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Twice the love, twice the pain - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 1 (Single Father/ Nanny AU)

Title: Twice the love, twice the pain

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader

Word count: 3,098

Warnings: None (yet)

Summary: Moving in a new town, getting a job as the nanny of a lovely girl and yet you would have never imagined something like this would ever happen. On the first day of kindergarten and you get to meet two men that are bound to change your life for the best and worst at the same time.
Nobody would have ever been able to predict the outcome of this meeting. For any of the three of you.

“And no matter what happens you two stick together alright? Just like daddy has taught you, yeah?” Dean spoke as he was kneeling in front of his little girls.

“Yes daddy.” they both said at the same time, nodding their heads as Dean chuckled; kissing both their foreheads.

“Always, ok? And when the one is in trouble-”

“We get in trouble together!” Mary said with a wide grin and Dean laughed at his daughter, ruffling her hair.

“True but- I was going to say the other will help. Alright?” he looked between his twin girls, from the blonde to the brunette as they both nodded their heads with wide grins.

“Yes daddy!” they said again unison as they rocked on their heels.

“Alright and-” he paused for a moment “If you get in trouble together just- try to get out of trouble together.” he tried to sound as fatherly as he could and say the right thing as well.

“Like you and uncle Sammy?” little Samantha (Sam) asked and he breathed out a laugh, ruffling her hair.

“Yeah, just like uncle Sammy and I would.” he nodded his head.

“Are we going to see him today daddy?” the blonde asked, having a particularly soft spot for her uncle.

“If you’re lucky, enough.” he chuckled “Your uncle’s usually busy but you never know. You might catch sigh of him around.” he fixed their matching jackets and schoolbags as they nodded their heads.

“Alright so one last thing-” he looked at them seriously “-What have we said about strangers?”

“Kick hard first, ask questions later.” they said firmly in unison but before Dean could say a thing a chuckled was heard from behind him.

He almost jumped for a moment and his back straightened. He got up on his feet and turned to face the person, slightly flustered but trying to keep his calm. He straightened his tie and sweater and cleared his throat.

“Is there a prob-” he was about to ask but the words got stuck in his throat the moment he locked eyes with… you.

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practice makes perfect [victor/yuuri]

yooo i decided to combine these two prompts to knock out two birds w one stone lol anyways happy new year!!!!

“Here, lift your arms up more,” Victor instructs, “Like this, watch.”

He arcs his skates out into a wide turn, and cups his hands together before bringing them up, and then fanning them out above his head where his neck is bared. It’s beautiful and graceful, and Yuuri watches with rapt attention as Victor skates back towards him, hands on his hips.

“It needs to be like water, Yuuri. Elegant, fluid, but a little sexy, yeah?”

“Sexy, right,” Yuuri nods, and Victor laughs.

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Co Workers (Part Ten)

A/N: I’m apologizing again for my brain not working yesterday. I got so behind on everything because of it. But I’m back todayyyy YAY

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Uh it’s kind of fluffy, age difference between Y/N and Misha is briefly discussed 

Word Count: 1.8k

Catch up here! Co Workers Masterlist

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“So, you wanna go home and do that again?” He asked you, your head resting on his shoulder.

“I would, but I think we’d be late for work again tomorrow.”

“There’s a bed in my trailer..” He trailed off, lifting you to sit back up. You smiled and nodded. You climbed off of him to clean up a little and put on enough clothes to make the walk over to Misha’s trailer. You knew this was going to be a good night.

Over the next two weeks, everything had been going well. You and Misha practically spent every second together, the only time you two were apart was when you didn’t have scenes with each other.  You’d been alternating apartments, sometimes you’d stay with Misha and sometimes he’d stay with you. Your days off were spent tangled up in sheets in bed with him and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tomorrow was going to be different though, you were flying home for your dad’s birthday this weekend, and you were bringing Misha with you. You were a nervous wreck. Andrew was the only other person your family had met. He’d also been your only other boyfriend you’d ever had. You’d told your mom that you had broken up with Andrew, but she probably didn’t tell anyone else; and the only place where you and Misha had really announced that you were together was at the convention a few weeks ago. You really had no idea how anyone would react.

You were happy to be going home after all. You hadn’t seen your family in a few months. You’d tried to tell your mom that’d you’d get a hotel room, but she wasn’t having any of it. She insisted that you stay at home. You’d agreed and hoped it would work out.

Your younger sister lived at home, who also watched Supernatural; so you expected that to be awkward. You also had a slightly overprotective older brother, who was going to be staying the weekend at home as well. Along with cousins, aunts, and uncles who asked many questions. To say you were nervous about all of this was an understatement. That’s why when you were packing, Misha saw something from you that he’d never seen before, not even before your first panel. You were a nervous wreck. You were shaky and slightly sweaty, and you kept rambling about God knows what to Misha.

Currently, you were rambling about the one time when you were on vacation with your family and your cousins convinced you to chug a bunch of ocean water, causing you to get sick. You had no idea why you were telling Misha all of this, but he listened to you with smile on his face, your ramblings adding another thing to his list of reasons why he loves you. When you got to the part of the story where you were explaining what your puke looked like, he finally interrupted you.

“Y/N, babe.-” he got up off of your bed where he was sitting and walked around to you, where you were placing clothes in a suitcase- “I know what your puke looks like, remember?” He joked, remembering the time he cleaned up after you when you were a drunken mess.

You sighed as he pulled you into a hug.

“I’m sorry, I’m just so nervous-” you looked up at him- “what if they don’t like you?”

