Together Festival 2011 - Boston April 18th - 24th, 2011
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The Together Festival is a week-long series of events in Greater Boston showcasing music, art and technology by uniting our surrounding communities and beyond.

The festival includes:
* Night-time events schedule that showcases local, national and international electronic music talent
*Daytime event schedule that includes discussion panels, technology demonstrations, art installations, a tradeshow/expo, and film screenings

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Mike lied soundly in his bed, on his back and with his head tilted slightly to the side. It was the middle of the night, though the only one around was Peter, as Micky and Davy had gone off together to a small festival. One that Mike hadn’t been interested in at all, just because he wasn’t a fan of loud, flashy places. That left him alone with Peter, though, which led for some interesting dreams. 

He shifted slightly in bed, turning a bit onto his side. He mumbled something that didn’t make much sense, overall, though ended in a rather clear, “Ain’t ya, Pete?” He smiled a bit at himself, his fingers curling in on his sides a bit. His head fell to the other side, then, his smile morphing into a grin. “I know,” he said next, his voice borderline giddy. 

List of Non-sexual forms of intimacy

Hey guys, I want to give credit to @incapableofgivingup for writing these down, and I sort of want to make it into a prompt sort of thing, like my friend @otomiya-tickles does sometimes! So, if you would like, pick one of these, for either the sloth pair, and the greed pair, and send it to my ask as a prompt! It could be any one! And I will have fun with this! They will all be fluff, since it’s non-sexual forms of intimacy, so please keep that in mind!

  • watching tv/movies together
  • going to events together like carnivals, festivals etc.
  • going on dates like to the movies or shopping
  • sharing secrets
  • hugs
  • sharing drinks
  • talking
  • touching noses
  • cuddling
  • philosophical discussions
  • hand holding
  • sharing jokes
  • sharing smiles
  • laying your head on someone’s shoulder
  • linking arms
  • massages
  • tickling
  • playing with hair
  • scratching backs
  • tracing designs on arms
  • talking about the future
  • a hand written note
  • moving your head to their chest and listening to their heartbeat.
  • feeding each other
  • drawing/writing on one another
  • brushing your partners hair
  • sharing food
  • sitting knee to knee across from each other
  • reading books together
  • take care of your partner when sick
  • talking about the relationship (how I feel with you, How I feel w/this relationship)
  • cooking together
  • head-scratches
  • hugging
  • discussions about yourselves (like flaws, shortcomings, passions, stuff)
  • being physically/emotionally vulnerable
  • just sleeping together,
  • an actual open honest conversation
  • bathing and taking care of hygiene together
  • butterfly kisses
  • nuzzling
  • telling on-the-fly stories
  • grooming
  • sharing hobbies
  • studying
  • sharing personal stories
  • seeing each other without make-up or all dressed up
  • moral support for major events
  • crying, sharing emotions, comforting each other
  • listening to someones heartbeat or breathing
  • sleepovers
  • being with animals together
  • sharing clothes/jewelry/personal items
  • cleaning someone else’s living space
  • doing art together
  • kissing different body parts
  • making out
  • talking about wants and desires
  • experience new things together
  • play games together
  • play sports together
  • walking together
  • being respectful and kind to one another (helping them do things, open doors for them etc.)
  • sharing responsibilities (chores, babysitting etc.)
  • giving each other presents, special things from the heart
  • talking about and respecting each others boundaries
  • public displays of affection
  • grooming in front of each other
  • wrestling or play fighting
  • looking in each other’s eyes
  • complimenting each other
  • falling asleep over chatting
  • making faces at each other
  • sky watching
  • inside jokes
  • respect each other
  • tell them how you feel about them
  • get to know each other better (playing 20 questions)
  • go for a ride together
  • walk arm in arm
  • go out to eat
  • list each other’s best features
  • bring your faces close without touching and feel each other breath
  • go shopping together
  • throw a party or other event together
  • leave love notes
  • exchange something meaningful
  • try to have a whole conversation with only eye contact and facial expressions
  • sit back to back and feel each other’s heartbeat
  • learn their favorite food and make it
  • run errands together
  • look at photos together
  • take photos together
  • go people watch
  • have a staring contest
  • learn something new together
  • take turns leading each other on a nature walk blindfolded
  • draw or sculpt each other
  • paint each other’s bodies
  • practicing a skill together
  • sharing food
  • being in comfortable clothes together
  • waving goodbye
  • being comfortable with each other’s bodily functions
  • any others you can think of?
  • Listen

Nooka Jones and Nihal
Live at Together Festival Boston
Percussion Lab vs Ninja Tune Showcase

In early April, Nooka Jones and Nihal Ramchandani made their way up to Boston to set the vibes for FaltyDL and Starkey at Boston’s Together Festival. The showcase was a collaboration between Ninja Tune, Percussion Lab and Together, and represents a myriad of club sounds to the local and global audience. The event was stream lived on Percussion Lab Radio.

