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☀ Danganronpa School Life Headcanons ☁

what i think happens if the class #78 students lead a normal school life

Makoto and Kyoko are childhood friends. She’s always keeping him in check and as much as he appreciates it, they’re in high school now. He doesn’t really want a mom friend following him around.

➳ Everyone questions how the extraordinarily ordinary Makoto came to be friends with the intelligent Kyoko.

➳ During lunch Hina disappears to the pool and Sakura to the dojo. Chihiro and Mondo sometimes head to the gym to train, after much persuasion from Mondo’s side. Everyone else is at the dining hall.

Byakuya sits by himself most of the time, despite Taka and Sayaka constantly trying to get him to join in with the rest of the class. He thinks he is much too elitist to commune with them, but secretly wants to.

Toko and Mukuro also keep to themselves a lot. But everyone’s too afraid of them to try and rope them into their squad.

Kyoko is the top of the class, naturally. She’s constantly wary of Leon, Mondo and Junko, asserting that they’re bad influence. Makoto says it’s just her detective instincts being provoked and that she’s overreacting.

Hiro sleeps in class and tends to spout mumbo jumbo in his sleep. His seatmate, Hina, is less than pleased with this and always kicks him under the table. Sakura is usually the one to break their fights.

➳ Lowkey Sakura is gay for Hina. Chihiro thinks they’d make a most powerful couple and tries to prod them in the right direction.

➳ After school, Celeste frequents the unofficial school gambling den. Because of that, everyone thinks she’s a delinquent and do their best to stay on her good side.

➳ Except Hifumi of course. For some reason he talks about her as his ‘opulent white rabbit’ and often likens her to a waifu. Celeste is utterly disgusted and ignores him most of the time; as Byakuya does with Toko.

Taka is the class president. Not by vote, but by unspoken standard.

Sayaka and Leon end up dating. Coy smiles and hushed whispers under stairwells but everyone knows about their relationship anyway. Of course they’re the It Couple.

Junko flits between cliques a lot. She has many friends, but no best friends. Everyone thinks its because no one’s really had the courage to get her to open up to them, she is a stunning exemplar of the ideal woman after all. But the actual truth is that she’s the one keeping everyone at bay.