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The Fright to Rule

‘A hunter, shunned from his homeland due to forbidden love. A prince, turned to darkness and theft. His sister, betrayed by their one last hope at survival. A Queen, harbouring a dark secret. Her associate, thirsty for gold beyond his right. A human princess, returned from the dead with a need for her loved ones’ blood. A peaceful Forest Queen. Their paths will cross, in a big way.’


This is a collaboration work between myself, my boyfriend Marc and our friend Tegan of our WoW characters, giving them further depth and life. Because the only thing more fun than coming up with fleshed out characters and headcanons as you play is actually giving them life in a story.
The Fright to Rule - Chapter 1

‘A hunter, shunned from his homeland due to forbidden love. A prince, turned to darkness and theft. His sister, betrayed by their one last hope at survival. A Queen, harbouring a dark secret. Her associate, thirsty for gold beyond his right. A human princess, returned from the dead with a need for her loved ones’ blood. A peaceful Forest Queen. Their paths will cross, in a big way.’

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WoW Character Headcanons Masterpost

Marcusne:               (Blood Elf Hunter)       

A highborn Blood Elf with an affection towards animals and nature. His interests are frowned upon by his highborn family as such things are seen as a weakness. He is trained in the ways of the Arcane and he hates it so much, yet does it to keep the roof over his head. Due to his natural ability for stealth and tracking, he is sent to the Elwynn forest to gather intel on the human kingdom, where he is discovered by runaway princess Klaryssa. The two journey back to Sunstrider Isle together, so Klaryssa can seek refuge. Of course the blood elves wonder how stupid Marcusne had to be to bring such an important human right into their clutches, and of course imprison Klaryssa and plan to execute her. Nobody knew that she was a skilled warrior due to her appearance and demenor, yet she escapes with ease. Marcusne is one day betrothed to Tayler, and he is uncomfortable with it and decides that he cannot find his happiness in the kingdoms of the Blood Elves, and sets out to find Klaryssa, the only person who has made him feel happy in a long time. Early in his journey, he is cut down by brutal beasts that he has never encountered before. At deaths door, a Blood Elf Paladin by the name of Nitchy comes to his aid and saves his life. As he recovers, Nitchy hears of his story, and her free spirited nature compels her to follow him on his journey through Azeroth. Throughout the journey they encounter Geofforaei, a dark hearted and cold warlock who threatens to take them back to Silvermoon city and imprison Nitchy for attempted kidnap of a high born. It is then when the three are attacked by masses of the undead, and upon seeing their skills, Geofforaei has a newfound respect for them and believes it would be a pity to let such talent go to waste. He continues to lurk the boarders of the Ghostlands, stopping runaway Blood elves and returning them to Silvermoon for rewards of gold. During their extensive travels through Azeroth, finding clue after clue as to Klaryssa’s whereabouts, Marcusne and Nitchy solidify a strong bond of friendship and begin to trust each other with their lives. During a trip through the Outlands, they are attacked by masses of the scourge, and while Marcusne successfully flees the onslaught, Nitchy is caught up and succumbs to their forces. Marcusne, riddled by grief, goes deep into hiding in the woods of Azeroth, living off the land in hopes that Klaryssa will one day find him instead of him having to find her.  Consumed by grief, Marcusne travels to Northrend, picking fights with monsters much stronger then him, in a silent  hope that he will be taken by them too as after the death of Nitchy he feels like he can no longer go on alone. Instead, he only grows stronger and stronger, his grief becoming his most powerful asset.





Cayde:                 (Blood Elf Paladin)

