toguro ani

I was working on something else and then this happened. It is on a random dented sheet of kraft coloured paper I found in my desk and you can see all the efforts I put into it. I feel like somebody must have done a joke like this before? If not with Hokushin then maybe Toguro Ani? Itsuki? Yatsude? Did I miss anybody? Ryo/Kai? lol (gee there sure are a lot of characters in this series suitable for handy jokes)

I noticed something interesting tonight about Hiei during the Dark Tournament:

He was willing to fight Toguro with Kurama in order to protect Kuwabara.

It goes without saying that Kuwabara would attempt to defend himself, once Toguro made it clear that he would him in an attempt to goad Yusuke into using his full power. It’s also no surprise that Kurama steps up defend him, as we’ve seen plenty of this selflessness before from him. But Hiei up until this point has shown nothing but disdain for Kuwabara. And yet, he steps up without being asked to fight Toguro and attempt to stop him from taking Kuwabara’s life.

This could be just out of respect for Yusuke, but if it helped him beat Toguro, why would Hiei not allow it? It could also be just out of personal distaste for Toguro, but any time Hiei has ever talked about a desire to fight Toguro he saw it as a test of strength, not a personal vendetta. The argument could be made he holds a grudge against him because of Yukina, but it seems any strong feelings of anger he felt for the treatment of his sister died with Tarukane.

I think this is where we see a real change in Hiei. By this point his respect for Yusuke and Kurama is obvious, but in this brief moment we can see that he actually cares for all of his teammates, even Kuwabara. The fact that it’s so subtle, and so easy to overlook, makes this a really beautiful moment I think.