“Then they don’t like me, it’ll be fine,” he smiled at you, and laughed little, “aren’t I supposed to be the one that’s nervous about this?”

You turned your head to the side. He was right. You were over reacting. People introduce their significant others to their family all the time. This time was no different. Misha already fit so perfectly into your life, it wouldn’t make sense for your family not to like him.

“You’re right-” you shook your head- “you really don’t need my entire life story before tomorrow morning.”

You pulled away and turned to finish packing, Misha’s gaze never leaving you. You looked at him from the corner of your eye as you rolled some clothes up to put in your bag.

“What’re you staring at?” you said playfully, turning back to face him.

“I just can’t get over how lucky I am to have you.” He said before turning to go back where he was sitting. You blushed, like you always do around him. You threw one of your shirts at him.

“Go to sleep, we have an early flight.”

“Fine-” he said, adjusting himself on your bed, when he was comfortable he held his arms out for you to join him- “C’mere.”

You finished placing your clothes in your suitcase and plopped it on the floor, shutting the light off before crawling in bed with Misha.

You and Misha had to be up at three in the morning to get going. Your flight was a long one, and then you had a two hour drive from the airport to your parents’ house. Misha had offered to drive, but you said it’d just be easier for you to since you knew the area. You were tired from sitting on an airplane all day, the sudden time change, and now this two hour drive you had to make.

You pulled up in your parents driveway, your heart was pounding. You had moved passed the rambling stage of your nervousness, and you’d moved onto silence. Misha was talking to you the entire ride to try and get your mind off of it but it didn’t help. You took a deep breath and got out of the car. Misha followed you, and you walked hand in hand to the door. Before you even got to your porch your mom had flung the door open and ran outside!

“My baby!” She yelled as she wrapped her arms around you, you leaning into her hug. You missed her. She pulled away from you and turned to Misha.

“And who is this?” she knew exactly who he was; but your mom wanted you to say it.

“Mom, this is Misha…my boyfriend.” he smiled at her and began to reach his hand out to shake hers when she pulled him into a hug too. You cleared your throat, causing your mom to pull away and look at you.

“Okay Miss tv star, come inside.” she said jokingly, and you and Misha following her in.

You immediately plopped down on the couch in the living room, motioning for Misha to come sit next to you, your mom had went upstairs to get your brother and sister. You laid your head back and closed your eyes. You were happy to be home.

“Y/N? You’re dating Misha Collins!? And you brought him here?!” You heard your sister squeal and your eyes shot open. You jumped up and ran to her, tackling her down to the floor with a hug. Through laughs and squeals you were finally able to talk.

“Yes, he’s right there, and yes I’m dating him.” You noticed he had gotten up to help you up off of the floor. Your sister shot up and hugged him before you had the chance to grab his hand. You stood up and placed your hands on your hips.

“Jen-” you moved over to try and pry her off of him- “he’s an actual human being Jen, you can’t just attach yourself to him like that.”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t believe he’s real, and that you’re dating him, and that you’re on the show!”

She smiled as she gave you another hug.

“Misha this is Jen, Jen-Misha.” you said.

“Hi Jen.” Misha said

“Can you say my name again Castiel?”

“Jen!” you yelled at her.

“Jen what are you doing?” you heard your mom entering the room. Misha laughed and looked at you. You forgot he’s used to this kind of treatment.

“Y/N, your brother’s caught up in a deep game of whatever on his nintendo-” she finished walking down the stairs- “and your father will be home in a few hours.”

“Okay mom-uh, I think Misha and I are gonna go up to my room, we’re both really tired from flying all day.” You noticed the way your mom and Jen were looking at you, they wanted you to stay and talk to them for a while. You looked at Misha, you could tell he needed some sleep.

“Actually, Misha, I’ll get our bags and I’ll be up there soon.” you told him where your room was and by the sound of your door closing it seemed he had found it alright.

You, your mom and your sister all sat down in the living room. You taking the couch again, this time next to Jen, and your mom sat down in her chair.

“So how are you guys?” you asked them

“It’s been boring around here since you and Derek moved out.” Jen said.

“Jen, it wouldn’t be so bad if you actually let the house once in awhile.” your mom told her, she responded by glaring at her.

“What’s it like being on a tv show?” Jen asked you.

“It’s fun, I really like it. I mean, the hours are long and it’s exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade it.”

“And Misha?” Jen wanted you to tell her how you came about dating him.

“Misha’s a story for another time Jenny.” You’re mom looked at you as you tried to shut that conversation down.

“And how old is Misha, honey?” your mom asked you. You never really thought about the age difference between you and Misha, it had never really come up. But to some people it was probably a little weird.

“He’s 42.” Your mom just sort of raised her eyebrows at you before trying to change the subject.

“And you’re happy?”

You smiled and nodded. You were really happy. Misha was probably the single greatest thing that had ever happened to you.

“So what are we doing for dad’s-” you were cut off by the doorbell ringing- “I’ll get it.” you offered. You thought it would be a nice surprise for whoever was stopping by. Your mom and sister continued talking as you got up and walked to the door, opening it with a smile and without a second thought.

“Hi, Y/N. Are you busy?” your jaw dropped when you saw Andrew standing on your porch. What could he possibly want? Why would he even bother coming here? You decided not to make it seem like you were trying to avoid him at all costs so you turned around to walk into the kitchen, leaving the door open so that he could follow you in. You figured if you ever wanted him to leave you alone, you’d have to hear him out. He followed you into the kitchen and you spun around to face him.

“What do you want, Andrew?” you snapped at him as quietly as you could, so that no one would hear you.

“I wanted to apologize.”