Born low in Blood Elf society due to her small and frail nature, Cayde was often overlooked and ignored by the higher ups. Given no help, and no sympathy for her failures, she decided to show everyone up by training her hardest for years to become a powerful Paladin. When her skills are developed to a high enough level, she attempts to gain the attention of those that once ignored her by venturing out into Azeroth to fight criminals and gather intel, yet she quickly finds that the skills she has acquired were fine back home but did not serve her well enough in the wider world.  With a mentality of a loner, she refuses what little help is offered to her and continues to venture on her own, having a very high confidence in her own defences.  Later during her journey she stumbles into an elite enemy camp where she is flooded with extremely powerful enemies, and while she manages to take a significant number of them out she is most assuredly outnumbered.  As she is about to succumb to their forces, Keltoi and Tayler come to her rescue, Keltoi backstabbing and stunning them and Tayler providing magical buffs and attacking from a distance. Her loner nature and confidence influences her to assure the two that she had it under control and that she would’ve been fine, but it was a nice thought anyway and then continues on her own way, silently annoyed at herself for being overwhelmed and having to have others help her. However, Cayde and the twins’ paths cross several times as they are venturing to the same place. She feels intensely uncomfortable because she feels like she now owes something to them, so interactions between them are awkward at best. After a few more chance meetings she decides to deviate from the path and travel through the trees, while observing Tayler and Keltoi from afar, and analysing how the two work within their own group, which she finds is very well.  As the two camp one night, she swallows a bit of her pride and approaches them. She tells them that while she does think that they operate well as a team, they cannot take on more formidable enemies and often find themselves in tight spots.  She then offers as repayment, she will accompany them and help them with tougher enemies that they would not be able to face alone. She stresses that this alliance, however, does not mean friendship, just a debt that she feels she has to repay. However, during the course of their journey together, she is constantly surprised at the support they give her in and out of battle and unwittingly lets little parts of her personality shine through to them, and over more time she becomes protective of the two. Groupwork to Cayde, has never been a thing that she has been experienced with nor desired and she would often be defiant during her paladin training when group tasks were needed. Hence, her skills in a group are dismal. So battling with Keltoi and Tayler proves difficult for her, and often puts them all in danger, as she only focuses on herself in those moments. During one of these battles, a fatal strike almost manages to land on Keltoi, and after Tayler’s pleading screams to Cayde for help, she does not react. Tayler barely manages to cast a spell in time to defeat the enemy. Tayler begins to rip into Cayde, calling her selfish and stubborn, and says that if they are to progress any further, Cayde has to let them in and help her out once in a while. The two dissolve into a screaming match which proves to be too much for Cayde who finally breaks down and admits to them that nobody has ever been there for her and she has been trying extremely hard to work in a team but it is proving exceedingly difficult for her to override her lifetime of programming. Keltoi calms Tayler and the three then promise that they will be there for each other, and they promise to help Cayde break down her solidified walls so they can work not only as a team, but as friends, and slowly Cayde is beginning to warm up to them.


Tayler:                 (Blood Elf Mage)

               Tayler is the younger twin, her brother Keltoi being older by seven minutes. She has lived in luxury for her entire life, and was popular with the people due to her beauty and wicked sense of humour. She embraced her high standing within the Blood Elven society and could not wait to grow into her place of rule. When the time came for her and her brother to enter the Magicians academy, she struggled to keep Keltoi afloat. Tayler had seemed to inherit the family tradition of magic effortlessly, while Keltoi struggled throught every aspect of their training. She has deep affection for her brother, and the two always look out for each other equally, so seeing him having such a tough time and struggling so much hurt her. Despite her best efforts, things only got worse for him, and eventually after putting up with failure after failure, the people, and even worse, their parents disowned him as a son. Tayler spent months pleading with her parents to please accept her brother back into the kingdom but they would distract her with public appearances and tons of tasks to improve her magic skills. She would visit Keltoi daily, bringing him stolen goods from the palace, pleading with him to leave his stealth and thievery behind, she did not want to see her own brother executed by the higher ups. The people had all but forgotten that she even had a brother when it came time for her betrothal. Another high born blood elf, not too far from where her family resided, who was also practising magic at the same academy that she was caught her eye. Marcusne didn’t seem like the other men, who didn’t want her, but her riches. They would often speak of executions and war, but Marcusne had once refused to kill a lamb during one of their examination tasks. Thinking of Keltoi, and how if she married a bloodthirsty royal and he found Keltoi, there would be no second though of execution, she pushed heavily for a betrothal to Marcusne.  A mere few days after the final go-ahead by both kingdoms was approved, Marcusne brought back Princess Klaryssa from a human kingdom on the other side of the land. The people begin to gossip that Marcusne was disloyal to his betrothal to Tayler with a human mistress, a great offence to her and her family. Consumed by rage, Tayler publicly calls for the execution of Princess Klaryssa, to which the people strongly agree with. Klaryssa escapes the prison without a trace, and soon after, Marcusne also goes missing. Desperate to restore balance within the social structure, Tayler’s parents promise her hand to a bloodthristy war chief. Fearful for her brother’s safety, Tayler runs to him, and informs him of what has happened. Protective of his sister, Keltoi agrees to set off with her, and by using their combined skills of stealth and magic they seek revenge on both Marcusne and Klaryssa.  Early on in their quest, they stumble upon Cayde, a lone paladin who is surprisingly strong for her size. The three begin to develop a bond, but they are yet to inform her of who they are and what their objective really is.




