Concept: We wake up wrapped in each other. It’s still early, so we agree to stay in bed a little longer. I kiss you on the eye and ask how you slept. It’s cold and crisp outside, but warm and soft in our apartment. Quiet sounds of traffic come from below. We eat breakfast in bed, listening to music all the while. I take breaks to kiss you on the forehead. We’re in love, and I don’t know how I lived without you.

anonymous asked:

One of my biggest fears is that they're gonna build up Bellarke and then split them up by killing one of them off. Or another fear is that Bellamy dies without Clarke ever finding out his feelings and that the scene where his moment is interrupted is their last scene with one another.

There is no show without Bellamy.

There is no show without Clarke.

When the show ends they could die. 

There won’t be a The 100 without some level of Bellarke. There has not ever been a The 100 without Bellarke. The story is about Bellarke– not necessarily romantically, but how Bellamy and Clarke grow to become the heroes who save humanity. They do it together. And when they are not together, it doesn’t work. 

The head and the heart.  Can’t have one without the other. 

In the chess metaphor they’ve been using, Bellamy is the King and Clarke is the Queen. She may be the most powerful, but if the King is lost, the game is over. You saw that DIRECTLY when Roan kidnapped him. He put Bellamy in check, and the queen sacrificed her pawns to keep him safe. 

I get that you’re concerned, because in the world of The 100 nothing is certain. Death is everywhere. Everybody loses the people they love. But this show is not just about the feeling of the characters struggling with the apocalypse, it’s also about the narrative structure and the direction the writers are going. They aren’t guessing. They’ve crafted an ending already. How they get there is undecided still, but part of the ending, I’m convinced, is about Bellarke. However that ends, Bellarke will be there. Happy? I don’t know. But there.