together through all the bad and good times

Heads up that my dog is ill again. It’s Roman, the old long boy. He has recurring issues with his pancreas. I got him from the shelter a year and a half ago and he was in very poor health, we fixed him up since then but sadly those issues are most likely gonna be popping up till the end of his life. Now the inflammation doesn’t seem to be as bad as the previous times, but I’ll be focusing all my energies on him now, so while my mania is considerably down and I’m feeling much more put together that hiatus is on for now. 

Send him some good thoughts please. He’s a very strong pup so he doesn’t show much but it’s a painful condition. 

/that’s an old picture taken when he was healthy/ 

On a more positive note my newest dog, Tolek, the pinscher/dachshund? that was found wandering the countryside is doing well, we’re going through all the vaccinations and shit and making progress with all of that. 

And my third dog is ok too. 

So anyway, that’s a life update I guess, since these days the dogs are my biggest responsibility. 

Nesta’s New Armour

This is for Nessian Smut Week (fans myself ‘cause boi is it getting hot). You should probably have a mature mind before reading the story. *But let’s all establish that dirty minds are welcomed as well!* Anyways fair warning this is the first time I have ever attempted any sort of smutty goodness…or in this case it could be a crash and burn smutty fic! Let me know what you think and I will try to improve my writing style!

            Nesta walked through the Illyrian camp with commanding posture. She had just finished helping the younger trainees during their agility exercises. Nesta made it a point to train both the females and males together to bring forth positive connections. Considering how the older males were a bad influence on demeaning the females Nesta made it a point to demolish those negative views. Perhaps overtime the younger generation will work side-by-side without the threat of cutting off wings and having a sole purpose for breeding. The thought of it made Nesta shiver in rage at the thought of the females’ wings being clipped and told they had to breed.

           The warmer season was finally here. Snow flurries turned into sleet and the frosty air gradually warmed to melt the snow that blanketed the pine trees and ground. Nesta was glad that today harbored mostly clear skies. A perfect day for the Illyrians to fly and train in the sky.

           Nesta passed by the last training rings filled with sparring soldiers. She nodded her head in greeting to a few of them who returned her greeting with respect.

           It had taken a considerable amount of time to earn the respect she received from most of the Illyrians. Nesta didn’t regret one moment of the fights of steel will, wit and blade that enabled her to have the valued position she held.

           It didn’t take long to walk through the tented areas centered around large fire pits. She neared the tree line where permanent buildings stood against the backdrop of the forest. The gray stone reflected light from the sun and smoke filtered from the chimneys.

           Evening had settled by the time she had finished training the younger ones and honestly she was ready for a hot meal and warm bath. Nesta entered one of the gray houses. Rhysand’s mother previously owned it. Cassian usually made sure that him and Nesta would have the building during their stays at the camps. Some of the generals still gave them shit for it, but they couldn’t argue too much since there had been five more buildings recently built to help house the Illyrians. Two of them were made specifically for the younger ones. Cassian was extremely proud of those homes and made a point to make sure it was up-kept by the residents. Then there was one building to house the sick and injured to make sure their recovery process was quickened. No sense of being out in the cold with injuries and illnesses when they could be quickly treated indoors. The fifth new house was home to the strongest Illyrians who proved their worth. It was a reward that many Illyrians sought and thus made the soldiers work harder to earn a room.

           Nesta entered the house her and Cassian shared this month. She looked around the front room. The kitchen, living area and dining room were empty. There were no sounds coming from upstairs, which meant Cassian was still with the war generals in a meeting. Usually Nesta accompanied him to the meetings, but she decided to train the young ones today instead.

           Nesta smiled. This meant would have time to bathe and try on the new Illyrian leathers she received from one of the female warriors who was skilled in tailoring. It was one of the new types of fighting gear designed specifically for a woman’s body. Nesta was thrilled to try it on considering most of the armour she tried on fit either too loose or far too tight.

            She went to the far end of the house and opened the door to the bathing room. It was cramped, but Nesta was thankful that the home even had a tub that offered warm water along with a toilet and sink. Within minutes she finished bathing and went up the narrow staircase to the room she shared with Cassian.

           She wondered when her mate would arrive back from his meeting. Sometimes he would be gone long into the night. Tonight though she wanted him back home and in their bed. They were so preoccupied with the camps this past week that they didn’t have a moment of free time to vent out the sexual tension that rippled through them. A few times Nesta wanted to tackle Cassian in the ring whenever he would send her suggestive images of what he wanted to do to her. Many of which involved them rolling around in the mud and releasing the beasts that lingered inside them. The kind of beasts that didn’t care who was watching or where they were when they claimed each other in the most intrinsic ways possible. Nesta had shot back similar images along with a gaze that made Cassian narrow his eyes in want.

