlers until one of them explodes. They can comfort each other, but they’ll never know what to say.

Adive: Late at night or very early in the morning, those times where its impossible to tell anything but the truth.

Nadam: Post or during sex, in their underwear, only times where clothes are at a minimum and they’re both too vulnerable to snap at the other.

Nive: play or not arguments, very rarely are they actually calm when what they have to talk about is important. They can never have a discussion in public.

Samix: bluntly or in the form of badly timed jokes, they’re never angry for longer than a hour.

Jarah: cuddle talks that mean nothing

Sixrah: their important conversations are quiet, close, and intense, and last at most twenty minutes before they move on to lighthearted stuff and put it behind them

Sirina: early morning when they first wake up in each other’s arms, they’ll whisper to each other, and late at night as they share a bathroom or the kitchen, as they both do different things

Navrina: They have to prepare themselves for it for at least an hour. They can’t have discussions in public either, but because they need to recharge rather than they’re dramatic.

Rexamus: The only way they can have an actual not ’Everything is terrible what can you do’ kind of conversation, a serious one, is when they’re both calmed down after an argument.

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