Just once... -Bucky x reader(F)

Thanks for the request @azuraspyte PROMPT: “Just once, I want people to look at me, not you.” With Bucky.

Tony was throwing another elaborate party and you were finally going to try and make an impression. Natasha has tried and tried to get you to dress up for these occasions but it really isn’t your thing. However, tonight you wanted to give it a try. She came over early and helped you do your hair and makeup. She even bought you a dress, she didnt dare leave wardrobe up to you.
You paced outside the door and fidgeted with your fingers, twisting the coctail rings Nat lent you. You weren’t sure what brought on your sudden desire for attention but you wanted people to notice you tonight.
“You ready, doll?” Bucky placed a cold hand at the small of your back, which was exposed thanks to Nat’s dramatic fashion sense. “You look amazing.” He kissed your cheek.
You relaxed at his touch and leaned into him. “Thank you.” You smiled into his shirt. You leaned back and looked him once over. “You clean up pretty nice, Barnes.”
As per the invitation, Bucky was in full black tie dress. Allthe was down to the cumberbun. You scoffed when you noticed the sleeve of his metal arm was missing. It wasnt ripped off like he had most of his clothes it deliberately talored that way. “Really? Even on a tux?”
He laughed and took your hand in his. “I’m afraid its a bit of a signature, now.”
He opened the doors for you and you both stepped onto the scene. Your heart was pounding. For some reason you imagined a Cinderella moment. The kind where the whole room stops and looks at you. But only a few heads turned and they quickly returned to whatever they were doing before.
“Bucky!” Clint shouted. He stumbled once, clearly having taken advantage of the open bar.
“Hey, man.” Bucky grinned and patted Clint’s back.
“Hey, you mind if I steal your boyfriend for a minute. I think he neds a shot.” Clint chuckled.
Bucky gave you a tight smile. “Do you mind, babe?”
“Go ahead.” You grinned. Bucky gave you a quick kiss and helped Clint over to the bar.
You looked around the room but couldn’t find anyone you recognized. Feeling stupid for having gotten dressed up for nothing you made your way to the balcony. It was a cool evening and the breeze against your backless dress made you shiver but you didnt mind the cold. You kicked off your heels and grabbed the hem of your dress so you wouldn’t trip over it.
You climbed onto a bench and looked out over the balcony. Being up this high, with the wind blowing your freshly curled hair around, you though that this was what it must be like fly. You leaned over the railing just enough to quicken your heartbeat.
Suddenly, there was a hand around your waist, pulling you backwards.
“Don’t do that!” Bucky shouted from behind you. He pulled you toght against him and burried his head in your neck. He kissed your shoulder and spun you around to face him. “What were you doing?” He demanded.
“Nothing, Buck. I’m fine! I was perfectly fine.” You scrunched your face in defense.
Bucky immediately noticed that something was bothering you. “What’s wrong, doll?”
You huffed and hung your head. “It’s nothing…it’s stupid.”
He carefully pinched your chin and lifted your head, forcing you to look at him. “(Y/N), talk to me.”
“I just…” You huffed again. “I got all dressed up and I just expected people to notice and…no one did.”
Bucky frowned. “I noticed.”
“I know but Clint didnt and Nat isnt even here and… Just once, I want people to look at me, not you.”
Bucky grabbed your hand and started to pull you back inside.
“What are you doing?” You asked as you grabbed your dress again, hoping tpnot to trip.
“Come on,” Was his only reply. You had to practically run to keep up with him. He dragged you infront of the band that Tony hired and grabbed thmicrophone.
“Ladies and Gentleman,” He started.
“Buck, what are you doing?” You whispered.
He grinned at you but kept going. “We’re gonna kick things off a little early. I’d like to introduce to you the real reason we are gathered her tonight. She’s the light of my life and the center of my world and she deserves the moon. Guys?” Bucky looked to the right and your eyes followed his.
Natasha, Steve, and Tony were pushing a huge cake your direction.
“What is happening?” You asked yourself.
Bucky grabbed the mic again. “Lets raise our glasses and give a cheer for the birthday girl!” Bucky grabbed your face and kissed you hard. “For my girl.” He beamed.
“Buck, my birthday isn’t untill next week.” You giggled.
“Thats what makes it a surprise, doll.”

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The Lost Princess of the Lost City - Part 4

Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV

Klaus and Gil find Zeetha. Gil gets a little more insight into what Klaus was like before. Klaus realises he’s been duped.

(Family backstory largely inspired by Well Met at Mechanicsburg)

Zumzum was a small town, close enough to Mechanicsburg to have sturdy walls and thick gates. Klaus remembered ousting a particularly unpleasant Spark from the town with Bill and Barry when they were in their early twenties. Also that the town had joined the Empire without much hesitation or fanfare; a simple request for protection that Klaus granted and everything was tidied up and wrapped in a bow.

