E então eu percebi que ele é o meu milagre. Aquele tipo de coisa que a gente só encontra uma vez na vida e não podemos deixar escapar, não importa o que aconteça.
—  Noitecer.
Dating Bellamy Would Include:
  • Strong armed hugs
  • Catching him staring at you
  • Having to repeat yourself because he was too invested in his staring
  • Stroking your thumb over his scar after kissing him
  • Him being better at doing your hair because of his sister
  • Being jealous of Bellamy and Octavia’s relationship
  • “We’re gonna have 12 kids”
  • “I’m maxing at 3”
  • Neck mumbles at night
  • Tracing his arm veins
  • You spooning him when he’s upset
  • Him giving you massages to calm you down
  • “We’re gonna be alright”
  • Pretending he doesn’t like flowers around the others but wears flower crowns in your shared tent
  • “You’re so pretty”
  • Him rolling his eyes because you called him pretty
  • Slow, gentle, look-each-other-in-the-eyes sex
  • Rough sex
  • “You’re jealous of Murphy?!”
  • Sex against any wall that can withstand it
  • Him teaching you how to fire a gun
  • All the girls smirking at you when they see scratch marks on his back
  • Catching him working out in the early morning - sweaty and shirtless
  • Becoming friends with Octavia and him watching with happiness when you two interact
  • The other girls trying to get his attention but he always walks over and kisses you
  • Riding his thigh because it’s too perfect and muscular for you not to
  • Him demanding cuddles
  • Calling him a puppy
  • Wearing his jacket because it’s cold and he likes you in it
  • Him telling you stories from books that he’d memorized from his childhood
  • “You’re such a nerd”
Marrying Ivar would include;

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On request of an anon, here it is, first time for everything

  • That marriage wasn’t set on love, therefor he will curse that day because he likes to think he is an independent strong male that doesn’t need a wife
  • Until you kiss him at the end of the ceremony and that just breaks something inside of him
  • Him following you all day long, constantly watching you, touching you, showing everybody you are his
  • Him being dominant in public, there is nobody talking or dancing with you without his permission
  • Given he can’t please a woman he grows uncertain when you both are around the bed
  • You showing him your body, showing him your sweet spots, give him the feeling of lust and love until he learns he can actually please a woman
  • After he found that out, there is no stopping him, he will demand you on every time, want you on every possible place and wait for you to get home in the bed
  • Him always kissing you awake, or better … touching you awake
  • You always being gentle in waking him up, telling him you love him, want him
  • Him refusing to admit he is in pain and therefore not accepting your help
  • You always being there for him, to tend his wounds, to care for his body and soul
  • Him being very protective. He is willing on killing for you, in fact, he would love to kill for you
  • Him always keeping you out of danger, thinking you are all fragile and sorts he wants to keep the one thing safe for which he feels something
  • And when you finally find a change to prove yourself he will be very proud of the strong woman he married
  • Him always rewarding you in some kind of a way
  • Him always being jealous to
  • Him learning you how to defend yourself, how to fight, how to conquer
  • Him being turned on by the side of seeing you battle and raid aside him
  • In fact, he would be turned on by a lot of things actually, your morning voice, when you moan, when you whisper his name, taking an argument up to defend him, holding a sword or axe, he just loves to see you work and move
  • Therefore he is always eager to explore your body, kissing every inch, touching every inch, taking you over borders you never been before
  • Him always being eager to prove you wrong, you on your part would be that to
  • For that you would play a lot of games together, the bad and the good
  • You braiding his hair
  • Him braiding yours but never admit,  confess or show his gently loving side to anybody except for you
  • His dominant side will conquer everything, he always wants to show you that, when you talk, during sex, even in a fight
  • Except for when you get pregnant, then everything changes, he will demand you to rest, he would kiss your belly, taking care of your body and accept that child as the one thing he excepted to never had
  • Him not talking about his feelings
  • Him being moody from time to time and you handling that
  • Him turning you to a badass fierce, secure wife
  • You on your end make him even better in what he is doing because … love conquers all
Dating Raphael Santiago would involve...
  • Raphael being super protective of you and tries to keep you safe at all costs
  • He also makes sure, that all the other vampires know, that you belong to him and that hurting or biting you would mean their death
  • Him cooking you food, that is better than anything you ever ate before due to his years of practice and experience
  • Long walks at night
  • A lot of compliments and small surprises
  • Starting to get used to his sleeping rhythm because you spend so much time with him
  • Your friends and family asking question because of your sleeping rhythm
  • Your friends and family asking why they only ever see him at night
  • Raphael introducing you to his sister and inviting you to bingo nights
  • Talking about how it was before Raphael got turned into a vampire
  • Discussions about whether or not he would turn you into a vampire if you wanted him to
  • Him making jokes about mundanes
  • You joking about vampires
  • Raphael promising you eternal love
  • You promising the same, knowing that you will die one day, unlike him - at least if you continue to be human

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Dating Kim Junmyeon Would Include...