           Nesta decided that tonight she was going to give Cassian a taste of those images they sent each other down the bond.

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Love is... facing the world together.

By: @javistg

AN: I think that few things are more romantic than standing by the one you love, through good times and bad. 

With that in mind, I came up with this little story for Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoy.

SUMMARY: Katniss and Peeta have a little conversation before their second reaping. Canon Divergent.


With a big thank you to the fantastic @titaniasfics, @akai-echo and @thegirlfromoverthepond for all their hard work. Love you, ladies, you’re awesome!


The eerie howls of vicious mutts pierced the air.

Katniss ran.

Sprigs and branches scratched her face and pierced her skin, trying to trap her as she desperately made her way through the woods.

She had almost reached the clearing when she heard them again.

The blood-thirsty creatures wailed, screeching her name as they followed her steps.

She reached the cornucopia, practically crashing against its metallic surface, and turned around looking for Peeta.

He wasn’t there.

Frantic, she tried to call out his name. But the darkness of the arena enveloped her, pushing her words down her throat and drowning her in its terrifying depths.


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Do you know how fucking awful it would be if Link and Zelda suddenly have the memories of their past lives?

Imagine if they, in a future game, have every memory from every past life they had. All the good times. The bad times. Joyous celebrations and depressing turmoil that they went through and all of Hyrule with them.

But you know the worst part

The worst part would be that Link and Zelda would have memories of every moment they had together. That they loved each other dearly and were successful in bringing Hyrule from utter destruction time and time again. 

BUT they would also realize that they had forgotten one another. For so long, over all of their past lives, not once did they ever remember meeting and loving each other. But they have each moment clearly in their minds.

With that in mind, they would have to start their relationship over and over again because time changes everyone’s character. 

There might be an era where Link and Zelda don’t exactly see eye to eye; and having memories of their past lives where they did agree and love one another would hurt them so much more. Seeing the other change into someone they might actually despise, and seeing that the other would not change their views would be soul crushing…


She Doesn’t Know Why

Originally posted by teenagecrush

Author’s Note: This is a Happy Lowman mini-imagine based on Unusual You by Britney Spears as requested by the lovely @thejulietfarciertlove as well as imagine number 8 for MMW. This imagine is rated T. I hope you all enjoy.

She Doesn’t Know Why

Her back rests against the headboard of her bed eyes scanning the pictures fanned out in front of her, two years’ worth of memories stare back at her.

The good.
The bad.
The downright extraordinary.

And in ocean of faces she easily picks out her favorite one.


Lifting the closest picture to her she brushes her fingers across the glossy finish. She’s spent every day of the last two years looking at him but she still can’t get enough of him.

They’ve been through hell together, and every time she thinks he’s going to throw in the towel he surprises her by sticking through it.

And she isn’t the only whose surprised by it. Almost everyone has made a comment, even if just in passing, that they never thought they’d see the day that Happy Lowman was willfully committed to just one woman, and at first she felt honored that she should be the one he chose, but after a while she started to worry that the life she built with him was going to crumble at any moment because he’d get bored.


And she doesn’t know why, but here they are. Against all odds, they’re making it.


She wakes slowly, blinking eyes clear to find Happy hovering near the bed, picking up the pictures she left out.

“What are you doing?” she asks stifling a yawn.

“I want to go to bed,” Happy says and nodding she watches him set the pictures aside before stripping naked and climbing in beside her, and when he pulls her close, wrapping an arm tight around her she presses her lips to his skin.



“I think I’m in love with you…”

“It’s about damn time girl…” he mutters before pressing a kiss to her shoulder, and with her heart overflowing with a love she didn’t think possible she drifts off to sleep.

Something That Finds You: Chapter 1

Fandom: Zootopia
Pairing: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps
Rating: K+
WC: 744
Summary: “Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you." 

In a time of tension in the land of Zootopia, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are arranged to be married as a symbol of peace and unity. The only problem? They can’t stand each other (the 8 year age gap doesn’t help either). A series of vignettes following Nick and Judy growing up together, through all the good and bad.

[A/N]: As a general note: I wanted this story to have fairytale-type vibe in the sense that it’s timeless. There’s no era or specific time period this story takes place in, there’s actually elements from multiple time periods and European practices, so that made this pretty fun to write!

Chapter Selection: -1-[2][3][4][5]

Predator and Prey had never gotten along. It was as simple as saying the sky was blue or that sugar was sweet. But war was threatening to tear apart the land of Zootopia, and something had to be done.