The Castle was a good distance away, still moving ponderously in a great sweeping arc to give the little party entering the town time without drifting any further away. Klaus had convinced Von Pinn to come with them, but he almost wished he had brought DuPree instead. Gil was full of melancholy at the thought of encountering the circus the Heterodyne girl had died to protect, and Von Pinn was never happy. DuPree, at least, would have at least broken the damp, simmering silence that hovered over the three of them.

“This is going to go well.” Klaus muttered to himself with heavy sarcasm as they approached the gates, which had a fairly steady trickle of traffic weaving through it. As they approached, the guards on duty recognised him, and they snapped into salutes that were a mix of terrified and respectful. Klaus waved them down. “Relax, gentlemen, I’m not here on any official business.”

“Uh…” One of the guards hesitated in relaxing out of the salute, but eventually settled into a stance that was much closer to parade rest. “Sorry, Herr Baron.”

“That’s quite alright.” Klaus assured him, aware that some of the tourists and merchants using the gate were beginning to stare now, too. “Is the decree that all entertainment must be held in the main square still in effect?” He asked conversationally.

“Yes, Herr Baron.” The guard replied, bewildered.

“Excellent. Come along, Gil.” Klaus replied with a satisfied nod, and set off through the gate and into town. He heard Gil say something banal and cheerful to the guard, and found himself pleased that Gil could at least manage that much.

“…Is he… You don’t think he could be here to see the Heterodyne show, do you?” He heard one of the guards asking in quiet alarm. “I mean, they don’t- They’re not-… He wouldn’t go to a Heterodyne show… would he?”

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I Won't Let Anything Happen To Us

Request: Could you do a kellin smut where you’re his best friend and you two start fighting and you end up yelling that he doesnt care about you n he pins you to a wall and kisses you angrily and decides to show you just how much he cares ;)

Y/N’s POV:

I was laying on my bed, under the covers, in the most comfortable position in the world, watching on of my romantic movies, when I heard a strong knock on the door.

At first I was scared. Why would someone knock the door if there was a fucking door bell? I toght to myself and then something come to my mind. I got up and ran downstairs to open it and prove that my thought were right.

Opening the door I saw a drunk Kellin sitting in front of me. He looked terrible, his face was pale and I was sure he had no idea of what he was doing. Like always.

“Come in” I said seriously

He took awhile and then started to creep inside, not being able to get up and walk.

“I told the guy I wanted one more drink as he said no and then told me togo home” He started laying on the floor. “And I told him that I can take my own decisions and he threw me in a taxi! I could be raped! He didn’t thought about me! About my feelings!”

He yelled holding my legs and crying

“Kellin, you’re drunk. Stop it” I said calmly trying to get him off

“I’m not drunk! I’m fine. Can’t you see?” He said angrily

“No, babe” I said kneeling next to him “Come here”

I pulled him by the arm and he put all his weigh over me. I held him and with my help we got up. I was hard to take him upstairs, but I did. I put him on my bed and tried to take of his pants.

“No! Please!” He yeled trying to move away

“Kellin! It’s me Y/N! Your friend! Let me help you!” I held him by the shoulders

He looked deep in my eyes and calmed down. I end up what I had to do to make him cofortable and befor I even could finish it, he already was sleeping.


I opened my eyes slowly feeling the the hangover. I don’t know what; I don’t like to drink and I know how it make me feel after, but I always lose control.

I looked around and started to recognise Y/N’s room. It would be really easier if I had seen her laying next to me before. But I didn’t, and when I did, it made me really worried about what would come after.

I got up carefully and entered on the bathroom. I thought that wash my face would be enough but it wasn’t. So, I decided it was better to take a shower before face the world.

Turning off the shower and exiting the bathroom I saw nothing but an empty bed and messed sheets. She probably was on she kitchen.

I walked downstairs and finally found her, sitting on the cocuh, thoughtful. I didn’t thought it was a really good idea to say something. So, I just sat next to her and waited.

“It was the third time this past two weeks.” She said, without look at me

“I know Y/N. I’m really sorry and-” I tried to say but she cut me off

“No, you’re not.” She said serious

“Y/N, I know I promisse dyou that it would never happen again, but okay… do you really thought it was possible?” I said looking at her “I was just having some fun and then I lost controul. I can do it sometimes, can’t I?”

