togf 4koma kings


Tales of Graces f 4koma Kings
→ “Diverging Vectors”

I bought the 4koma collection for ToGf recently and figured I’d translate some of them. I dunno if anyone else has done it but I need the practise anyway. :> (Translations might not be 100% since I’m still learning and I do take liberties to localize if something sounds really weird directly translated so… be warned?)

This book does cover the whole series and there will be some spoilers. So for people who still intend on playing the game, I’ll be using the tag “togf spoilers” whenever I post one so go ahead and block that, I guess. And then play the game because it’s lots of fun. I doubt I’ll do everything in the book—at this point I’m just picking and choosing at random—but we’ll see if I get much done or if I just give up after a handful. :P