i don’t know how cheap is cheap bc i pulled together an outfit on forever 21 and it’s like a tank top, a skirt, and hair pins and it already costs like $30?? wtf??? who allowed this?

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How do I deal with a break up?

Aww my sweet sweet fruity goo.

Look, I know it’s hard at first, and trust goopy when she tells you that its totally ok to feel bad about it, you don’t have to like, force yourself into happiness, if something makes your heart hollow, you should allow it! it will help you get over it in the future, I’m talking by the voice of experience.

I know you guys though you were going to be together forever but like… we don’t work like that sometimes and its ok to feel crushed by the idea of it, its ok to cry about someone that you loved going away!

My recommendation is to let yourself free but also look for support, look for the people who care and love you, there might be more than you though, and trust me, even the littlest shown of affection can make a big difference! 

Because even tho it didn’t go further that does NOT mean that you are not someone worth loving, and you are going to find love soon or later, this junk takes time and its better not rushing it.

But by now, let yourself feel and let people help you, my lovely child! 

this is the THIRD TIME they’re moving in somewhere together




and as we all know third time’s a charm :’)

Together Forever

Prompt: You woke up in strange surroundings with Dean (your boyfriend). Inspired by the gif:

Word count: 565

Warnings: It’s fluffy angst (my ideal combo ;D)

Notes: Thanks for beta’ing @like-a-bag-of-potatoes You’re super amazing as always darling!


Waking up, the first thing you saw was his face. Dean’s face was on the pillow next to yours as his enchanting green orbs looked into your eyes. He was so close, you could smell him, his fresh breath, his cologne, it was all so…him.

“Dean?” you said sleepily. “Where are we?” you asked sitting up, not recognizing the beautiful bedroom you were in. It was your ideal bedroom. You’d dreamed of having this bedroom for a long time now, but…why was it here? You were in the middle of fighting Lucifer when everything went black.

“We’re home,” he said simply as he smiled at you, those crinkles forming around the corner of his eyes that you loved so much.

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