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Autumn colour palette ✶ A/W 16 fashion edit

I’ve gotten into the habit of doing these shopping guides every year which are quite fun to put together! For Autumn ‘16, I’ve picked out a palette of my favourite fall colours, including old stalwarts like mustard and recent obsessions (rose). I feel like this is quite a versatile palette as well when it comes to colour coordination. Some of my top colour schemes from here would be berry red/ forest green/ midnight blue, mustard yellow/ midnight blue, and rose pink/ forest green/ berry red. It’s quite handy if you’re trying to experiment a bit more with colours.

I’ve added all links to the products below the individual collages. I hope you like them as much as I liked window shopping for them! 

Clockwise, from top left ✶ Structured red beret by 7x ✶ Apple crossbody bag by Modcloth ✶ Hooded toggle coat by Modcloth ✶ Cherry red high heel clogs by Swedish Hasbeens ✶ Heart pocket corduroy pinafore by Modcloth ✶ Plus size skater dress by Forever 21 

Clockwise, from top left ✶ Faux fur plush coat by ASOS Curve ✶ Floral skater dress by Forever 21 ✶ Ottoman A-line dress by Boden ✶ Tassel loafers by Clarks ✶ Corduroy Skater Skirt by Modcloth ✶ Faux leather A-line skirt by Simply Be  

Clockwise, from top left ✶  Gold clog heels by Modcloth ✶  Bow jumper by Modcloth ✶ Bobble beret by Forever 21 ✶ Crossbody circle bag by Rachel Comey ✶  Cable knit jumper by ASOS ✶  Hooded coat by Steve Madden  

Clockwise, from top left ✶ Tassel ankle boots by Modcloth ✶ Leather circle bag by NevaOpet on Etsy ✶ Military coat by Modcloth ✶ Fox print tote bag by Modcloth ✶ Velvet platform sandals by New Look ✶ Knitted cape by Universal Standard  

Clockwise, from top left ✶ Lace up dress by Forever 21 ✶ Velvet trimmed rancher hat by Anthropologie ✶ Tie front midi dress by ASOS Curve ✶ Blush lace up heels by Modcloth  Blush wrap around choker by ASOS ✶ Longline jumper by Modcloth  

Concept art for Shadowhunter Gear.

Set #1 Set #2,3 Set #4 Set #5

Set 6: Yesterday was desert so today I futzed around with Winter gear. Absolute minimal of metal in this set, I can’t imagine metal gear ever being comfortable in freezing temperatures. Instead it’s all leather and furs. Because of how dark the north gets part of the year (over 60 days of darkness/minimal light?) the toggles on the coat as well as the gems tied around the waist are all witchlight to help with visibility in the darkness and snowstorms. ((The Shadowhunter gear concepts I’ve been drawing lately are meant to be gender neutral. There are no “girl versions” of these outfits with mini skirts or cleavage))

Toggle Style for Him

11 classic toggle coats and sweaters

With so many fall sweaters and winter coats to choose from, it’s easy to get lost among the different styles, colors and price points. If you’re looking for some new seasonal staples, consider classic toggle-style coats and sweaters. They’re basic without being boring and nice without costing a pretty penny (unless, of course, you want to splurge on a high-end option). Invest in a seasonal standby or save on a simple high street version, and it will be your new closet favorite. Check out our toggle picks below, from J.Crew, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren and more.

Toggle Coats

Wool toggle coat

Navy Wool Mix Duffle Coat

Classic Toggle Coat

Native Youth Wool Toggle Duffle Coat

ASOS Wool Duffle Coat

Solid Wool Duffle Coat

Toggle Sweaters

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Shawl Toggle Cardigan

Heritage Cable-Knit Toggle Cardigan

Wallace & Barnes boiled wool toggle sweater

Nautica Toggle Cardigan Sweater

Shaw’s Cove Hooded Sweater

the signs as warner's clothing
  • aries: plum toggle coat
  • taurus: green peacoat
  • gemini: military jacket
  • cancer: green sweater
  • leo: oxford shoes
  • virgo: sweatpants
  • libra: leather boots
  • scorpio: burnt orange peacoat
  • sagittarius: navy blue trench coat
  • capricorn: white button down shirt
  • aquarius: leather gloves
  • pisces: black boxer-briefs