tiredfutch  asked:

talk to me about togamis (eyebrow waggl)

OH OH IM ASSUMING BY THIS YOU MEAN!!! TWOGAMICEST!!! hot togami action. imagine if they kept on going on with the twogamis. why was sixgami afraid of sevengami?? because …seven eight nine.

ANYWAYS!!!!!!! this probs isn’t my prime twogami ship (YELLS LOUDLY heir guitar). however. this is a good ship because. it presents the possibility of TOGAMI CONSTANTLY GETTING OWNED HARD BY TWOGAMI.

togami realizing, EVERYONE LIKES. TWOGAMI BETTER THAN HIM. NO, HOW CAN THIS BE, TWOGAMI IS ONLY COPYING TOGAMI AFTER ALL!!!!! HE’S JUST A CHEAP KNOCKOFF!!!! togami never realizes that its because twogami’s nicer than him. he just assumes its everyone’s plan to PISS HIM OFF, or EXTORT HIM FOR MONEY, SOMEHOW. togami is definitely not jealous.

togami complains loudly to kirigiri. little does he know that kirigiri is actually just twogami. togami complains a lot to twogami without realizing its twogami. 

also togami has a weird crush on twogami because togami thinks togami is hot, and as a result he also thinks twogami is hot as togami. its a very complex thing, togami will explain.