A wedding was decided upon, after all, it was the ultimate symbol of a union between two mammals. The most prominent predator family offered up their son, and the most prominent prey family, their daughter. The two families would be united for the greater cause of peace, a stepping stone for bridging the gap between the two parties.

Nicholas Wilde, age 8 and the son in question, was less than thrilled.

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Status&Legenda: Amigos (em inglês e português)

• “Ain’t nothing in the universe that could come in between us” - há nada no universo que poderia vir entre nós. 💕

• “All i need is my buddies” - Tudo que eu preciso é dos meus amigos. 💙

All my friends, they’re different people … when we go out, yeah, we’re electric” - Todos meus amigos são pessoas diferentes … quando saímos, sim, somos como eletricidade. 💗

• “But tonight, we’re together, cause friends we are forever” - Mas hoje, estamos juntos porque nós somos amigos para sempre. 💜

• “For good times and bad times. I’ll be on your side forever more” - Nos tempos bons e ruins. Eu estarei ao seu lado, pra todo o sempre. 💖

• “Friends hang on through the ups and the downs cause they’ve got someone to believe in” - Amigos aguentam durante os altos e baixos porque eles têm alguém em quem acreditar. 💕

• “From each other’s hearts we’ll live in a part, cause we’re real friends” - Do coração uma da outra nós viveremos em uma parte, porque nós somos amigas de verdade. 💙

• “Hold out your hand cos friends will be friends right till the end” - Segure suas mãos porque amigos serão amigos até o fim. 💗

• “I’d rather be right here with you than anyone else in the world” - Eu prefiro estar aqui com você do que qualquer outra pessoa no mundo. 💜

• “I’ll be there for you cause you’re there for me too” - Eu estarei lá por você porque você tambem está lá por mim. 💖

• “It’s all for one and one for all as everybody knows.” - É todos por um e um por todos, como todo mundo sabe. 💕

• “Keep smiling, keep shining knowing you can always count on me, for sure” - Continue sorrindo, continue brilhando sabendo que você sempre pode contar comigo, com certeza. 💙

• “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” - Meu melhor amigo é aquele que traz à tona o melhor de mim. 💗

• “Someone to count on, someone who cares beside you wherever you go” - Alguém que você pode contar, alguém que se preocupa do seu lado aonde quer que você vá. 💜

• “That’s what friends are for for good times, and bad times, I’ll be on your side forevermore.” - É pra isso que são os amigos para momentos bons, e ruins, eu estarei do seu lado para sempre. 💖

• “The world comes to life and everything’s right from beginning to end when you have a friend by your side” - O mundo ganha vida e tudo está bem do começo ao fim quando você tem um amigo do seu lado. 💕

• “True friends will go to the ends of the earth till they find the things you need” - Amigos verdadeiros vão até o fim do mundo até eles acharem o que você precisa. 💙

• “Well at least I got my friends like a lifeboat in the dark” - Bem, pelo menos tenho meus amigos como um barco salva-vidas na escuridão. 💗

• “We’ll be friends forever” - Nós seremos amigas para sempre. 💜

• “When something ain’t right talk to me now and into the night, til it’s alright again you’re a true friend.” - Quando alguma coisa não está certa conversa comigo agora até a noite até tudo estar bem de novo você é uma verdadeira amiga. 💖

• “You just call out my name and you know wherever I am I’ll come running, to see you again” - Apenas chame meu nome e você sabe, onde quer que eu esteja eu irei correndo para te ver novamente. 💕

• “You’ve got friends you can trust” - Você tem amigos em que pode confiar. 💙

• “It’s all for one and one for all as everybody knows.” - É todas por uma e uma por todas. 💗

• “Keep smiling, keep shining knowing you can always count on me, for sure.” - Continue sorrindo, continue brilhando sabendo que você sempre pode contar comigo, com certeza. 💜

• “For good times and bad times. I’ll be on your side forever more” - Nos tempos bons e ruins. Eu estarei ao seu lado, pra todo o sempre. 💖

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Girl’s talk Boy’s! Ashton

Words: 2.3k

Warning: car blowjob + smut

Lyric: Cause I been talking to my friends
The way you take away my breath


*Ashton’s POV*

It was a sunny day, well it always felt like a sunny day with Y/N by my side. She was my fiancee, we’d been together for nearly 10 years her being with me since we were 14 and she stuck by my side through my good times and bad. Y/N is definitely my soulmate theirs something about the way she carry’s herself and the way she loves me. 

