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Deceptively pleasant

While I am writing somewhat retrospectively, I thought it nevertheless worth documenting some of the more pleasant times in Helsinki, times prior to my demise into full-blown autumn. The trees are now leafless, and seemingly lifeless, and the clouds make the skyline grimmer than the burger grills that occupy some of the wider and more populous street corners. My first few weekends here were quite pleasant, replete with sunny skies and warm weather. Dare i say that i actually left the house without a jacket (unfortunately I do not have photographic proof of this phenomenon)? In the photograph below, we have two giddy and carefree Finns talking on a sunny afternoon. Naturally the street is otherwise deserted (it’s Helsinki of course) and I know they must be Fins since there’s only a three or four non-Finns living in the whole of Helsinki (myself included).

Naturally now that these brighter days are gone I’ve begun preparing myself for winter in earnest. Anyone that knows me knows that preparing for seasonal change is a synonym for updating my wardrobe. Or at least buying a new coat, and a new shirt or pair of trousers to go with said coat. So I spent some time thinking about what I needed most and I purchased a big down-filled coat, which really is more like a duvet, and makes an excellent pillow if I want to sit up straight in bed. When I first bought the coat it was still quite warm so I didn’t wear it out. I also tried on the coat either half-naked or with only a t-shirt to cover my torso. Of course, now that it’s actually getting cold, I’m wearing several layers, and when it gets colder I’ll add some thermals and two or three extra jumpers, a scarf and a hat of some description. The thing is, while it fitted perfectly well when I was half-naked, or when my torso was covered by only a t-shirt, it doesn’t fit so well with a jumper, not to mention some thermals, two or three extra jumpers, a scarf and a hat of some description (not sure how the latter would affect how it fits but the point is still made). So I have a problem (see below).

While everything may look hunky-dory, and while my lovely new cardigan (which I bought shortly after the coat) is sadly much more photogenic than me, there is no way that coat is going to close up without cutting off circulation to at least some part of my brain. The question is: what can I about it? I can’t return the jacket (I bought it more than a month ago now and I’ve worn it at least a few times) and I dare say it was quite expensive (duvets with sleeves don’t come cheap). I’m tempted to buy something new, such as the wonderful jacket by some lame-ass but somehow now cool 90s french “designer”, but I’m struggling to see how it could be anything more than a total waste of money.