Nitchy                                 (Blood Elf Paladin)




Keltoi                                  (Blood Elf Rogue)


Keltoi was born into a Highborn Blood Elf family, the elder twin by mere minutes. He was fairly well liked, his devilish features and pleasant personality, as well as his ‘quirky’ fixation with swords and daggers, made him a hit with the other Highborn families. He and his twin sister, Tayler, were drilled mercilessly by their parents, who were grooming them both for prestigious positions of power, and the tutors at the Magician’s Academy to be the rightful, powerful rulers they were born to be. Tayler thrived in training, and could not be more excited to rule when the time came. However, while Tayler embraced her position, Keltoi felt a deep disconnection to his inheritance, and indifference began to cloud his mind, and that only deepened when training began. Tayler was a natural, though Keltoi could not keep up. His twin struggled to help him, as he seemed to not have inherited the traditional arcane magicks of his bloodline, instead finding ease in stealth and crafting. The twins’ bond ran deep, though, and Keltoi could see the pain in his sister’s eyes when they realised it was no use. Eventually, after countless failures and endless ridicule, the once jovial and open Keltoi, now retreated, silent to all but his supportive twin, was disowned and banished from his lands. Secretly relieved to no longer have the pressure of his position upon his shoulders, Keltoi made his home in a tiny village just outside the walls, away from the shameful eyes of his former people, and began to hone his abilities, learning to disappear into the shadows, to be silent at all costs. He spoke to no-one, maintaining a sheltered and mute existence, fearing more ridicule and insults. He put up walls that only his sister, who visited him daily with stolen goods from the Palace to tell of her attempts at changing their parent’s minds, could penetrate; he spoke with her and only with her, though his communication was stilted and direct, never uttering a lengthy string of words. Here, he came across a human warrior, decorated in fine armour and jewels. A foolish attempt at thievery got him caught by the human, and yet somehow the two became very unlikely friends. The human, who introduced himself as Sparrow, offered to train the young former royal in his swordplay, showing him all the techniques and movements required to make the most of an attack. Keltoi, for the first time in a long time, felt comfortable around someone other than his sister, grateful that Sparrow didn’t know of his shameful past. However the quick trust Keltoi built up for Sparrow was dashed when he awoke one day to find his belongings pilfered, all his personal jewels and most of his coin gone, and Sparrow nowhere to be seen. Consumed by hatred, he rounded up what was left: some pissy armour and dull blades, and prepared to set out after him, seeking revenge for his broken trust, his spirit finally reignited. Before he can, however, Tayler regales him with the horrific affairs that have been plaguing her, and he agrees to instead set out with her to punish the ones who scorned them both. Early on in their tandem travels, they stumble upon a lone Paladin by the name of Cayde, with whom they eventually form a strained bond with, travelling in a band of three, though the two royal twins keeping the newcomer in the dark about their less-than-morally-sound motives. Their comfortable friendships develop further the more they travel and succeed together, yet the twins never tell Cayde about their intentions for those whom they are hunting. But this bliss is shattered, however, when Tayler reveals her own intentions, motives that even Keltoi had no idea of. The revelation hits him hard, and he reverts right back to the way he was before they started adventuring. Cayde is enraged by the deception, but Keltoi is just hurt. Hurt that another person he trusted had tricked him, that the person he holds closest to his heart, his twin sister, would shut him out and turn on him. Unable to recognise his crazed sister, and unwilling to stick around fearing more disappointment and horror at his expense, Keltoi runs, disappearing into the wilderness, abandoning his sister and few friendships he had. While gone, he hears whispers of the human mercenary Xavian, and his past comes flying back. After tracking down the cocky human, and confronting him over the stolen belongings, which Xavian admits to taking as ‘payment’ for his services, Keltoi lashes out. Years of unresolved anger and self-hatred fuel Keltoi’s assault, and the irony is not lost on the both of them as Xavian’s own techniques are used to grievously wound him. Xavian continues to insult and taunt Keltoi, racist slurs spewing from his mouth, comparing Keltoi to his ‘selfish, power-obsessed’ parents. This reverberates within him, making Keltoi realise he has done to Tayler what his parents did to him; outcast and disowned one of their own because they did not fit a mould to which had been previously decided. Disgusted at himself for distancing the only real familial bond he had had, Keltoi scours the land for Tayler, deciding that he would fight to protect his sister against those who disagreed and misunderstood. He would protect her like she had protected him for so many years, even if it meant cutting down his former friends as foes. Even if it meant his death. He would not leave his twin sister.