“To our third album” Calum shouted excitedly, raising his beer bottle in the air. I raised mine as they all clinked. We were at Luke’s house, we had just finished our third album and we were celebrating. We all had our families here and of course John Feldy and his kids. I was stood with the boy’s as we threw our beer down our throat’s. Calum had a cigarette perch between his fingers as he brought it to his lips. I looked away and over to Y/N, she was sat under the tree with Mali-Koa’s newborn, Charlie in her arms and John’s kids, Milla and Julian. She looked amazing holding kids and I honestly can’t wait to have our own. Thinking about it makes something inside me erupt in thousands of butterflies. 

“Mate, what aftershave are you wearing?” Luke fake gaged. I whipped my head round to see that he was talking to me, I grabbed the collar of my shirt and brought it to my nose taking a wiff. I smelt of Y/N, I smiled to myself and dropped my collar.

“You smell like a woman” Michael laughed, he chugged down his beer smiling.

“I always knew you were a woman” Luke sassed.

“I don’t care what I smell like. If I smell like the woman I’m completely in love with then thank fuck. Plus I’m the manliest out of us four, I mean c’mon Calum don’t deny that you haven’t fucked Michael this week.” I grinned. Michael spluttered out his beer as Calum dropped his fag on the floor smirking and treading on it, putting the light out. They both shook there head laughing, as I looked back over Y/N, which the other boy’s did too. 

Milla had made a daisy chain, placing it on Y/N’s head. Y/N laughed, with one hand sorting it out the other holding Charlie. Julian was reading a book to the three girls, Y/N slowly rocking the baby. She had a massive smile plastered on her face with crinkles by her eye’s watching the boy adoringly. I took in a breath which made my chest flutter looking at her. I heard a camera shutter go off and turned my head, Luke was holding up his camera.

“Did you just take a photo?” I asked, looking at Luke’s guilty face.

“The way you look at her mate, I’m saving this for when I’m your best man at your wedding and making a presentation about your love” he laughed. 

“Have you even decided who’s going to be your best man?” John said, placing a hand on my shoulder. 

“No I’m having best men not a best man” I smiled, looking at my three best friends. The boys awed along with John as he gave me a hug.

“Right I’m off” He say’s hugging the other boys. I watched as he made his way over to Milla and Julian. They both hugged Y/N and Julian left a kiss on her cheek which made John laugh. They all waved goodbye and walked out the house. Me and the boy’s went and sat down down on the deck chairs, the small smoke from the BBQ, floating up into the atmosphere. 

Y/N walked up to the decking where we were and came and sat on my lap with Charlie. I placed my beer down on the table, wrapping my arm’s around her waist. Y/N was curvy which meant she had a big squishy ass pressed against my crotch. I tried to holding in my whine my kissing her shoulder. She was stroking over Charlie’s face and looking down at him admiring, tucking the blanket around him. 

“I think Julian has a crush on you, now remember you’re mine” I smiled into her shoulder. She let out a laugh, elbowing me in the chest lightly before laying her head back onto me. Calum came over to us and took Charlie out of Y/N’s arm’s gently. He went and sat down next to Michael who leant on his shoulder and kissed Calum’s cheek. Y/N awed at Michael’s flushed face nuzzling into Calum’s shoulder. 

“You’re so breathtaking” Y/N said, I looked up at her and she was already looking down at me. I squeezed my hand, leaning my head up and kissing her lips. Her lips always taste peachy one of my favourite taste’s, I licked over her lips wanting to make it heated but she grabbed my jaw pulling me away. She gave me a smirk and pecked my lip. I ran my hand up her thigh, tucking it under her dress. She laid her head on my shoulder and kissed my neck, leaving small tingling sensations. Y/N skin was smooth, almost silky as I caressed her thigh, rubbing circles into it. She purred into my neck, sucking onto my neck and licking over it like a kitten. My breath hitched in my throat as she applied more pressure to my semi-hard on, rotating her ass around discreetly. I felt her giggle into my neck and suck onto my sweet spot.

“Stop” I growled pinching her leg and holding her body close. I grinded my body into her hearing a small pant come from her lips which went straight to my cock. 

“Baby” I rasped, she lifted up her head and kissed my jaw. 

“Yes” she smiled stroking over my beard. 

“You know what you’re doing” I whined bumping my nose on her jaw and kissing under her chin. 

“Do I?” she sassed, running her finger over my bottom lip, I took it between my lips sucking onto it and shutting my eyes. She was quick to remove her finger and stand up. I smirked in victory seeing her pull down her dress. Along the way of her teasing I some how forgot that we were surrounded by people. They were all focused on little Charlie anyway.

“We’re off now guys” she said hugging Luke. Luke wrapped his arms around her kissing her cheek. She hugged Calum and Michael as I bro hugged Luke and the rest. Y/N grabbed my hand as we waved goodbye, Y/N dragged me to the front door and to our car. I went to go in the passengers side but she pushed me up against the door. I felt a sharp sting in my back and hissed looking down at her. She stroked her hand’s down my chest, feeling me inhale her nail’s dragging lightly across my nipples. She touched her fingers over my tent in my pants and squeezed it. 