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BTS Reaction to you waiting for them at night awake so you can both go to sleep together

thanks for requesting @dae-bakk-pop , i hope you enjoy! I decided to write little scenarios for each member for this reaction. (when text is italic it means that your the one talking!)


he would open the front door to your appartment and immediatly be concerned seeing your almost asleep body sitting on the couch waiting for him. “Jagi, were you wainting for me?” he asked and you nodded with your almost closed eyes. He would sigh loudly shaking his head, then he would carry you to your bed and lay beside you. “Good night y/n..” he would kiss your forehead and turn off the table lamp.

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he would lazyly open the front door  and take off his jacket. “Y/n i’m ho-..” He would stop what he’s doing seeing you drinking coffee to stay awake. “Are you drinking coffee? This late at night?” “Yeah..” “Why?” “Cause i was trying to stay awake until you got here so we could sleep together” you would respond looking down at your coffee. “You’re so cute” he would run to you and pinch your cheeks. “Now that i’m here let’s go to sleep”.

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He slowly open the bedroom door to see if you were asleep, but you were on your phone playing games trying to stay awake. “Y/n? You’re still awake?” “Yeah” you would respond not looking away from your phone. He would sit beside you and take the phone out of your hands slowly and you would pout, he would smile at your cuteness. “Y/n why are you awake this late?” “Cause i was waiting for you..” you would say shyly trying not to make eye contact with him. He would take his index finger and place it on your chin slowly making you look at him “Jagi don’t stay up late waiting for me, it’s bad for you” Then he lays beside you and cuddles you until  you both fall asleep. 

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You were watching TV until you heard the front door of your apartment open. “You’re here! Finally” You got off the couch running and hugging your surprised boyfriend standing beside the front door. “Finally? Wait, were you waiting for me?” he asked you and you let go of him and nodded. He would look at you with a small smile and carry you to your bed. “Jagi go to sleep, I’m gonna go take a shower and then i’ll come back okay?” you nodded and he gave you a little kiss on your cheek.

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Rap Monster

He would open the front door and see your sleeping body laying on the couch holding a book, he would laugh a little cause you were snooring but then he would put the book on the table and carry you up the stairs where your room was. When he reached the door to your room he quietly tried to open the door still carying you not wanting to wake you up, (but since he’s god of destruction) the door would open up loudly and he wanting to stop the door from making more sound he would slowly catch the door but you would fall to the floor. “Shi-” he would mutter under his breath and you would wake up and hold your head cause it hurt. “Are you okay?” he would ask trying to contain his laughter and also helping you get up and you would just glare at him. “I think that’s a no.. hehe um i’ll get you some ice, just go and lay on the bed until i come back”

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He would see you laying on the bed watching youtube videos until he arrived, when you noticed him laying on the door frame of your room he would just stare at you blankly, then look at his watch to see what time it was exactly, then stare at you again still laying beside the door frame. “It’s 1:24 in the morning, may i know why you’re up?” he would finally say after all that staring. “Waiting for you..” you would reply and he would let out a big sigh out and then close the door behind him and just lay beside you on the bed. “I’ll ask you about this later when i’m not sleepy, good night” You would then cuddle him until you fell asleep.

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You would be playing Mario Games on your Wii but you were so sleepy you couldn’t concentrate on the game anymore so when you fell asleep playing the game when Jin arrived. “Y/n your letting Bowser beat you!” he would say grabing your controller and finnishing the game. “There! I won for yo-” he would see your sleeping figure sitting on the couch. He would laugh because he didn’t notice you were asleep before but then he would carry you to your bed and put a blanket over you. Then he would give you a kiss on your forhead and fall asleep beside you.

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-Alo <3

I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 11/?) (Rogers/Barnes x reader)

Part 10

“Mama!” Anthony squealed with delight, waking from a perfect sleep when the connection with you was finally made again, and the world was right as far as he was concerned.  He stood up in his crib and slapped his hands on the railing until Brooklyn woke too, standing just as he was to look back with a laugh that matched his.  Grant was soon behind, and the three of them were interacting together in a way that no one had yet to witness.  Brooklyn nodded her head towards Anthony, and the side rail of his crib began to slowly lower; she then released hers and Grant’s as well, each of them now carefully climbing down over the side and to the ground, taking care to not make too much noise in the silence of nighttime.

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“I’m sorry (y/n), but I can’t do this anymore.” Isaac said on the last day of your trip.

Your heart fell solidly into your stomach and your shoulders slumped at his admission. You couldn’t blame him, not really. Being roped into spending a week at some remote mountain resort with your crazy hectic family while also having to pretend to be your boyfriend was probably not very enjoyable for Isaac. But you were desperate and couldn’t stand being alone again this year, and Isaac had offered and who were you to look a gift horse in the mouth. You knew it was a mistake, what with your longstanding crush on him bound to be revealed when the two of you spent so much time together, but– again– not looking a gift horse in the mouth. 

You realized Isaac was still waiting for answer to his admission so you nodded your head a little to quickly and tried to play it off. “Oh, yeah I understand. We’re a bit of a rowdy bunch to handle.” You tried not to let the sadness leak into your voice, “I can just tell them you’re sick and you can just hang out in the hotel tomorrow?” 

Isaac looked at you shocked for a second, before shaking his head. “No, no that’s not what I’m talking about.” 

“Then what’s wrong?”

Isaac opened and closed his mouth a few times, searching for the right words. “I love being here with you, and your family. This has been the best trip I’ve taken in, well, forever.” You were sitting next to him and he reached over to grab one of your hands in both of his. “I truly love being here…with you.” 