Huang Zitao/ Tao| Kim Jongdae/ Chen| Park Chanyeol| Kim Junmyeon/ Suho| Kim Minseok/ Xiumin| Oh Sehun| Kim Jongin/ Kai| Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.| Byun Baekhyun| Zhang Yixing/ Lay| Lu Han| Wu Yifan/ Kris| Mafia!EXO|

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

In The Daytime

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  • Literally the sweetest man on the planet and is incredibly tolerant of you (having all the experience with EXO)
  • Meaning he’s good when it comes to giving you advice, listening to your problems or motivating you to do different things and achieving your dreams.
  • He’s also the sassiest man,
  • Suho is literal savage so don’t be surprised when he pulls one of his sassy lines on you when he’s in the mood to tease you or feels the need to make a sarcastic remark.
  • “Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me pretty, what the hell happened to you?”
  • He doesn’t like it when other men flirt with you
  • And won’t hold back his sassy comments on them either
  • “Looks like you have more dick in your personality than in your pants.”
  • But he can also be the biggest sweetheart
  • Him taking you out on dates a lot
  • Liking a little bit of PDA
  • Especially holding your hand.
  • Him showing off how amazing you are to the other members all the time.
  • Literally
  • He never shuts up about you.
  • “Guys, did you know that {y/n} did-”
  • “YES! You’ve only told us 750 times today!”
  • He doesn’t like random people flirting with you or cat calling you, but he hates it even more when the other members try it on with you.
  • “It was an accident, I didn’t mean to meet her under the mistletoe.”
  • “Were you born next to a motorway? A lot of accidents happen there too.”
  • Steamy kisses in public places deserted places where you could still get caught.
  • Him getting stressed sometimes due to the amount of work that he has and relies on you to make him feel better.
  • Not that you have to try very hard. Your smile is enough to lift his spirits on most days.
  • Sudaddy af
  • Him taking you out on dancing dates
  • Taking photos in photo booths whenever you pass them
  • Wearing his hoodies at his concerts
  • Leaving love notes around the house when he’s busy with work and can’t see you as much as he’d like to
  • Him cooking you dinner
  • Him kissing the top of your head because you’re smol
  • “Suho why does {y/n} have so many hickeys?”
  • “Love bites, Baekhyun. They’re love bites. Emphasis on the love. Also she’s mine.”
  • Sitting together at EXO ‘family meetings’ and holding hands underneath the table.

At Nighttime

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  • Skinship
  • He adores cuddling
  • Loves falling asleep in your arms
  • But if he’s not at home he’ll send you many text messages telling you how much he misses you and will sometimes talk to you on the phone until you fall asleep,
  • But when he’s in the mood then good luck.
  • Literal sex god
  • Hip thrusts
  • Lip biting
  • Daddy kink
  • Dominance kink
  • Wall sex
  • He lives to hear you moan his name
  • Dirty talking is always a thing
  • Him picking you up when you’re kissing roughly
  • Him loving your hands
  • And your lips
  • And what they can do to him.
  • Him being the roughest guy but instantly turning into a sweetheart afterwards
  • Lots of hugs and kisses until you fall asleep.

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Hey please could I have some headcanons for an avenger with a dark past they can't shake dating Steve Rogers if that's okay?

Being an Avenger with a dark past and dating Steve Rogers:

  • All the Avengers knowing not to ask anything about your past
  • But when the occasional question accidentally slips out, Steve gets super protective of you
  • All the Avengers always being there for you whenever you feel insecure
  • But Steve is always the one you go to when you need someone to talk to
  • Him always making sure to remind you that you are different from the person you used to be, and your past does not define you
  • Holding you close to him and always kissing you when you have nightmares
  • Always looking out for you when you’re fighting, not because he doesn’t think you can handle yourself, but just in case you slip into your old, violent habits
  • Loves to cuddle with you
  • Goofily dancing to your favorite songs together whenever you just need to take your mind off things
  • Him always reminding you that he loves you


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Who Killed Jihoon?