“Not here” I gulped, feeling extremely vulnerable to her touch. She licked over her lips and took out the key’s to the car.

“You drive” She winked. I rolled my eye’s biting my lip and walked around the car. I got into the blue car smelling the vanilla cupcake Yankee candle air freshener, Y/N’s choice. I started the engine and fastened my seat belt, turning the automatic car into drive. I rolled the car forward and drove down the road. Y/N rested her hand on my thigh and I instantly knew what she was doing, I clutched the steering wheel tightly focusing on the road. Y/N popped open my button and I whipped my head round at her.

“Focus on the road Ash” she purred unzipping the zipper. I faced forward stopping at the traffic light. Y/N tucked her hand under my trousers, I sat up a bit so she shuffled them down under my ass. My semi cock sprung up slowly, slightly drooping, but twitching when I saw the desire in Y/N’s eye’s. The light turned green and I stepped on the accelerator. Y/N licked over her hand and reach toward’s my cock giving it a small tug. 

“I can’t focus on the road when your hand is wrapped around my cock” I groaned, she circled her finger around my tip and laughed.

“Unless you want us to crash you’re going to drive” She whimpered, her face coming closer towards my dick. She licked up my dick, tracing up the vein and closing her eye’s. Her eyelashes fluttered against her cheek as she moaned onto my dick. I let out a groan, turning the wheel around the mini roundabout. Y/N tapped my tip against her lips, dribbling her wet lips along it. She gave it a peck before, sliding her lips around it. I gripped the steering wheel tightly, my finger’s going a white colour as she sucked onto it. 

“Fuck” I moaned pushing my head right back against the headboard. I kept my eye’s focused on the road and she swirled her tongue around my tip. She took me all the way the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat. I gasped, pressing to hard on the accelerate and trying to break it off. Y/N giggled around my cock hollowing her cheek’s and making the sweet sound of slurping. I turned in the corner to our house as she bobbed her head more rapidly up and down my slick cock. She twisted her hand around the base of my cock as she sucked onto the tip once again. 

I drove into the drive and tucked my hand under Y/N pulling up the handbrake. I turned the engine off and thrusted my hips into her mouth, she slightly gaged around me. I grabbed her hair pulling her off my cock, a small trail of saliva coming from her lips to my cock. She smiled smugly moving back, I just shook my head clenching my jaw. 

“You’re so getting it” I growled watching her throw her head back and moan. I pulled up my pant’s opening the car door and jumping out. Y/N was already at the front door of our house waiting for me to open the door. I walked slowly up to to her and she let out a whine smiling. I stuck my tongue between my teeth grinning and sticking the key in the hole. Y/N tucked her hand into my trousers, under my boxers and grabbed my cock, slowly stroking it. I flung open the door grabbing her hair and dragging her inside. I pushed her neck against the door slamming it shut and instantly pushed my lips of hers. I tilted her head with my thumb, poking my tongue into her mouth taste the peach flavour and the small taste of my pre-cum. 

Y/N let out a sweet moan which wet straight to my rock hard cock. She pushed me back, feeling her hands put as much pressure on my chest. I walked back moving my hands to her hips, she tugged down my trousers freeing my dick once again. My legs hit the back of the staircase as I fell back onto them. She detached her lip’s from mine and stood up straight. Her eye’s bored into mine as she stroked up her thighs and reached under her dress. She pulled down her panties and threw them across the room. I went to stand up but Y/N pushed me back on the stairs climbing on me.

“Too needy” She whined. She bunched up her skirt and licked over her finger’s, sliding the between her folds before grinding against me. She wrapped her hand around my cock, poking it at her entrance and sitting down onto it. I threw my head back onto the stair case clutching her hips as she sunk all the way down. She rolled her hip’s on mine slowly, placing her hand’s on my knee’s and giving me the sexiest look. Scanning up body body and fluttering her eyelashes and smirking. I slapped her thigh harshly, watching it jiggle. 

“Ow” She hissed, giving my chin a quick slap. I growled wrapping my arm’s around her, placing them on the top half of her back and grinding into her. I managed to tilt her back at a slight angel which made my cock thrust into her. I rolled up her dress as she pulled it up and over her head. I rocked into her, her hair flying everywhere. I grabbed her face moving her hair from it her making pfft sounds. I grabbed her face and sucked onto her lips licking over the top one and sucking hold of her tongue. 

“Fuck me” she whimpered.