Briefly, you were lost in the cerulean blue of his eyes. He was gazing at you with a controlled look of desperate hope and you tried to piece together what he meant.

“What do you mean?” You questioned?

He sighed and rubbed at his jaw, “I’m saying that I like this too much. I like doing this, pretending to be with you, way too much.” He tilted his head up and growled a bit before fixing you with a imploring look, “I’m saying that I think I’ve fallen in love with you.” 

You gaped at him, opening and closing your mouth like a fish before realizing that was probably extremely unattractive. 

“C’mon, say something,” Isaac said, laughing slightly to play off the mood, “I just admitted my undying love and you just did the physical equivalent of ghosting me.” 

You laughed at him and squeezed the hand that still held yours. You honestly had no idea what to say, equal parts thrilled and shocked at his admission. 

“Isaac,” You said, “I’ve been in love with you…for a while.” Admitting that was like a huge weight was lifted off your chest.



“Well way to trump my declaration.” 

Laughter broke out between the two of you and unconsciously, you leaned closer towards one another. Isaac gave you a dopey little smile that made you swoon and threaded your fingers together.

“So I guess we can take the ‘fake’ out of this equation, yeah?” Isaac said softly. He was leaning closer and you were becoming increasingly distracted by the proximity of his lips. 

(Y/n)?” He asked teasingly, clearly knowing the affect he was having on you. 

“Yeah yeah real dating not fake dating,” You said hurriedly, “Just stop talking and kiss me.” 

Isaac laughed, but obeyed and closed the distance between you in a soft, but no less passionate kiss. 

anonymous asked:

I saw you reblogged that post about angsting over the idea of Severus and Charity Burbage having had a relationship and I'd really like to hear a little fic from you about how they got together

A little quick, but here we go.  :)

“Severus.”  McGonagall paused, and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Severus, really!”  She watched helplessly as the younger man howled with laughter, his head thrown back against the staffroom wall.

“That’s quite enough, Severus,” Dumbledore said, sternly, and Snape’s riotous laughter finally abated.

“I do apologise, Headmaster,” he said, a smirk still adorning his face.  “Professor Quirrell.”  He gave a half nod.

Quirrell scowled, and adjusted the neck of his robes.  “Thank you.  Thank you, my friends.  I am looking forward to this next step in my career.  Of course, I had expected some jealousy,” he shot back, “from certain colleagues who have failed to progress themselves, and don’t have the necessary bravery or courage to…”  He trailed off as Snape’s cold black eyes bored into his own, his smirk now but a memory.  “That is, ahem, to say…to say…”

Dumbledore stepped forward, and clasped Quirrell’s shoulder.  “You shall be missed.  I know I speak for both the students and the staff,” he paused, and inclined his head towards Snape until the Potions Master stopped glaring at Quirrell, “when I say that your work as Muggle Studies teacher has been exemplary-”

“Exemplary,” Snape echoed, giving a sarcastic round of applause.

“Severus, a word, if I may?”

“As you wish, Headmaster.”

Snape watched as the rest of his colleagues filed out of the staffroom, all wishing Quirrell well on his impending travels.

“Your reaction to your colleague’s upcoming adventure was…curious.”

“His entire trip is curious,” Snape sneered.  “Practical experience!  What a ridiculous notion – the man can barely teach Muggle Studies.  It is implausible that he’s going to pick up enough practical experience in a year overseas to be able to teach Defence in an adequate manner.”

“Ah.  You think you could offer more?”

“At Defence, or Muggle Studies?” Snape shot back.

“I would imagine that you were suitably qualified for either.”

Snape gave a soft laugh. “I could just imagine Malfoy’s face if I took on the newly vacated role of Muggle Studies teacher.”

Dumbledore gave a wry smile. “Now now, let’s not be hasty.  I could well imagine Lucius Malfoy rubbing his hands together with glee at the idea of having a hand in our Muggle Studies curriculum.”

“Indeed.  On second thoughts,” Snape smiled back, “perhaps I should put my name forward?”

“I think not,” Dumbledore said quickly.  “I already have an application form from you in my office for the Defence position.”

“Oh…yes.”  Snape paused.  “Tell me, what did I write this year?”

Dumbledore waved his hand. “How you feel that your recent OWL results speak for themselves, and that you feel you can bring such competency to another subject within the school.”

“Better than last year’s effort,” Snape nodded curtly.  “Didn’t I apparently witter on about classroom attendance?”

“I believe you did. For four pages.  Including an insulting illustration.”  Dumbledore smiled.  “I feel that your applications will only improve in quality as the years go by.  Naturally, I already have someone in mind for the position.”

“Of course.”  Snape frowned at Dumbledore’s continued silence. “…you’re not actually suggesting I do apply for Muggle Studies, are you?”

“No,” Dumbledore said. “The Defence application is one thing, but it wouldn’t do for you to appear disgruntled within your current role.”

“Then, Headmaster, with all due respect, why did you wish to speak to me?”  He gave a broad smile in sudden realisation.  “It was because I laughed at him, wasn’t it?  Because I mocked him?”

Dumbledore shook his head. “No.  Well, I would appreciate it if you could curb such…excesses towards your fellow staff members in the future…”

Snape nodded.

“But I wished to ask you to try and welcome our new Muggle Studies teacher with open arms.”

“Open arms?”

“A friendly face.”

“A friendly face?” Snape’s eyebrows were raised so high, they almost reached his hairline.  “Me? Why not McGonagall?  Or Flitwick?  Or Sprout, she’s always blathering on about friendship and-”

“Severus, it is important that you appear sufficiently ingratiated into Hogwarts when you return to your Dark Lord.”

