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REQUEST: barricade // kang daniel fluff 

Originally posted by woojinnies

genre: fluff

fic style: bulletpoints

summary:  “ alright then i’ll request another one ^.^ hmmmmmmmmmmm fluffy cuddly session w kang daniel pls??? and maybe interrupted by their manager(?) ahhahahahah”

warning(s): may develop the KangDaniel-disease 

  • Daniel finally had some free time so he wanted to surprise you at your front door
  • ding dong
  • you toggled to the front door and saw who it was through the peephole
  • “Daniel I thought you were busy today?”
  • he was wearing a peach-colored hoodie you got him for his birthday one time
  • there was a bouquet of pink peonies and white gardenias in one hand and a gift bag in the other
  • “I wanted to surprise you kiddo. & it looks like I did a good job”
  • you went on your tippy toes to peck him on his lips
  • “i’ve missed you, oppa”
  • he handed you the gifts as he walked inside
  • then door closed behind you guys, making your way to the sofa, you felt him hug you from behind and rests his chin on your head
  • “i miss this a lot..”
  • “even though you back-hug Seongwoo all the time?”
  • he laughed
  • “Seongwoo is DEFINITELY not you; there’s a height difference and I like your shampoo more”
  • you opened the bag and saw “Howl’s Moving Castle,” a classic favorite of yours
  • seeing you excited made him smile lovingly at you
  • this is my favorite kind of smile from Daniel btw
  • he loved seeing you happy over little things like this
  • Daniel put the film into the BluRay system while you went to get some honey butter chips (literal holiness in a bag)
  • before watching the film you would ask him about Wanna One’s schedule and the other members
  • “y/n.. why are you more curious about the other members than your actual boyfriend?”
  • he’d pout and it would the cutest thing ever
  • you squish his cheeks together
  • “because I already know your schedule and how you’re doing.. we literally text and call each other every day”
  • he’s still sulk
  • the movie was starting so you decided to sit closer to him
  • you snuggled up against him under a fluffy throw blanket
  • Daniel’s expression went from an upset corgi pup to a giddy shiba pupper
  • bruh I love dogs so much
  • even though he likes cats more he just looks like a puppy 
  • he casually put his one of his shoulder over the edge of the sofa and the other on your waist
  • throughout the movie, you would catch Daniel looking at you more than actually watching the film
  • “Daniel-ah.. please watch this part.. it’s the most import-”
  • he cuts you off with a soft kiss
  • his hand was in your hair as he pulled you in closer
  • you didn’t even notice his manager walk in
  • why would Wanna One’s manager be in your house?
  • well.. their manager is your brother.. your older brother in fact
  • insert protective older brother mode
  • “ah. manager hyung…”
  • just imagine your brother grabbing him by the back of his collar like how mom cats do to their kittens
  • “the movie ended so it’s time for you to go now, Daniel. BYE BYE!!”
  • you scurried to the door before your brother could kick him out of the door
  • gave Daniel a goodbye kiss before your brother closed the door on him
  • “don’t you know Wannables are crazy and scary? I am worried for you…”
  • you pat your brother on the head
  • “mom and dad didn’t raise no weakling. I’ll be fine, oppa!”
  • at that moment, Daniel facetimed you 
  • “kiddo.. although our time was short… there will always be another day.. for the sun will always rise tomorrow..”
  • he dramatically waved his hand around as he looked into the distance
  • “hey Nieleo, Juliet needs to do her homework now so stop calling BYE”
  • life was difficult having your brother as a manager for Wanna One but also dating Daniel from Wanna One
  • it was like a barricade
  • but what is life without overcoming difficulties?

anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you have any cute clothes that can stand cold days? I live in Alaska and I was wondering if you have any recommendations that suit the weather. Thank you~

sure! i’ll just make this a general cold weater recommendation list!

coats / jackets

shirts (great for layering under looser sweaters or strap dresses)

sweaters / sweatshirts

bottoms (long pants are a good option because you can wear cute pants and just layer thick af tights underneath)

skirts (again, tights are your best friend. personally, i wear skirts all winter with thick tights)

also you can check my coord tag for more ideas!