together we could have ruled the world

Capricorns thoughts on Everyone else

Aries- shh you don’t always have to be so load and aggressive. It works better to silently ruin others like me.

Taurus- honestly marry me now. Together we could rule the world on logic and hard work, however I don’t like it when you’re lazy which is 50% if not 100% of the time. Give me ten minutes to teach you how to grow up a little.

Gemini- you are very talkative and I don’t mind much really except most of which you say has no real meaning. If we are going to have a conversation I want it to mean something to me

Cancer- you seem to be an extremely sweet person and really nice an all but why are you so sensitive I just can’t comprehend it

Leo- I like how you are a lot like me strong and powerful but it really bugs me when you make every thing about yourself. I’m trying to tell you something important and it turns into your life story, seriously I don’t care.

Virgo- I honestly have nothing bad to say about you we are completely compatible I think you’re great. I want to have your babies

Libra- you are a sweetheart but you tend to lie or not stick to your word. I HATE THAT I want someone to do what they say and you never seem too. I think you need to take a long look in the mirror and figure out your life just saying

Scorpio- I don’t know If I want to kill you or spend the rest of my life in your arms but there is literally no in between. I think I like the second option best…

Sagittarius- you have a lot of energy… Not that it’s a bad thing or anything it’s just maybe once in a while you can act like a regular human being and we can sit down and have a civilized conversation without you jumping off the walls

Capricorn- do I even have to answer this you’re perfect. However I usually hate you because we are both crazily stubborn and may not agree on everything

Aquarius- I really enjoy your company although I have a terrible time trying to read you and figure out what you are thinking, you are very chill and can carry a conversation. I enjoy your having in my presents

Pisces- I don’t understand how you spend all that time daydream. It’s like wasting your life away. And yet I kind of wish that I could be you and escape in my mind. I have a tendency to fall in love with the way you are, when you daydream, forget about all the things in life that make me crazy, and are just so relaxed. It may seem that I don’t like you but honestly I just envy you.

Draw Your Own Confession Scene Contest!

That’s right it’s time to announce the next Fire Emblem Fan Art Contest! (finally am I right?)

This time around you get to draw a confession scene…you know…these things…

But here is the kicker. You have to draw one of these for a Fire Emblem character that does not have one. And yes it can be characters from past Fire Emblem games. For example you could draw one for Ike or Lyn.

Also along with sending in your drawing you must submit along with it a quote for that character. You know one of these…

“You are the wind at my back and the sword at my side. Together, my love, we shall build a peaceful world… just you and me.”
—Chrom’s confession quote

The quote must be made like the person was talking to the Avatar not another character in the series.



1. Must have a tumblr account and submit it through tumblr to this blog with the submit button.

2. Confession picture must be of a character that does not already have one.

3. Confession quote must be aimed at a Avatar not another character.

4. You may only submit one entry.

5. The title for your entry must be just the characters name.


6. No Fire Emblem 14 Characters. (since we do not know their full personality yet)

Failure to follow these rules will result in your entry not being entered into the contest.


PRIZES: (2nd and 3rd will only happen if we get at least 10 entries.)

1st Place:

- 5 priority confessions. That means when they send in a confession, the next time I sit down to make confessions theirs will go to the front of the queue (with the queue being as massive as it is, that is pretty good).

- 1 rule free confession….pretty self explanatory.

- A stand alone post saying you are the winner.

- Your piece will be forever shown on the “Fan Art” link on the blog.

2nd Place will get 2 priority confessions.

3rd Place will get 1 Priority confession.

If either 3rd or 2nd send in a priority confession as the same time as the winner, the winner takes priority. The standings for the priority confessions will be 1st’s, 2nd’s, then 3rd’s.


I will be judging this contest myself.

The deadline for this contest will be…

Tuesday June 30th, 2015 at 11:59PM EST

The date for announcing the winners will be chosen closer to the deadline (or on it).

If you have any questions feel free to ask, or if you want to remain anonymous tell me and it will be done.

I hope you all like this idea and have fun with it!

in my dreams we rule the world,
your hands are on my knees,
your breath skims over my cheeks,
and just before we kiss, you always ask,
‘just practicing’; 'just friends’; 'just playing, right?’

and right there, we are gods,
even if I have to wake up eventually,
even though I end up not being able to look you in the eye,
we are on top of the world there,
ruling together,

but just as my lips brush yours,
you pull back,

and I’m waking up alone.

—  i could rule the world, with you at my side

But what if, instead of a WWE World Heavyweight Title we just have WWE Title and World Heavyweight Title and have The Rule of Ambreigns? Dean can be WWE Champ. Roman can be World Heavyweight Champ. They could rule together….

Seth can be Divas Champ.