“And you suggest I do so by befriending the Muggle Studies teacher?” Snape scoffed.  “Yes, that will go down fantastically well!  He’s always been so supportive of-”

“-you would do well to prove,” Dumbledore said coldly, “that you have his best interests at heart.”

Snape frowned.

“And you do that,” Dumbledore continued, “by doing whatever is required of you, no matter how distasteful the task first appears.”  He gave Snape a sharp look.  “You explain that whilst you have my confidence, you were curious at how the Muggle Studies teacher had been taken under my wing.”

“…go on.”

“And that you decided, of your own volition, to see if the information filtered back through the Muggle Studies teacher matched with your own experiences.”  He peered at the younger man.  “Are we in agreement?”

“What do you mean, you’ve never been?”

“Oh, and you have?”

Snape barked a laugh. “I cannot believe that you’re teaching Muggle Studies and you’ve never been to the cinema.”

“And I can’t believe that you’re the Head of Slytherin, and you indulge in such Muggle pursuits.”


She leant forward, her glass clutched in her hands.  “And you don’t even deny it.”  She peered at him.  “What sort of a pureblood are you?”

He gave a wide grin and lowered his voice conspiratorially, leaning forward to whisper.  “The halfblood type.”

Burbage’s peals of laughter were high-pitched and loud.  “Halfblood. Yes!  You’re so obviously a halfbood.”

“All right,” Snape said, picking up the rapidly emptying whisky bottle and refilling their glasses. “There’s no need to gloat.”

“Snape.  Snape, Snape, Snape.  It’s not a pureblood name at all.  It’s just, with you being head of-”

“I have heard this before,” he interrupted smoothly.  “My mother was a pureblood, if that helps.”

“And your father a half?”

“With a name like Snape?”

“He was a Muggle?”

“You don’t need to look scandalised.  You are the Muggle Studies teacher, are you not?  I thought you approved of mixed relations?”

Burbage glanced down apologetically.  “Sorry, it’s just, it’s not every day a halfblood makes head of-”

“-and certainly not one with a filthy Muggle father.”

“Severus!”  Burbage looked appalled.

“I’m not referring to his blood.  He himself is the filth,” he quickly elaborated.  “Well, was.”

“Was?”  She shifted uneasily.  “Well, I’m sorry for your loss.”

“I’m not.”


He stood, and took a long gulp of his whisky, the harsh liquid burning the back of his throat.  “Come on then.  We can’t Apparate from the grounds.”

“Apparate?  To where?”

He rolled his eyes, and forcibly removed the glass from her hand, holding out his arm instead.  “To the cinema.  Where else?”

Alec lightwood imagine

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Gif is not mine 

Please note that english isn’t my first language but yeah hope you like it!

This was requested from the lovely @leilanymontalvo-blog  : Alec lightwood imagine where the reader is pregnant and clary is surprised.

this is short i’m sorry. And this is my first imagine and i know heres a lot of time jumps it’ll get better with time ;)

summary: Alec and y/n has been together for 4 years and they just found out that y/n is pregnant and clary finds a baby book in y/n and Alecs room.


“Are you serious?!” Alec screamed in happiness but y/n put her hand over his mouth. “no one can know except for jace and iz, not this early” y/n said quietly and looked around to see if anyone heard. Alec nodded his head “of course angel, i’m just so happy. i can’t believe i am going to be a father”  Y/n smiled hearing that but then her smile faded “I’m just scared” Y/n said looking away but Alec took her chin and tilted it to him. “ I love you and this is going to be the most amazing experience ever. i promise” He said and kissed Y/n.

Next day:

Y/n walked to the training room where izzy was training. “good morning, are you ready?” y/n said and picked up a staff and threw one to izzy. “You shouldn’t be training” Izzy said and looked at Y/n belly. Y/n rolled her eyes and looked at her parabatai. “ Iz it’s totally fine i haven’t even been pregnant for a month. i know Alec isn’t going to let me do anything so please just let me train” izzy laughed “ okay then let’s go” 

Later that day.

Y/n where on her way back to her room to shower when Alec came towards her, he did not look happy. “where have you been?” He asked. “i’ve been training with izzy why?” Y/n pretended to look confused even though she knew what he was thinking. “I really don’t think you should be training when you are pregnant” Alec said with his puppy eyes. “Babe it’s totally fine, don’t worry, our baby is fine, i’m fine, just let me go and take a shower and i’ll meet you at lunch okay?” Y/n said and hugged Alec goodbye. “okay see you later angel” 

When y/n had showered she heard someone in her room so she walked out from the bathroom and saw a tiny redhead holding something. “Clary? what are you doing here?” y/n asked and Clary looked up from the thing she was holding and smiled. “Oh my god…, y/n are you pregnant” She asked holding up the baby book that y/n had just bought. y/n laughed “yeah i am, it’s very early so we didn’t want to tell everyone just yet.” Clary nodded “your secret is safe with me” y/n smiled “ thank you”.

And that was it for this imagine guys thanks for reading and please send in more request love you!!


Pairing: pre-war!Bucky Barnes x Reader (ft. pre-serum!stevie)

Summary: Bucky has a thing for Y/N, so when a date of hers tries to take advantage, of course he steps in.

Word Count: 929

Warning: jealous!bucky lol, hints at sexual assault(?), fluuuuuff

A/N: requested by anon!

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Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers and Y/N L/N had been best-friends for the longest time. The three of them did everything together. But, Bucky had always had a thing for Y/N. Steve knew, obviously. Steve also knew that his thing for Y/N was the reason Bucky went on so many dates, he needed a distraction. Little did Buck know, that was the same reason Y/N went on so many dates too.