Klaryssa                                                           (Human Death Knight (formerly Warrior))

                                             Klaryssa is the only child to King  Snave and Queen Larzane and she is expected to take the throne to the kingdom when she is of age. As she grew up she was interested in all of the “normal” little girl things, like sewing, cooking and caring for children. However, she also developed a fascination with war and weapons. She would often beg her father to take her with him when he would visit the blacksmith or the armoury. She loved the smell of the burning metal and the way it would glow such a vibrant orange as it flowed into new shapes, which she knew, even at a young age, would eventually kill someone. Back in the castle, the nurses and servants would try to subtly groom her into the ways of a princess. She would respond enthusiastically as she loved trying on all of the pretty new dresses and wearing shiny tiaras. At that point she didn’t know that she would have to rule over the land while wearing them. That came when she was older, and she did not like the idea of that much responsibility at all. She would often find herself in heated arguments with her parents about how she wasn’t ready and didn’t think she ever would be, and how she saw nothing wrong with that. Larzane would comfort her, and express that she was often just as spiteful towards the laws and stubbornness of the kingdom as her daughter was. Snave, however, would have none of it. As far as he was concerned, Klaryssa would be queen the second both of her parents were buried. After trying so hard for so long, she resigned herself to the reality of her either having to stay and become queen, or to run away. She felt that she had enough knowledge of the ways of a warrior to make it on her own out in the wilderness and build her own life. However, she had never really had much of a chance to actually handle swords back in the castle, and so she just found herself lugging around a weighty hunk of metal that she didn’t know how to use properly. As she was camping in the woods surrounding her home, she ran into a lone blood elf.  He attempts to run, but she catches him and demands to know what he is doing in human territory. He explains that he has run away from his homeland and is just trying to scrape by from what he can find in nature.  He says that he never fit in with the blood elves, and since he was a high born he was about to be betrothed to a woman he didn’t even know. His name was Marcusne, and she backed off the aggression once they saw how much they had in common. He offered to bring her back to his kingdom and reason with his family, just so she could have a roof over her head. He didn’t think it would be a problem as she had left Alliance ideals behind, just as he had with the Horde. During their journey back, the two grew closer with every passing day, and developed into a bond that wasn’t quite romantic but certainly had the potential. When they reached the kingdom, Klaryssa was immediately imprisoned, and her execution demanded by the woman who was to be Marcusne’s future wife. Klaryssa reached deep inside her mind and remembered all of the warrior lore she could and miraculously managed to break out of her cell. Before escaping the kingdom, she ran to find Marcusne. She confessed her love for him, and they kissed before she ran off, pleading that he come and find her soon. Months passed, and she was alone, moving from camp to camp, fighting off horde forces who mistakenly took her for an alliance soldier. She heard whispers that Marcusne had given in and married Tayler, and eventually she came to believe it. Lonliness and eventual insanity led her to the Lich King, where she died and rose again as an unforgiving and vengeance-driven death knight. She remembers nothing of her affection for Marcusne, and now quietly awaits the day the two meet again, so she can put her childhood sword through his throat, because now, she most certainly knows how to use it.

Spot                        (Wolf & Marcusne’s Pet)

Formely a humble housepet of a peasant Alliance-based human kingdom, Spot was well feed, very loved and well looked after by his owners. Until one day, a lone blood elf ran through the village, slaying any who dared to front him. Spot, instincts in full force ran after the elf with a bloody rage. He chased the man far into the neighbouring forest, ignoring the calls of his human masters.

He was hit from the side with a brute force as a huge brown bear tackled him into the marshes, mauling ever inch of his body. The roars abruptly cut off and the beast fell to the ground silent. Losing blood, Spot gave up chase and resigned himself to his fate. He felt a healing hand on his shoulder and his wounds seal up and his sight became clearer. He looked up defensively and saw a female blood elf, a paladin, who had gently healed him back to full health. Next to her was the male elf, who had culled half of Spot’s village.

A tremendous explosion came from the direction of the village which went up into smoke. The huge dragon Deathwing flew overtop and the male blood elf grabbed Spot and ran with the female into an underground cavern until the destruction had passed. The elves were just trying to escape Deathwing, and had inadventantley saved Spot in the process. They could’ve left him there to die, but they risked their own safety to help him.

Spot developed an extremely strong loyalty to the two of them as they ventured through the lands. Both Macusne and Nitchy would feed Spot treats of fresh meat and play with him outside of battle. Spot slowly became stronger and stronger, until he was on par with both of his masters.

When a horde of scourge descended on the group, Spot helped Marcusne fight their way out of it. The two looked back to see Nitchy being swarmed by the rest of the group, unable to escape. Spot ran to them in a vain attempt to save Nitchy as she had saved him, but Marcusne stopped him.

He followed Marcusne around Azeroth, both silently grieving over their loss. Marcusne eventually retreated to Northrend where he acted recklessly in hopes to end his suffering in death. Spot eventually stopped and sat on the ground, refusing to go another step further if this is how his master was going to act. Marcusne realised then that Spot missed Nitchy too, that Spot was there the whole time too, and that he wasn’t truly alone. He still had the one thing that linked him to his lost friend, Spot. The two continue on through Azeroth, in search of the rest of their lost allies and friends.