“Of course you can!” She finally looked at me and I could see the worry on her eyes

“So?” I asked, trying to finish that converation

“Kellin, look.” She started “It’s not that I don’t want you to have fun. But I got really worried at you. Okay, you drunk more than expected and the bartender put you into a taxi and then you came to my house and-”

“Y/N, if I’m worring you so much, why do you always let me in? Hu? I can go anywhere else!” I almost yelled at her

“Fuck, Kellin!” She yelled back “Can’t you think?! If the taxist had decided to make something bad to you?! If you hadn’t given the right adress to him? If I wasn’t at home?! What would you do?! Can’t you see it’s dangerous?!”

I couldn’t think in something good enough to say, so I just stood there for awhile and when I saw I was alone at the living room. Y/N went to her room, not wanting to continue the argue and I didn’t wanted to leave her alone.


A few hours later I tried it again. I knocked on her bedroom door and entered there. She was thrown on her bed, like always.

“Y/N? Are you awaked?” I aked in a low voice

“You’re still here” She said more to herself

“We have to talk. Don’t you think?” I asked sitting on on the edge of her bed

Y/N sat up and djusted herself, looking at me

“What do you wannna talk about?” She asked

“I just wanted to say that I understand what you said earlier. But nothing will happen to me.” I said like I wast the smartest person in the whole universe

“Why?” She asked simple “Why wouldn’t it happen to you?”

“Because I’ve already did that lots of times and nothing happened” I said, crossing my arms

“Kellin… Stop being ignorant… Bad things happen to everybody. I really don’t want it for you. And, okay… lets say that never will ever happen to you. But if you get drunk, come to my house and I’m with somebody else. Don’t you care? I really don’t want to take care of you every saturday because you decide that you can act like a little kid”

“I care Y/N! I really do!” I started yelling again “ Do you think I go to the club thinking in drink more than I can and come to you house? I don’t!”

“But you do! If I get drunk and run to you house you probably would throw me on the couch and forget about me! That’s not what I do to you! But you don’t give a fuck!” She said and got up, walking to the doorway

“No! I would take care of you like you do to me!” I yelled and ran over to her, holding Y/N’s arm

“How do you know what I do to you?! You’re always drunk!” She yelled back

I couldn’t think in anything to say so I just pinned her against the wall wall and pressed my body over hers. She looked at me scared and I kissed her angrily.

At first she didn’t reacted, but then she started to kiss me back. That was something I aways wanted to do. I wanted her so much. But as best friend I couldn’t do anything. I had to keep the secure distance of her. But that time I had the chance to show her how I care.

“You’re the only person that I really care about” I said near to her face and bit her bottom lip

She didn’t answered, so I picked her up and walked to the bed, laying her there and taking of her blouse.

“Kellin…” She moaned at my touch

I threw her shirt away and she rested her back on the sheets. My hands ran slowly over her torso, feeling every soft piece of skin of hers. Y/N closed her eyes as I came to her sweatpants.

“If I come to you house after get drunk, it’s because I trust you and I know that you’ll take care of me in the right way. And for sure I’d do it for you too” I said, pulling her pants down with her underwear

I laid over her and kissed her neck softly, bitting and sucking carefuly, everypiece of skin I found there. I new she liked it. On of my hands ran to her back, pulling her closer, and the other one to the other side of her neck, supporting it.

Y/N ran her fingertips to my boxers and pulled it down. Her touch made me tremble and she giggled at me. I couldn’t bealive that it was really happening. I kept enjoying her body for a while and then dicided that it was time. I didn’t wanted to end things up so fast, but it was needed.

I positioned on her entry and she nodded, so I push it in slowly and carefully to not hurt her. She moaned a little and I rest my head on the curve of her neck.

I tried to make it as slow as possible, but she quickly reacted at my movements and changed positions, being on top of me. We smiled at each other and she started to move up and down on me, moaning and whispering things, only to me to hear. I tried to envolve her on my embrace to keep all the contact that I could and ad fast as I imagined I felt it comming.

Y/N seemed had noticed and started touching herself to come with me. Some minutes later we both came and she rested over me.

“I love you, and I don’t want anything to happen to you, babe” She whispered on my ear

“I love you too, and I won’t let anything happen to both of us.”

okay luke is precious he didn’t want to take pictures but i asked for a hug and he said of course and bent down and hugged me sO toght and he smelled SO!! GOOD!! and i told him he smelled good and he laughed and said thanks and he’s so awkward omg and we told him we’re on a roadtrip to see them a ton of times and he was like “wow thank you so much!” and asked how we liked the show last night and then my friends left and i stayed and asked him if it was okay if i could take a video for him for ellie and he said “no sorry i’m waiting for someone” and i was like “omg no it’s fine!” and he was like “sorry i don’t want to be mean!” AND I LAUGHED AND WAS LIKE “YOU’RE SO CUTE” and he laughed again and then i was like “okay have a good night luke! AND NOW I’M FUCKING DYING