Today, we’ve been married for one year. One year full of sweetness. One year full of stretching. Marriage with you is the best thing for me and I still can’t get over how well God orchestrates the way we fit together perfectly. Marriage truly is the greatest instrument of sanctification as we’re both longing to become more like Christ, and I am so very happy that we get to do it together. Thank you for always making me feel loved and adored, appreciated and meaningful. You are my hero - my whole heart. I will never stop choosing you. One year down and forever to go…forever growing in love. I love you.

prayer request //

Michael and I are finished with college after this year, which we’re super glad about. Michael is already getting job offers from all over, even all the way across the country in Washington. We’re very thankful for each offer so far and for those to come, but it’s going to be really hard choosing. 

We are completely open to where God wants to take us. All we can really pray for is that He makes the decision clear to us. We still have quite some time to pray, but if you could all join in with us now, we’d really appreciate it. :)

It is insane how fast time is flying by.