“Am I not?” I smirked, grabbing a hold of the bottom of her ass and sitting back. I lifted her up as fucking up into her tight pussy. She ran her fingers through my hair roughly pulling at it, making a growl fall from my lips. She knew I loved it when she tugged at my hair, the curls between her dinky fingers. I moved my hands under the cup’s of her bra and squeezing her boobs in my hand. My cock was buried deep inside her as she rolled her hip’s. 

I could sense Y/N’s high as she clench my shoulders and dug her nails in. I whimpered, her walls tightening around me squeezing my cock. I felt my cock pulsate inside her making me go crazy. Y/N clamped her eye’s shut and took a long inhale in breath. She came around my cock looking like a goddess her hair matted against her forehead and her peachy lips parted. I came inside her, feeling the warm cum spurting inside her. I felt my balls tense and my cock still. 

“Ash” I heard Y/N moan stroking over my face. I smiled and opened my eye’s looking at her, she climbed off me. My cock drooping back down between my legs. 

“Round two upstairs maybe?” 

Okay imagine

Fall out boy is doing a concert. Patrick is singing, Pete is doing what he does, Andy and Joe are tearing up the guitar and drums. in between songs Patrick says
“we have a surprise for you guys just wait until later”.
No one know what is it but continue to sing and dance along and have an all around good time. Then suddenly, the opening of a song you Recognize begins. While the first notes of I Write Sins Not Tragedies ring though the arena, the crowd goes wild.
“Here’s the surprise I promised” says Patrick. Old panic! Bursts onto the stage. Everyone is screaming, Patrick and Brendon sing together in harmony.
“ what a shame the poor grooms bride is a-”
and with those words the arena goes black. Everyone silences, suspense and confusion ripples through the crowd. After a few long seconds of silence, the prominent G note of a piano rings out from the stage, which can only mean one thing. Screams erupt as the spotlights flash back on, Gerard way and the rest of my chemical romance stand in their black parade costumes in the centre of the stage while the intro continues to play. And with that the holy trinity is united and the story is told in tumblr for years.

a good feeling is thinking about someone you’ve been friends with for a long time and feeling so nice inside that you’ve known and loved each other through so many good and bad times and experienced all of it together.

“I just don’t love you the same anymore,” he said.

She should have seen it coming; should have felt it in his touches, in his empty words and his absent-minded presence; but she didn’t. So she cried every damned night; every time she reminisced their good times together, and also the bad ones they got through holding on to each other. She kept thinking about many ways to mend their crumbling relationship so she got the nerve and asked him with her trembling voice,

“Can’t I do anything to make you change your mind?”

“I don’t know… I’m tired of you,” was all he said and the next thing she heard was the beeping sound of a dropped call.

anonymous asked:

Could you write a Zion.t scenario where you are out clubbing together, you are dating, but a ssaseng fan wants to start trouble with you?

As soon as the bouncer saw the two of you near the entrance of the club he waved you through. You bowed your head slightly as a sign of gratefulness. Whenever you were with your boyfriend they all treated you completely different, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. You found it odd and uncomfortable at first, but with time you got used to it. After all he was a public figure.

You both were on the way to the VIP area of the club, where your friends were already waiting for you, when Hae-sol spotted one of his old friends near the bar. He placed his hand on your lower back and leaned in to you ear. “There’s someone I know. Go first, I’ll be right there.“ he said loudly into your ear to drown out the loud music and gently pushed you into the direction of the secluded area, after giving you a warm smile. You nodded your head and turned on your heels. But you were stopped in your track. Surprised by the warm hand on your shoulders, you turned around. In front of you stood a tall girl, who didn’t seem happy at all. You wondered whether you knew her, but your thoughts were interrupted when you felt a stingy feeling on your cheek. Your hands instinctively grabbed the red spot. You looked at her in disbelief while your jaw dropped wide open. "What the hell?!“ You yelled at her, still shocked by what just happened.

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I discovered this country singer with a dream back in 2006 when I was 9 and in the fourth grade, and she was 16. We’ve gone through good times and bad together. For all of my and her life’s milestones in the past 9 years, she has been there for me and I her. Now Taylor Alison Swift is 25 and the biggest superstar in the world, and I am 18, going to college to pursue my own dream. I feel like time moves faster in its years than its days, and that I am both beginning and ending. And I know that no matter what happens, Taylor and I will stick together.


I’m seriously so happy to be in this community. The kindness that you all spread is a constant reminder how wonderfully big hearted you all are. This is the first time I’ve ever felt included within a community and it’s thanks to each and everyone of you.

Yeah, Jack is the center of our community, but it’s all of you that bring me so much happiness each and every day. It’s nice to know that we can all come together through good times and bad.