A Long Analysis No One Asked For

So! This murder mystery case has been making waves on twitter. With whatever medical knowledge I have, let me share to you my 50 cents take on this case (and I am taking this as seriously as I can; I used up 3 pages of my think book, 4 pages of MS Word, and 4 hours of my time for this asdfghjkl):

What do we know?

Lee Jihoon died via hydrogen cyanide poisoning, with his estimated time of death between 2-2:30. There was noted blood on the piano stool and the glass door, with leftover spaghetti by the piano. There were noted bruises on his right hip caused by a supposed fall. Blood found on the scene was Jihoon’s which looked like vomitus as it was mixed with bile. Last known food intake were tteokbeokki, spaghetti, and rice crackers. There were episodes of stomach cramps prior to death. No puncture wounds on body. Coroner reported that the killer must have some knowledge on the poison used because of the intricate amount needed, the route of delivery of the poison, and the means by which he got it. The poison takes effect in 3-4 hours, so the time of ingestion should’ve been around 10:30-11:30.

 All murders answer to the 6 questions: WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO, WHY, and HOW. But before I give you a rundown of my take on this, let me first give you a very basic background on hydrogen cyanide.

 Hydrogen cyanide is a colorless, poisonous liquid usually used in mining. It is extremely poisonous as even a small amount of it is enough to kill a person. How does it do it? It stops cellular activity by stopping the production of energy needed by the body, in a simplified sense. The lethal dose of it is around 50 mg (Medscape), which is approximately about as much as big as a 50-centavo coin if you spread it out (you can think of various 50 mg medicine tablets too). At this amount, it can work in less than a minute. Even when ingested, it is easily picked up the body and travels quickly through the blood vessels to take effect. When this happens, it becomes nearly impossible to reverse it. Unless you’re able to take the patient in less than 5 minutes to the hospital, it is close to impossible to reverse the effects. This is the reason why it is a very popular means of elimination: not only is a small amount needed for it to be effective, but also the fact that it is nearly impossible to detect in the body given the small amount that can be used to kill a person. One of the few ways of detecting hydrogen cyanide poisoning if there is any exposure to it (mining work, prolonged exposure to car exhaust, eating lots of fruit seeds, prolonged pesticide exposure) or if there is the distinct almond smell.

While it is possible for hydrogen cyanide poisoning to take effects hours after it has been ingested if there has been a small amount, it would mean that the ingested amount would’ve been smaller than 50 mg, so imagine it having to take effect 3-4 hours after ingestion: it would probably mean maybe even a dot of it had to be ingested for it to take effect, and by then the body would’ve eliminated it from the body or by then it would’ve been impossible for it be detected via autopsy. We may also look at this from the point of view of the poison being put inside an extended-release capsule where the film would’ve only started melting approximately 12 hours after it had been ingested, but that wouldn’t fall in the timeline given. Also, with the way hydrogen cyanide works, I don’t think the victim should’ve been able to cough up blood like that. At most, he would’ve literally dropped dead because of how quick it works.

So what am I saying? It means a lot, since the murder weapon and how Jihoon was murdered plays a vital role in answering our case. If it has been really hydrogen cyanide, then the time of ingestion becomes different: it would’ve been a few minutes prior to death, which would make Wonwoo a very likely suspect as he was the one who gave Jihoon the rice crackers, which were the last thing he ate. However, if we need to go by the number of hours it should take for the poison to have an effect, then our time line would be different.

I will be thinking in terms of the timeline, so from here on out, I will be using the term ‘poison’ as I believe hydrogen cyanide wasn’t used.

Another note, it is important to note the bruising! I’m glad someone asked about the bruising because bruising appears differently pre- and post-mortem. If it is pre-mortem, a fall would be a likely explanation, but it would not rule out a possible fight (unless you take into consideration the surrounding: were there signs of struggle?). Post-mortem bruising would mean the killer would’ve been at the scene to move the body to a certain extent that would’ve gotten him that bruise, which would mean that someone had come in during or after his death (aka someone who had been to the Music Room from 1-3 PM!!). Compare this with someone who didn’t even have to be in the vicinity at all when he died once the poison had taken effect.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

This is everyone’s collated timeline of events. The ones in grey have already been eliminated from the suspect list.