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Limited Time

Summary: could you do one where Y/N is Justin’s Ex. They were together since high school and they broke up during college, but J comes back to their hometown to find she’s seriously ill and he’s a wreck.


Justin is always on my mind, ever since we broke up. We were together since high school. We were high school ‘sweethearts’.

After we broke up, he moved from Toronto to L.A to pursue his dream. I have always been behind Justin, rooting for him. It did break my heart when he has to leave but I accepted it because I want him to do well, which he had and I am so proud of him.

“Guess what!” My best friend, Stacy, shouted barging into my hospital room.

“What?” I asked, weakly. She kissed my forehead and sighed.

“Are you feeling any better?” She asked, stroking my head. I nodded a little.

“I’m fine. What were you going to tell me?” I asked, smiling a little.

“Oh yeah, Justin is back in town” She said slightly jumping on the spot. She knows about everything form high school.

“And…he wants to see you He’s been asking everyone about you but no one told him you where here” she said. I sighed in relief.

“Good, I don’t want him to see me like this” I said, closing my eyes, suddenly feeling tired.

“He’s going to find you, you know” she said, shifting on my bed. Something she does when she’s guilty of uncomfortable.

I opened my eyes and glared at her “you told him, didn’t you?” I said, weakly slapping her arm.

She grabbed my hand. “ I’m sorry. He really wanted to see you. I told him I would pick him up….now. I gotta go” she said, rushing out the door before I could respond.

I just sighed and closed my eyes falling asleep quickly.


I was woken up by voices but I didn’t open my eyes.

“W-what’s wrong with her?” A deep voice said. I recognised that voice anywhere, Justin.

“No one knows. She was diagnosed a couple months ago. The doctors don’t know what it is but they’re trying to find out what it is” she said, her voice thick with tears which instantly made me want to cry.

“Is she going” Justin asked. I could hear his gulp from here.

“No….she only has a month left” Stacy said, sniffling. I opened my eyes and slowly turned my head towards them.

“Hi..” I said giving them a small smile.

“I’ll leave you two alone” Stacy said, walking out the door, closing it behind her.

“How are you doing?” Justin asked, sitting on the bed, holding onto my hand.

“I’m fine, Are you?” I asked, lightly squeezing his hand.

“I’m not important right now. How come you never called?” He asked, a tear slipping from his eye. I tried to wipe it from his cheek but when I lifted my hand, he barn I violently shake so put it back down on the bed.

“I didn’t want to get in the way of your dream. I know it’s important to you” I said, holding my tears in.

“You are more important Y/N. I can’t handle you leaving me” he said, breaking down in tears.

“Please don’t cry” I said, blinking trying to get rid of the tears from my eyes.

“No! You cannot leave!” He shouted standing up from the end and inches the wall.

“You can’t die on me Y/N. Please God, don’t let her die” he said, looking up to the ceiling.

“Justin! Stop please !” I shouted but it came out in a loud whisper.

“I can’t! The thought of you leaving me forever breaks my heart” he said, sitting on my bed holding my hand again.

“Let’s not talk about this okay? Ou being here makes me feel better” I said, smiling at him.

He took a deep breathe and nodded.

“What have you been doing lately?” I asked, interested.

“Well…” he trailed off and began talking about his journey to becoming pop sensation, Justin Bieber.

Percy Imagine

I’m gonna turn the preference request into 4 separate imagines… that okay? I’m gonna guess that’s okay, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’ve got a really cute idea

You finish tying the flowers together, making a little flower crown. You look at Percy, your boyfriend, and smirk. “I crown you, Perseus Jackson, the mayor of flower town,” you say while tossing the crown on his head.

He laughs. ‘Oh my god, this is such an honor! I wasn’t expecting this!”

You laugh as you sit up, against a brick wall. “Congratulations.”

He chuckles as he sits up with you. “Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

You nod. “not too hot, not too cold, the Gods must be really happy today.”

He chuckles. “Makes me kinda tired.”

You sigh. “Aww, I don’t wanna head back to Camp yet.”

“Unless I sleep with my head on your lap then we’ve gotta.”

“Go right ahead.”

He chuckles again. “You serious?”

You nod. “As serious as Poseidon’s underpants.”

“Wow, that’s serious.”

You laugh. “Yes, I’m being serious Seaweed Brain.”

He puts his head in your lap and closes his eyes, facing the sky.

“Deep in the meadow,” you begin to sing quietly after a couple minutes.

“Under the willow.

“A bed of grass,

“A soft green pillow.

“Lay down your head,

“And close your sleepy eyes.

“And when they open,

“The sun will rise.

“Here it’s safe,

“Here it’s warm,

“Here the daisies guard you from every harm.

“Here is the place where love is true,

“Here is the place where I love you.”

You look down at Percy with a smile on your face. Until you realize his eyes are open.

“That sounded great, babe,” he says to you with a smile on his face.

