Bellarkers being like:

*The 100 s1: Flarke is a thing, we don’t know if we’re getting next season*


*The 100 s2: Finn dies, Bellarke is separated, C/exa will be happening*


*The 100 s3: /exa dies, antis are trying to cancel the show, mess*


*Eliza: obviously this bellarke shit is not happening in season 4*


Bellarkers when Bellarke will be finally canon in season idn 6-10 :D

[every gif - credit goes to @jchnmurqhy]

ok but consider this:

  • lance with dimples
  • every time lance makes a terrible pun keith gets ready to roll his eyes but then he looks up and sees that cheeky grin and those goddamn dimples and he just dies
  • that’s it keith is dead rest in fucking pieces keith
  • and then he tries to retort but just ends up stuttering and stomping away out of embarrassment
  • of course being the sharp dudebro he is lance puts two and two together and realizes that puns!!! must be keith’s true weakness
  • so lance gets all up in keith’s bidness i.e. his face esp because keith is trying to avoid looking at him at all costs, and when keith mutters “i can’t even look at you right now” well he’s not lying it’s just not in the way that you think lance
  • 1000 puns later and keith is just exhausted from the torture of lance’s really bad puns and really adorable dimples
  • so finally he decides he has to shut him up somehow and so when lance is in the middle of delivering his punchline about chocolate bars or something keith grips lance’s cheeks, squishes, and plants a clumsy flustered kiss on him
  • when he pulls away the smile is successfully wiped off lance’s face which means so are those fuckcing dimples ha take that you fucking lance
  • except cue a big dazed goofy grin spreading across lance’s face that made his dimples eVEN MORE NOTICEABLE ABORT ABORT “fffuck” they’re both messes
  • a giggling lance: w what was that for
  • “your puns are unbearable and you needed to be stopped”
  • “hheheehhhe u know what else ‘s unbearable”
  • “don't—”
  • “that i can bearly make a pun without you making a face”
  • “lance”
  • “oh come on just bear with me”
  • “uuUGGghHH”
  • “♪but you still wanna kiss me♪”
  • well he’s not wrong
  • “i can’t bearlieve this is happening right now”
  • “that’s it I’m leaving”