WHAT? Lee Jihoon is dead! Foul play is suspected and we have 12 suspects (now narrowed down to 8).

WHERE? No whereabouts/timeline is available for Jihoon but it’s a piece of evidence! SO! I! WANT! IT! j/k lol @thicckwan made a really good timeline for Jihoon! But it’s still a mystery where he was from 10-11:30, the supposed time of poisoning. Is it safe to assume that he was in the Music Room? I think not. For everyone who had Music Theory, they only had it once a day. If Jihoon was at the Music Room that time it is probably safe to assume his Music Theory is at 8:30. Which means he could be having Core Class or Dance Practice at the Studio. However, by elimination, he was not at the Studio (S. Coups, The8 did not mention him at the studio). That leaves us with either him being the Practice Room with Wonwoo or in Core Class.

And this is where we’ll need that map! (pls release the evidence please :’( ) The map is important because it’ll show us where everyone was. Was it really possible to see someone from the bathroom if they were walking down the hallway? If so, how well could they see him? Where were the classes held? Is it possible to go past the Music Room at one point to get to the Studio or Practice Room? HELP ME I’M DYING THIS IS THE ONE BIG THING MY BRAIN CANNOT COMPREHEND???

WHEN? In the field of forensics, the only thing you can trust is evidence. If the coroner says that the poison needed 3-4 hours before it could take full effect, we can trust that. That is why I will work on the assumption that the murderer had given him the poisoned food at around 10:30-11:30.

HOW? It was poison that had to take effect in 3-4 hours. Probably something odorless, colorless, or tasteless. Something that, even when mixed with food, wouldn’t make a victim suspect. Something that would give the killer an alibi for the time of death. If we are to go by murder-mystery anime logic, Wonwoo is someone we can eliminate. He gave him rice crackers at around 1:30 PM, and by then the poison was already ingested. So it is safe to assume that it had to be someone he was with somewhere between 10-11:30.

WHY? Motive, motive, motive. No murder occurs without one, even if they were unplanned. Let’s list down all the possible suspects and their motives!

Josh – he was close to Hoshi and knew Jihoon and him were secretly dating. Take note that if the poisoning did happen before 12 nn, the ‘fight’ hadn’t happened yet, so him poisoning Jihoon for the fight is out of the question. But! That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a motive. He could be out to plot revenge for (MAYBE!!) being closer to Hoshi than he was.

The8 – Good friends with Jun! We don’t exactly know what his relationship with Hoshi is, but he wasn’t that close with Jihoon, but it is safe to assume he respects him enough to ask him how he should interpret the song into a dance. Do we have a motive? If it is the general motive of Jihoon pissing everyone off at some point, then yes.

DK – close with Jihoon. Maybe probably jealousy for his talent? (BUT THIS BOY IS SO PURE HUHU)

Mingyu – Acquaintances with Jihoon, but goes tohim for help when writing rap lyrics, so it is safe to assume that he respects him. Again with The8’s, we will probably have a motive if Jihoon getting mad at everyone counts.

Wonwoo – Close with Jun! (WHAT IS UP WITH EVERYONE BEING CLOSE WITH JUN *eye wiggles*) He considered Jihoon and Hoshi as his friends, bu we have no idea how close. In Wonwoo’s interview, he refused to elaborate on how close he was with Jihoon by using a tactic well known to suspects: reversing the question (*MORE EYE WIGGLES*). Same with The8’s and Mingyu’s, we will probably have a motive if Jihoon getting mad at everyone counts.

Jun – AVOIDS THE QUESTION SO SMOOTHLY when asked of his relationship with Jihoon. Suspicious? Honestly him arriving at 10 AM with a car is really questionable for me. So what if your car had stalled? Normal students would’ve tried to commute. Or is he one of the rich kids who can’t and won’t commute? HMMMMMM well—close friends with Wonwoo and The8! Him getting to late to school gives him sooo muuuuch tiiiime to acquire the poison (and honestly, you’re in high school why do you have a car how old are you and how rich are you you’re probably from a family of dealers???). Did Jihoon catch him red-handed and now he’s out for revenge?

Hansol – Jihoon’s classmate who didn’t know him well! Tries so hard to be defensive when asked about his opinion of him. Also uses the excuse of ‘not being there at the time of death’ to escape suspicion and create an alibi (which, btw, is not airtight. I mean, no witnesses? Very suspicious.) Did he have a motive? Probably the same as The8’s, Mingyu’s and Wonwoo’s if ever.