Thank you for always spreading kindness throughout the community and making it what it is!


                  BIGBANG 10 years: WE MADE EVERYTHING!!!!!

BIGBANG IS VIP. They are our EVERYTHING!! They say “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE”… oh, it’s too late! We already love them… and we’ll love, UNTIL WHENEVER! We all REMEMBER the FEELING of discovering those 5 amazing guys and get amazed by their uniqueness. They stayed together, DAY BY DAY, during the good times, during the bad times, like a family, for real, not LIES. In despite of being called “BAD BOYs”, they’re just humans; who make mistakes but they’re not LOSERs; they learn through their mistakes and because of that they’re STILL ALIVE. We know there won’t be a LAST FAREWELL, BigBang will stay on TOP OF THE WORLD!! We’ll ALWAYS be with them because WE BELONG TOGETHER. They’ll always be our BAE BAEs. So, let’s put our HANDS UP and celebrate their 10th anniversary with much joy and happiness because it’s gonna be FANTASTIC, BABY!!!    

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can we get woozi and 50? thank you!

50. First time drunken mistake

… I’m not sure how angsty this is but I really hope you like it!

It wasn’t the first time either of you were drunk, and it wasn’t the first time you were drunk at the same time, but usually everything had gone smoothly. You’d be at a bar with some of your friends, dance together, let alcohol work its magic in your bodies, both in good and in bad. It was rare you’d even quarrel while drunk, but that night was… different, and not in a good way.

Maybe it was the stress, maybe it was that the day had been awful, maybe it was that you had been going through a rough patch, with lots of arguing and fighting - maybe. All that was certain was that the more Jihoon drank, the more irritated, angry and upset he got, and with his mood dropping, yours did, too.

“What’s wrong?” you asked eventually as you sat down next to him, your drink spilling a little when you put it on the table, and placed a hand on Jihoon’s arm. He groaned and shook your hand off.

“Nothing,” he said through gritted teeth, moving away from you. You frowned.

“Something’s clearly wrong, Jihoon. I’m worried,” you said with the smallest of slurs, loud enough for him to hear you over the music of the club you were in, and got back a sharp glare from him.

“Let’s go outside, we need to talk.” You frowned even more at his words, but followed him to the door anyways. The air was chilly despite it being summer, and it didn’t help that Jihoon was silent and radiating coldness, none of his usual warmth could be seen or felt.

You were about to speak up when he opened his mouth.

“I think we should break up.”

Even through your alcohol-induced state, you could process Jihoon’s words, painfully clearly so. It had been the last six words you had expected to hear from him, and they hit you hard.

“What?” you asked incredulously, your heart beating even faster with the anxiety that was taking over you, and slumped your shoulders, looking at him almost helplessly. He groaned and rubbed the back of his neck, a frown evident on his face.

“I’m just tired of always fighting with you, and I’m sick of how you keep an eye on me like I was a child,” he said, clearly irritated, and shot a glare at you. You took in a breath; you only kept an eye on him because you were worried, and that had only happened recently anyways, since he had been working long hours and was constantly exhausted, and with that, also more irritable than normally. Wasn’t it only natural that you were worried about him?

“We’re both drunk, we shouldn’t do this kind of decisions–”

“It’s not just because I’m drunk!” Jihoon cut you off loudly, clicking his tongue afterwards. “Gosh, you keep telling me what I should or shouldn’t do and it pisses me off.”

But you’re never like this, was what you thought at the back of your mind, but were only able to stand still and stare. Your usually understanding, warm boyfriend who’d do anything to solve any issues between the two of you was now giving up, and you were almost certain that if he was sober, the whole situation wouldn’t even be happening. You took a step towards him, only for him to take on backwards. “W-we’re just going through a rough patch, remember? The arguing isn’t all there is to us, Jihoon.”

Jihoon ran his fingers through his hair and took a deep, shaky breath. “Whatever. I’m fed up.”

You were quiet, clutching your purse and looking at the ground. The alcohol was blurring your thoughts, the only thing running through your mind being how unreal everything felt and how badly you wished it was just a nightmare, as it sure felt like one.

“I’m going home,” he muttered as he broke the silence, tone angry but quieter than earlier, and walked past you, his steps slightly wobbly. You turned to look after him and bit your lip as bitter tears welled up in your eyes.

“Fuck you, Lee Jihoon!”

He didn’t answer and just kept walking, kicking away the occasional larger rocks that came his way.

You shuddered; with how anxious you were, the already cold night air felt even colder. Wrapping your arms around yourself, you sighed and looked around. Where would you go now? You didn’t want to go home - you and Jihoon lived together, and he was the last person you wanted to see and were sure that the feeling was mutual - and your parents lived too far away.