Wash It Away

Summary: You and Sam spend some time together after a hunt. Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Celebration Challenge (x). My visual prompt, nsfw gif is under the cut.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Sam Winchester x Female reader

Word Count: 767

Warnings: nsfw, smut, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sexual contact,

Author’s Notes:  None

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buckysbears  asked:

ALSO BC THERE ISNT ENOUGH FITZMAY, fitzmay + professor and student au

  • A little bit of her is embarrassed for being one of the oldest students in the class, but she holds her head up high and marches right in.
  • Oh god, the professor looks like he’s a kid. She can’t do this.
  • but she wants that diploma so badly.
  • (for the first time she’s looking forward instead of backwards)
  • the first day he tries to call her Melinda and she glares at him (she glares at everyone but this is directed right towards him).
  • “May.”
  • “Excuse me?”
  • “Not Melinda. May.”
  • He narrows his eyes and cocks his head to the side before he smiles and nods. “And I’m Fitz.”
  • she likes him.
  • He’s a kid but he knows what he’s teaching, and when it starts to get a little challenging she doesn’t hesitate to ask him for help
  • they have lunch together wednesdays and fridays and he helps her with her homework.
  • she even meets his wife, Jemma, and likes her too. Really likes her, in fact.
  • (they’ve gotten lunch and dinner and brunch a couple of times as well.)
  • and in May when May receives that diploma, turning out towards the crowd, Fitz and Jemma are in the front row, standing and clapping.
  • Fitz has tears in his eyes.
  • (She smiles.)

Gif source:  Wade

Imagine Deadpool’s reaction when you go into labor with his child.

——— Request for anon ———

“Wade,” you get a hum of acknowledgement as your answer while you waddle into the room, a hand cupping the bottom of your baby bump as you let out a sigh in an attempt to keep your breathing steady, “I think my water just broke.”

That has him snapping his head away from the still-unassembled crib he was working on, wide-eyed as you give him a little nod, “Oh, fuck me.”

“I did,” you respond dryly as he hops up from the ground, screws whirring on the floor as they roll away from his erratic movements.

“Holy shit, we should do something,” he swallows, hands hovering towards you as he pieces together some form of composure.

“Hospital, Wade.”

“Right. Hospital.”

Hope and Despair [ Bucky Barnes x OC - Reader Insert ] (2/3)

Prompt : Second part of This

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x OC

Genre : Angsty AF   |   Warning : mention of torture/blood

Author’s Note : It was supposed to be a 2 part story. I might have end up with three chapters. I’ll post the next chapter like tomorrow or something lol. 

Tell me what you think :)

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Bucky’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion when the woman’s smile faltered a fraction. He could see unshed tears lining her eyes as she pulled her hand away, something he wished she didn’t do. His lips curled into a hesitant smile as he reached out his right hand.

“I know you?” He spoke softly with a questioning tone. He tilted his head a little. The woman in front of him gave him a strained smile and Bucky thought he saw tears down her cheeks when she turned around and walked over to the table across the room.

“You do.” She nodded, sniffling a little as she offered him a glass of water. She pressed the button next to his bed and sat back on the chair, eyes watching his every move.

“I… I’m sorry.” He didn’t know why he felt like he should apologize. She shook her head and mumbled something he couldn’t quite catch. Bucky was about to ask another question when the door slid open.

“You’re awake!” The man smiled. Bucky squeezed his eyes shut as glimpses of memory flashed before his eyes. The fight in the alley because a bully was trying to hit a dame. Scouring for food with his best friend, hoping the owner of the diner would let them in for one last time. Bucky furrowed his eyebrows. His friend was not this tall before. He was just a scrawny and sickly kid. But then the army happened. The red, white, and blue shield. There was a train and he remembered Steve screaming his name while he fell, and the pain –and Bucky let out a shuddery breath as he opened his eyes.

“S-steve?” He looked up, a little unsure. His face contorted into a worried expression the woman next to his friend choked back a sob. She covered her mouth with her hand and mumbled an apology before scurrying out of the room.

* * *

[Y/N] sat on the leather chair outside the hospital room, with her arms wrapped around her body, eyes squeezed shut in an effort to make herself as small as possible while Steve, Sam, and Natasha stood next to her, eyes fixed on Helen Cho who was trying to explain what was happening. She felt sick. So she hugged herself tighter and bit her lips, hoping no one would notice the way her body shook as she listened to every single method of tortures HYDRA put Bucky through.

“This was a different programming. Professor Rodchenko built a second layer for his  programming before you arrived at the HYDRA base. They were finishing the wiping when you arrived.” Helen Cho explained. There were dark circles under her eyes that were more visible when she took off her glasses. “I’m sorry. We’re still trying to find out if there were anything we could do to retrieve this specific memories but this… we… I don’t think we have the technology for this. This is too advanced. Rodchenko managed to cut out this specific memories and we still don’t know how he did it.”

They told her this could happen, she reminded herself. That this might be one of the side effects. She thought she was prepared for it. But she could hear her heart breaking when he uttered the words. His grey eyes were so bright and curious and she really believed for a moment that he would start laughing and told her it was just a cruel joke. She’d do anything for it to be a cruel joke. Anything but this, she prayed, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

“And where is Rodchenko now?” She heard Sam asking the big question.

“He escaped. Someone from HYDRA got him out last night. Tony is trying to find him.” Natasha answered in a clipped tone.

“[Y/N]?” Steve’s voice made her look up. He was looking at her with his big blue eyes, his lips curled into a worried smile. “Do… do you want to go back home first?”

“I can take you back.” Natasha smiled. She rested her hand on [Y/N]’s shoulder comfortingly. It was supposed to make her feel a tad better but all she could think of is how much she missed the feelings of Bucky’s hands on her skin.

It was like flipping a switch. Something inside her slowly changed and she could feel herself detaching from the pain and the heartache. She quietly stood up and smoothened out her sweater before turning to face her friends with empty eyes.

“I can go back on my own.” She tightly smiled. “Say goodbye to Bucky for me, will you?”

She didn’t wait for an answer before she turned on her heels and walked away.