This mix was recorded live as the first hour of Nihal and Nooka’s set; warming it up and getting Boston to move.

right so like me, my sister and my friends got pulled over the barrier at twenty one pilots yesterday. 

we had to endure over an hour of a shitty band, stood getting pushed about literally nearly falling over and not being able to breath for me and my sister having to get out 20 minutes before tøp came on stage. she basically started having a panic attack so i got really pissed off bc we were getting pushed so i shouted at everyone to tell each other to stop pushing bc we literally can’t breath which probably got the attention of like 100+ people and then a guy behind was nice and was shouting at a security guard to get us out but then people were literally shouting at us for needing to get out??? she literally felt like she couldn’t breath and was crying she needed to get out of the crowd and they were being so rude??? and this girl was like “she’s only crying” so one of my friends started having a go at her and nearly punched her in the face. i was trying to like signal a security guard that we were getting pushed and squashed and he looked at me and nodded and then didn’t do anything?? but we finally managed to get to the front to get out and then we both came out crying bc u know we were literally like 3 rows from the front but anyways. (a nice man gave me a bottle of water bc i was literally crying and being pissed off that everyone was pushing so hard, thank u nice man considering a bottle of water is like £3)

so then like me and my sister went to the side near the back and basically couldn’t see shit and i pretty much cried throughout their entire set bc they were doing so much new stuff i hadn’t seen and Tyler got in the ball and if we had managed to stay there we would have been able to hold him in it. also there were two tall guys behind me who filmed for me bc people got on shoulders in front of me so i couldn’t see and at one point i was jumping and he was like “here let me do it again, you’re moving now” and then they took selfies on my phone. and during lane boy u know like u get low and then jump up, well no one around us was doing it so me and my sister got low and then everyone around us was like “what are they doing” and then Tyler was like “1, 2, 1 2 3 GO” and we jumped up and other people in front did and it was like yaaaas we done it and u didn’t but anyways.

so then jump to the end of the set, idk what happened bc i couldn’t see but when Tyler was crowd surfing to the podium thing and my sister saw on the screen that like he got pulled to one area and then basically got dropped??? and then he went to the podium and like at the beginning he had a long sleeved white shirt on and i’m pretty sure the sleeves were torn off of it. i can’t believe how vicious that crowd were it was ridiculous. and then Tyler was like “we’re twenty one pilots and so are you…. okay i need to get down now” so i saw him climb down and then i have no idea where he went from there. i’m pretty sure there wasn’t any security to help him and Josh looked confused at one point. so i didn’t see either of them leave the stage and i have no idea where Tyler went.

when the set finished i checked my phone and one of my friends was like “abbie needed out where are you” but i only saw it at the end so we went to find them and they basically said they got 2 songs in and had to get out. like they were spending the majority of their time helping other people out than actually enjoying the music. a girl fainted in mid air while they were helping her out which i think was a point they decided they needed to get out as well bc one of my friend’s feet wasn’t touching the floor and she was feeling faint from all the pushing and shoving. tøp’s crowds are way too big for the stage they were one, if they were on main stage it would have probably been better and a more enjoyable experience.

twenty one pilots are such an incredible live band and a band in general and it sucks so bad that this had to happen. getting pulled over the barrier while waiting to see your favourite band is not something you want to happen. this didn’t happen when i saw them on the blurryface tour like we got pushed and shoved but it was capable amount so i’m hoping for future tours of there’s something like this doesn’t happen and that it’s just because it was a festival. i’m pretty sure it’s made us all anxious to go into crowds, not sure if we even want to.

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New Year's Eve scenario with TYL!Mukuro and his fem s/o please. - Anon Mow

Of course, my lovely anon! I hope you’ll enjoy the scenario and thank you for your request!

You hated New Year’s Eve. You hated it with the passion of a million burning, flaming supernovas. New Year’s Eve a.k.a. your birthday. Not that anyone ever took notice of that fact. But then, why should they, with such a huge holiday going on? Everyone excited for New Year’s Eve parties. Everyone making resolutions. Everyone drinking and laughing and counting down to midnight together. Everyone at festivals. And you, all alone in a corner, waiting for someone to remember the other celebration that should occur that day. Hell, even your parents forgot most of the time, until the night was almost through, so lost in preparations for their yearly New Year’s Eve parties.

And today had been no different, even though you’d steered away from the celebrations for the large part, sleeping most of the day and then heading over to your boyfriend’s little hide-out, over to hang with Mukuro and his little band of misfits. You’d figured you might get away from New Year’s Eve there. But god, were you sorely mistaken! Even they’d been celebrating in their own little way.

Tired of watching them, you’d crept outside, climbing up one of the rusty ladders on the side of a building and up onto the roof. It was your favourite place in Kokuyo Land, your secret little place where you went to relax whenever you were there and the others were getting on your nerves. You sat there, knees curled up to your chest, hands wrapped around your knees, pout firmly in place as you gazed out into the night, so bright tonight. You figured nobody even noticed you were gone, much less would be interested in looking for you even if they noticed. So to say you were surprised when Mukuro’s face appeared over the edge of the building, his body coming soon after as he climbed up onto the roof beside you.

You stared at him, confused as to why he was there.



You turned away from him, from his sly, knowing smile.

“Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be inside with the others, celebrating?”

“I was bored. Besides, according to my watch, it’s almost time,” Mukuro said, an antique pocket watch appearing in his hand, opened to view the time. An illusion. An interesting one too. You never failed to be impressed by the ornateness, the detail of his illusions.

“Time? Time for what?”

Mukuro only chuckled his odd little chuckle, gazing at the clock steadfastly. You turned your face back to look at him, staring at him in confusion and expectation, curious to know what he was talking about.

You were taken aback though when he clicked the watch shut, watching as it simply vanished. You were even more taken aback when, out of the blue, his mouth settled over yours, drawing you into the deepest, most passionate kiss he’d ever given you. You relaxed into it, only to be just as taken aback when he pulled away.

“Yes, it was as I figured. I made it just in time.”

“Just in time for what? What the hell are you being so mysterious about, you smug bastard?!” you asked him, confused beyond belief now.

“To be the last person to kiss my girlfriend and wish her a happy birthday before it was over, of course.”