this is me legitimately hacking into my best friend’s tumblr. well hi sam, its tori, if you havent figured that out.

i hope when you see this you read this because its gonna get special up in this joint. okay well i love you. love you so much. in a million different languages. you are gorgeous, funny, clever, sarcastic, hostile, and everything else that i enjoy about you.

we always have so much fun together, no matter where we are or what we’re doing. you’re always there for me and im always there for you. nothing has ever broken us apart and i hope that doesnt change. if luck is on my side i hope you stay my best friend for as long as i live.

we have so many great memories and more to make. the MCR concert, all those cinema visits, cheerleading, fun day, just hanging out, going to the mall. i can’t wait for the dance and our class trip and everything else we’re going to do together. we’ll get tattoos together, get piercings together.

i hope you know that you are so fucking beautiful, inside and out. you put so many people before yourself and you always know just what to say. you give amazing advice that has helped me through so much. we share things that we could never share with anyone else and i appreciate the fact that i have you to say all those things to.

we’ve been through thick and thin together. we’ve seen each other at our weakest and our strongest. we’ve fought for days and haven’t spoken a word to each other. but we made it through that, and i know that even if we do in the future, we’ll keep our friendship alive. im so thankful that you are so forgiving of me. i dont know what i would do if i didnt have you as a friend. i feel like i’ve known you since the beginning of time and can’t imagine a day without you in my life.

so that i dont keep dragging on, im going to end it right here. never forget to stay beautiful. you are worth something, even if you dont see it. keep your chin up. you are my best friend, and i love you.♥

from your best friend,

tori /tog3pi

xoxo ♥