S. Coups – Jihoon’s best friend! Denies having any other feelings for him other than being best friends. Knows of his relationship with Hoshi. GAVE SOMETHING TO JIHOON AT 9:30 AM??? What is this I am very curious???

I think that’s pretty much what I’ve summed up so far for motives.


I’ll be honest here ok I am no expert when it comes to things like these (I’ve been to 3 escape rooms, haven’t solved any of them //GROSS SOBBING) so this is just my honest opinion!

I’m cutting down my suspect list to people who are in the probably vicinity of when the poisoning took place: either the Core Classes or the Practice Room. Those in the Core Classes were S. Coups, Jun, and Josh. The only one in the Practice Room was Wonwoo.

But! More mysteries remain yet to be solved: Where was Joshua? Why couldn’t he remember anything from 1:15-3 PM? Was Vernon really in the vicinity when Jihoon died? If so, why?

Jeonghan has been announced innocent, so it is safe to assume his testimony is true. He had skipped class that day with DK and S. Coups, but now the question is: did they go out of school grounds? If they did, then S. Coups and Hansol’s testimonies confirm each other, and confirms that Hansol was in fact at home and not in school as what Jun claims.

Jun’s testimony reeks of holes because no one can confirm his alibi prior to 10 AM, and he had shown weird behavior by staying behind after school to practice while everyone else went home (and again, this is where the map comes in: where was studio placed anyway for it to be in a place where he can’t see students filing out?). He could’ve been lying about spotting Hansol to divert suspicion away from him, or he could assume that it was Hansol he saw (when in fact in was Joshua?!) during the 2:10 time OR EVEN NOT HAVE SEEN ANYONE AT ALL BUT HE NEEDED TO PUSH THE BLAME ON SOMEONE BECAUSE SUPRISINGLY THE TIME HE SAID HE WENT TO THE BATHROOM FALLS DURING JIHOON’S TIME OF DEATH?? What if he had not gone to the bathroom but in fact had checked in to make sure Jihoon was dead and erase all possible evidence leading back to him?

Joshua. This poor boy. What happened, really? He had left the library at 1:15 PM, arguably with his backpack (as evidenced by Chan’s testimony). He clearly insisted he was wearing a button down shirt but Wonwoo insisted he was only in a t-shirt. What if Wonwoo just had bad eyesight (this is a running joke ok)?

 In conclusion! I still have no conclusion y’all I’m just leading you on a wild goose chase lol

But as of this moment, without any new evidence I need, Jun is my number one suspect.

I’ll probably update this post once new questions have been answered and once we get our new evidence!!

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imagine getting home and harry telling you hes not feeling great bc something happened with the band or something so hes kind of sad and you decide to take care of him and so youre really cute and lovey and youre in your room and hes on the bed with his back against the headboard and hes watching tv but not really paying attention bc hes down af and so you start kissing his face softly all over cutely first and then his neck and you smile against his skin and whisper tohim how much you love him

(continuation) and he smiles sadly but doesnt really do anything and its fine bc youre there to take care ofhim so you do and you end up gently straddling him and taling his face on your hands softly and kissing his forehead and telling him how itll all be okay and he you try tp make him giggle somehow and when you managed to do so he starts reacting and rests his hands on your hips and you peck his lips 4883 times and hes smiling all cutely and you know hes feeling a bit better and he flips you
over at one point and nuzzled his head in your neck and thanks you bc you always make him feel better and kisses your neck and its the cutest moment ever and it’s just full of love pure real love and im sad bc i want that more than anything (that was really long omg im sorry)

BYE this is so pure I’m sad I wanna make him giggle and smile :( 

Madancy Movie Night 2: The Reckoning

Egged on by precisely no one, @avidreadr2004 and I consigned ourselves to the lot of the eternally traumatised and tormented.  On Wednesday night, armed with tea, ginger ale, and what I’m told is quite good vodka, we watched Basic Instinct 2.

We barely escaped with our lives.

As it turns out, if you want to venture into Hell, using the buddy system is a quite good tactic.

Highlight reel below the cut:

(NOTE:  It is long.  Very long.  Because this film is so terrible that the only way I could cope was by continually typing out sarcastic comments of decreasing coherence and increasing capitalisation.  On the other hand, ow, my fingers.)

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William Wallace was murdered on this day in 1305.  