Eventually you found your way to your best friend’s place. You woke them up when you knocked on their door, but as soon as they saw your tear-stained cheeks and glistening eyes, they were wide awake with their arms tight around you.

They held you through the night, telling you everything was okay and trying to take your thoughts elsewhere by talking about anything and everything but Jihoon. 

In the morning, you woke up alone to a series of text messages from him.

9:02am Where are you?

9:02am Is everything okay?

9:15am Ok last night’s coming back to me

9:16am I really fucked up

9:16am I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. It was such a mistake

9:25am Please forgive me?

You stared at your phone with your brows knitted and tears welling up in your eyes again, and put your phone down. You knew he was sorry, but you weren’t sure if he fully knew how much he had hurt you. As soon as they entered the bedroom and saw you, your best friend hurried to hug you, caressing your back soothingly..

You didn’t reply to Jihoon until many hours and multiple new messages from him later.

4:11pm I want some distance.

The distance was long and cold; you wanted time to calm down from the fact that your long-term boyfriend had called it off while saying all those things - whether or not he was drunk, it was still hurtful. Jihoon spent even more time in the studio, trying to write songs, but all he could come up with were melancholic melodies, slow beats and everything that represented both the regret and longing for you that wallowed inside of his heart.

Every single day you’d get an apology in one form or another, let it be in form of your favorite flowers, a half-minute recording of a song made for you and simple text messages like making sure you were eating well, sleeping early enough and wishing you a good morning.

Every single day you wanted to tell Jihoon that that wasn’t “distance” enough, but you didn’t have the heart to do that, not when you found yourself sitting on your friend’s couch, replaying the recordings over and over again.

He did his best to patch things up, and once you felt better, you took a step forward and asked him out for coffee so that you could talk things out.

After all, a drunk mistake, although awfully painful, was something neither of you wanted to let ruin your three-year relationship when you loved each other probably more than life itself.

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Closure is defined as: The act or process of closing something.
That’s not closure. That’s the most ambiguous statement alive.
Closure is realising that my Friday nights aren’t going to be spent cuddled up to the person I love. It’s realising that no matter how badly I want to forget you, I won’t. It’s accepting the fact that I’ve learnt so many lessons about who I am because of you, and being grateful for that. It’s accepting your faults in all entirety, and the hurt that comes with that. Knowing that as much as every part of my body wants to hate you for what you did, I will always still value your existence. It’s being okay with what has transpired, and forgiving you for that.
Closure is realising that I have enough self-respect to say no, I don’t deserve to be treated like that.
Closure is being thankful for all the times we spent together, good and bad, and appreciating the people we have both become through that.
You impacted my life so significantly, in ways I never dreamt possible. You gave me the opportunity to feel things I never knew existed. You shaped me in ways I will always be thankful for. No matter all your flaws you see, remember that you’re one in a million, and you have the capabilities of changing the world. Don’t give up your dreams to just be content. Keep striving, and remember that I’ll always be proud of you.
Closure is being able to write this, and be content with what it is. To take the good from the situations I’ve been given, and become the person I’ve always wanted.
—  Chris Quinlan | CLOSURE
The Only Sequel To Sealand I Will Ever Write

TW: mentions of panic attacks
a/n: this was meant to be silly and funny but ended up a bit angsty in parts oops. Absolutely do not take this as serious or ‘canon’ in any way. It’s one big excuse for me to make a stupid, stupid joke I thought of while writing The Great Sealand Takeover.

It’s purely a case of bad fucking timing.

The anniversary is approaching. Now that all six of them are together there are a lot of anniversaries; they’ve been popping up all year. Some of them are good - the day Geoff and Jack got together, all the little dates within that original relationship. The first time they worked with Michael and Ray. 

Others aren’t so good. The day Ryan joined his old team. The day Edgar killed them. The day Gavin got taken by Barry - the day Dan got him out. But they stick through them, together, and they’re okay, now; there have been a few rough spots but nothing they can’t get over, and all the scars are fading by now, literally and figuratively, and things are going well.

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RonxHermione and PercyxAnnabeth are my favorite couples because it wasn’t any of that “love at first sight” bullshit. They downright hated each other at first. Then they gradually became friends through the years, until they were best friends, and they would lay down their life for the other. By the time they were finally together, there had been other relationships, and that helped them. It showed them that there was really no one else they could ever love like the other. That’s the best kind of love, I think, and the strongest. Love that has grown out years of friendship. Where they know everything about each other; the good and the bad, the annoying habits and the adorable quirks; and they love it all. That right there is the deepest and truest form of love. That is my definition of “true love”