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Favorite Male Character

Richaaaard! He was the only character I liked in the child arc and the fondness carried over into the adult arc. I was pretty bummed about him not really being a member of the party in the main game but I was so happy with how he was in f arc that I’m willing to overlook it. He’s so much fun to play as, too. 

Favorite Female Character

Sophie! I don’t usually like amnesia characters but I really warmed up to Sophie by the end… especially on multiple playthroughs because you can see just how far she comes from start to finish. I love characters who change a lot over the course of a game. *u*

Least Favorite Character

In the party, Cheria, which I’ve written about before. Outside of the party, Cedric for obvious reasons again. >:(

Favorite Ship

Richard/Asbel, in case my blog doesn’t make it terribly obvious hahaha. I started shipping it as a joke because of the ring and then realized like 8 hours later that I was actually embarrassingly invested in it and I just never looked back whoops.

Favorite Friendship

Richard & Malik. Their trolling in the f arc is one of my favourite things in the game. 

Favorite Quote

mwa mwa mwa hanky panky“ came at a great time when I wasn’t sure if I was just slipping back into my slash goggles phase or not. It made it clear that I WASN’T THE ONLY ONE SEEING SUBTEXT BETWEEN ASBEL AND RICHARD. A party member noticed too. And pointed it out. (And honestly, subtext is putting it lightly.)

Worst Character Death

I’m just gonna shamelessly say Emeraude because it meant that she couldn’t be the final boss which meant Richard couldn’t come back to the party before the end of the main game and I was REALLY UPSET ABOUT THAT. I thought she would’ve been a much more interesting final boss. 

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment

f arc’s existence, every time Richard came back (until I realized we weren’t getting him back), and then a little more seriously, I was really happy that Cheria was so cold to Asbel when he up and left for 7 years without contacting her. I don’t understand why so many people call her a bitch over it or hate her for it because I thought it was a perfectly acceptable response??? I was so happy that she 

Saddest Moment

…when f arc was the writers remembering they forgot to actually promote Asbel/Cheria in the main story and awkwardly shoving it into the epilogue. All the times when Richard shows up and then LEAVES AGAIN INSTEAD OF REJOINING THE PARTY. And then the writers flipping a switch to make Cheria go from cold “you have to earn my trust/friendship back, Asbel” to tsundere in a second and undoing everything I liked about her.


Favorite Location

Probably Barona! Partially because Richard, mostly because it’s the city I’d want to live in if I lived on Ephinea. Normally I’d pick Zavhert because eee cold climate but it’s got no colour and it’s so depressing whoops.