I had the privilege of seeing two documents related to Wallace, the Safe conduct and Lübeck Letters, I’ve read a lot about him since then, not the tales made famous in Braveheart, although the film certainly raised our former Guardians profile let’s not forget it was Hollywood and they don’t let the truth get in the way while movie-making.  Anyways, one of the articles I’ve looked at since then gives a wee insight into his “execution”, they English were good at writing everything doon!  This is from The English National Records at Kew, the original was written in latin, this is the translation.

To lord John of Seagrave, as an advance for conveying the body of William Wallace the Scot, divided into four parts, to Scotland; by the hands of John of Lincoln and Roger of Paris, sheriffs of London; the money having been paid tohim by the king’s writ under the privy seal and the said lord John’s letters patent testifying to the receipt of the money, [which were] delivered in the Wardrobe at Westminster on 23rd day of April in the 34th year AD 1306_______________ 15 shilling.

Kew is where the safe conduct letter turned up and I wonder how much more their records will reveal! Another one relating to Wallace gives us the trumped up charges against him. 

Citizens of London John of Lincoln and Roger of Paris for the same citizens render account [etc.] As expenses and payments made by the same sheriffs for William Wallace, as a robber, a public traitor, an outlaw, an enemy and rebel against the king, who in contempt of the king had, throughout Scotland, falsely sought to call himself king of Scotland,and slew the king’s officials in Scotland,and also as an enemy led an army against the king, by sentence of the king’s court at Westminster being drawn, hanged, beheaded, his entrails burned, and his body quartered, whose four parts were dispatched to the four principal towns of Scotland. This year, 61 shillings 10 pence.

Part of his body was displayed on the old Stirling Brig and legend has it the monks of Cambuskenneth Abbey made off with them to give them a Christian burial at the Abbey. If you’re free tomorrow members of the Society of William Wallace and others will gather there at 7pm to honour him.

Dating Kieran Wilcox Would Include:
  • him calling you baby girl, babe, baby, etc.
  • lots of flirting
  • him constantly being worried about your safety & having a hard time being away from you
  • hanging out after school/on the weekends and having tv + movie marathons
  • beating him at video games
    • him: *pouty face* “babe, you cheated!”
  • always wearing his clothes because they smell like him & it makes you feel safe
  • him being extremely respectful of you/your body
    • while also being like “damn…that ass”
      • and trying his hardest to contain himself 
        • but you are really hot and sometimes it’s hard and oml kieran contain yourself
  • he wouldn’t do anything unless you weren’t comfortable with it tho
  • really intense & passionate sex (but only when you were 100% ready)
    • him keeping a tight grip on your waist & asking if you were okay the entire time
      • leaving love bites on you so everyone knows who you belong to
  • him bringing you flowers & chocolates all the time
  • showing lots of pda to annoy the shit out of everyone
    • eli would be in absolute hell since you would always be kissing around the house and stuff when he was there poor eli rip
  • him constantly calling you beautiful and gorgeous to make you feel good about yourself
  • protectively keeping his arms wrapped around you all the time
  • him getting super worried when you were sad & doing everything in his power to cheer you up
    • like kissing your forehead & whispering “it’s okay” and “don’t cry” into your ear
  • him teaching you how to fight so you could protect yourself as best as possible
  • sleeping with his arms tightly wrapped around you as his thumb traced patterns on your waist
    • him watching you sleep when he wakes up first in the morning because you looked so cute 
  • him fighting for you no matter what

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Our Arranged Marriage – Chapter Two

Word Count: 1,066
A/N: Hey guys! So, I just want to remind you that this an AU fanfic so if you have any ideas for this story you can always send them in my ask and I’ll see if they go good with the story. I’ll see what ideas you guys have and see if I can incorporate them in the story!

“Mom, what the hell is she talking about?!” I ask my mom out loud.

“Oh, did you know about the apartment we purchased? Beautiful place with a beautiful view that I think you will like! My Taekwoon already saw the apartment already so he’ll show you around when you get there tonight.” Taekwoon’s mother said. I looked at my mother with an outraged look. She sighed and gave me look saying that she will explain everything to me later.

“You guys will be living there together from this day on.” She keeps on speaking not waiting for my reaction.

“Well, this is a surprise to me.” I say with a loud voice making everyone look at me. Even Taekwoon lifted his head to look at me making me roll my eyes at him.

“Oh, sweetie, it’s okay! Taekwoon’s a nice boy, he’ll take care of you.” My mother said trying to calm me down. But my anger was still coursing through me. I just faked a smile at her and we continued on with the rest of the dinner.