* * *

Her feet took her back to her room and she wasted no time to take out her duffel bag and shoved some shirts and jeans inside. She grabbed her toiletries and the guns Bucky gave her last year. Once she was done, she zipped up the duffel bag and changed into a long black shirt and a pair of jeans. She put her phone inside the pocket of her leather jacket, another gift from Bucky. Her lips twitched into a sad smile as she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

This is it, she thought to herself, her fingers tracing the photo frames neatly placed on the table.

It didn’t take her long to get the information she needed. She approached Tony’s working lab and stealthily tapped into her friend’s mind, scouring for any information she could use to find the people responsible for this.

“Don’t do it, [Y/N].” Wanda’s soft voice snapped her out of her thoughts. [Y/N] pulled back her power and turned to find the woman staring at her with sympathetic eyes she has come to loathe.

“I’m not going to sit and do nothing, Wanda. Someone has to pay and I need to find Rodchenko.”

“We’ll find him but not this way. It’s not how this it works.”

“No, Wanda. This is how it works.” She whispered before exiting the room.

* * *

The next few days went like a blur. She could barely remember what she was doing. Everything seemed to be in a chaotic jumble. There were so much blood, more than she could remember, and pleas for mercy. They were not good guys, she reminded herself. These were mercenaries, assassins, outlaws, former KGB and HYDRAs, she repeated the words over and over in her head as she pulled the trigger. Somebody has to pay for this, she angrily said when one man begged for his life.

“I wish I can help you but I don’t know anything. Please.” He pleaded. She should have stopped, she knew that. But she didn’t. She raised her hands and threw the man to the brick wall across the room. There was a loud crack as he slumped to the floor. He deserved it, she found herself saying out loud. And because she was angry—no—she was furious as she was helpless.

It took her friends a month to find her. Steve was the first one to found where she was staying. It was a rundown motel just outside San Fransisco. The place was filled with drunks and secret affairs. It reeked of alcohol and smokes. Steve pressed his lips into a thin line as he passed the rooms.

She opened the door before he even knocked and Steve held back the gasp that almost escaped his lips. She looked pale and gaunt. Gone were her bright eyes and the smile that used to permanently grace her face.

“[Y/N].” He breathed out.

“Steve.” She primly nodded, pulling the door open to let him in.

“Uh—How are you?” Steve asked after a long silence has passed.

“I’m fine.” She replied, taking a seat on the twin-sixed bed.

“You’re not.” Steve crouched in front of her and offered her a warm smile.

She looked up with pained eyes and flashed her best friend a smile. “I’m guess I’m not.” She chuckled. “How… how is he?”

“He’s better.” Steve nodded. “He’s asking for you. He asked why you never visit him again.”

“Don’t lie, Steve. It doesn’t become you.” She narrowed her eyes. Who does he think he is, barging, telling her blatant lies—

“I’m not lying, [Y/N].” He sighed. “He may not remember you but he knows you. It’s still there.” Steve continued to press on when she didn’t say anything. “Please?”


Carl looks proud.
“Congratulation to your tenth walker kill.” He smiles at you but you can’t return it.
“Hey, it’s ok. Stay calm, I’m here.” Carl whispers and you nod.
“Thank you.” He wraps an arm around you and together you go back to Alexandria.
It will be always the same with him. He protects you and you take care of him when he’s hurt.

“Leave him alone.” Carl hisses to Negan and you shake your head in shock.
“Oh c'mon, I’m just joking. Your little boyfriend is not interesting enough for me.” Negan laughs.
You can’t remember how you came back to Alexandria, the only thing you know is his voice in your head and his smell in your nose.
The whole next day you lie in his arms, burying your face in his neck.
“Carl, I’m sorry. I know I should be stronger.” Your voice is rough, carefully he presses his lips on yours.
“Psst, it’s ok. I’m strong enough for both of us.” Carl says and with a smile you finally fall asleep.

bokuaka; hurt/comfort ft. a Bokuto Hug™

Quiet footsteps behind him makes Koutarou look up from where he was frowning at his textbook. He spins around in his chair just as Akaashi comes to a stop in front of him. Koutarou ducks his head, trying to catch a glimpse of the other boy’s expression.

“Hey, hey, what’s up?”

Akaashi’s shoulder lifts up in a half shrug. His face is still tilted to the floor. Koutarou notices the way his fingers are twisted together, tugging just a little bit painfully. Almost instinctively, he reaches out and pulls Akaashi’s hands into his own.

Akaashi releases a small breath. “Can… can I bother you for a bit?” he asks quietly. He raises his head just enough to look Koutarou in the eyes, his expression drawn and tired. “I just… I don’t know, feel kind of… down…”

Koutarou’s already nodding, standing from his chair and pulling the other towards his bed. “It’s okay, Akaashi, I’ll be here until you feel better!” He sits on the bed, patting the space beside him and holding out his hands. “Do you want a hug?”

There’s a small nod, and then the other boy is climbing onto the bed, settling himself into Koutarou. His dark curls tickle Koutarou’s chin as he pushes his face into Koutarou’s shoulder. Koutarou wraps his arms around Akaashi’s frame, still all slender and graceful like back in high school. He doesn’t know what upset his friend, but he’ll give him all the comfort Akaashi needs right now. Koutarou isn’t known for being the best sweet talker or listener, but he does give pretty good hugs, if he must say so himself. 

“You can stay,” he says softly into Akaashi’s hair, “as long as you want. I’ll be here.” 

He doesn’t get a response, but he feels Akaashi let out a long sigh and some of the tension leaving his body along with it. He closes his eyes, and slowly rocks them back and forth, listening to the steady rhythm of Akaashi’s breathing in the quiet room.