Everyone was finished with dinner and we were all waiting for the bill to arrive. Taekwoon hadn’t spoken to me ever since I had introduced myself tohim but I noticed him giving me small glances from under his hair that fell into his eyes. Seeing his hair covering his eyes like that just made me want to push it aside and stare into his surprisingly warm-looking brown eyes. Everyone was smiling, laughing, talking, and enjoying their last few minutes together with each other but I still had one thing on my mind.

“Mom,” I tapped her on the shoulder and everyone’s eyes were instantly on me. “I understand why you always told me not to worry about school. I wouldn’t be going to school anyways. This was your plan, wasn’t it? Marrying me off.”

“[Y/N], I–” She was cut off.

“No,” I say and turn towards Taekwoon. “Don’t we have to get home?

“Aw, look at them!” His mother gushed over us. “Already like a real couple! I can’t wait for the wedding!”

I felt uneasy at hearing the word “wedding.” I couldn’t even imagine marrying someone at this age. And now I just met him and I’m living with him.

“We should all get going now,” My father says trying to drive the attention away from Taekwoon I nod and so does everyone else.

Before we exit the restaurant my mother tries to talk to me again but I ignore her and walk to Taekwoon who was already outside.

“Do you want to head out? I’ve already said bye to everyone.” All he does is nod and motion for a taxi.

“So,” I start. He just stares at the road as I speak. “You’ve been to the apartment before?”

“Yes,” He says. He had a gentle, soft voice that made me feel weird on the inside. All warm and fuzzy. It was something I actually liked about him.

“So, I guess you’ve been told about me? By the way, how old are you?” I ask wondering. Hopefully my mom didn’t pair me with some thirty year old man. But, he looked young but still a couple of years older than me.

“Twenty five,” He answers. Seven year age gap. I can deal with it, I thought. I shake the thought out of my head and wait the rest of the time for the taxi.


We stopped in front of a big apartment building. It looked…expensive. And it was far from the restaurant as well. A one hour drive and an awkward one at that because Taekwoon sat there with his earbuds in his ear while I sat there staring out the window. He didn’t even try to engage in conversation with me once.

He paid the taxi driver the money and exited out of the taxi. I looked up at it and felt a sense of nervousness wash over me. Heights definitely weren’t my thing, not at all.

I looked over at where Taekwoon was standing to see he wasn’t there. I looked through the glass door of the entrance to see him standing there staring at a painting. My anger flared at him as marched into the apartment building and pulled on of the earbuds out of his ear.

“Hey! Why did you walk away like that?!” He just blinked at me and didn’t say anything.

“Ugh, let’s just get to the apartment,” I start walking up the stairs but realize I don’t even know where the hell I’m going. “I guess you should lead since…”

He nodded and walked up the stairs. His long legs carried him up faster and he was already ahead of me while I was winded and gasping for breath.

“Hey, slow down will you?” I say through small pants of breath. I could see a small smile spread on his face as he watched me walk up the rest of the stairs. He didn’t smile much but when he did he seemed to transform into a whole different person. Half of me wanted to see what he looked like actually smiling but the other half of me wanted to slap that smug smile of my face as he looked at me with teasing brown eyes.

“C'mon! Hurry up!” He says teasing me at how slow I was going while he was waiting at the top of the steps. One of his earbuds was still in his ear blasting music into one of his ears. I wonder what he’s listening to, I thought as I went up the last step.

“Do you know where the apartment actually is?” He nodded and we walked through a long hallway till we reached a door at the end of the hall. He opened the door and motioned for me to go in first. I walk in and was shocked. The apartment was impressive and something I didn’t expect my parents would put their money to buy especially for me.

Now, all I had to do was figure out was how I was going to live with someone who I absolutely despise.

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dear eggplant, i hope you can rest now during the off season! I want to thank you for all the beautiful photos, clips, and keeping us informed onallthings S! (w class too!)I'm afraid i take it for granted; it's my life's routine to check in. for me, if i was only allowed to see 1 skater for the rest of my life, that skater would be Shoma i adore him in absolutely every way,He is an example of excellence in f skating,meaningful in and of itself, but sheer satisfaction to watch. MorePower tohim!

Thank you! It was great to share this season of Shoma’s career with everyone. He’s signed up for a lot of shows this summer though, so no rest for the wicked, haha.