I Am The Most Powerful Queen Contests™
  • Aelin and Manon: *do one of their intense lets see who blinks first contests*
  • Literally everyone: Oh shit don't move don't breathe try not to shit your pants just call for help someone go run and call for backup be prepared to clean up after some destruction halppp
  • Aelin and Manon: *finally stop*
  • Everyone: Oh thank the gods I really wanted to live another day
  • Fandom: *exhales* WELL FUCK OK THEN
I've cracked the code

Ok, ok, ok. So, I think I’ve officially cracked the code of YA fiction books. I don’t know why but I’ve started to notice a pattern in relationships in YA. Check this out.

Brown hair goes with black hair
Blond hair goes with brown hair
Red hair goes with blond hair


booksforthoughts | Book Photo Challenge | January

Day 18: Favorite Author

Sarah J. Maas can weave a story together like no other. She has two series and both of them are so beautifully done. She’s an automatic buy author for me!

One year ago today

I posted this picture and caption:

I started Throne Of Glass that day (and I still have yet to read Red Queen). 

Never did I imagine what an impact these books would have on my life. What impact ACOTAR would have. What impact Sarah J Mass would have on my life.  

In the past year, I’ve had so many ups and many more downs. And whenever I was upset or hurt or mad, I always turned to the Throne of Glads series. These books helped me. 

But they also brought me all you guys. My blog has skyrocketed in these past few months, because of this amazing fandom. And because of you guys. Because you all allow me to write and do would I love. And for that, I thank you.

So no matter what, I’ll forever be grateful that I picked up Throne Of Glass and started reading it on January 19th, 2016.

Rowan: What happened?

Aelin: Well, remember when you told me not to burn down the kitchen?

Rowan: You burned down the kitchen?

Aelin: No! I had the fire out almost immediately. This is a success story!

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tog squad + band au

“I don’t want to do this,” Rowan grumbled. Lysandra rolled her eyes and she dragged Rowan into the arena, shaking her head. Elide was tugging on Lorcan’s arm and Aedion and Vaughan were holding a conversation a few feet behind them. 

“It’ll be fun,” Lysandra insisted. Rowan scoffed and he wrapped his arm around his sister’s shoulders, rolling his eyes. Lysandra grinned and she showed one of the security guards her stamp before pushing through the crowd until they were near the center. 

“They’re so so so talented,” Lysandra said, bouncing on the balls of her feet. Rowan scoffed and he crossed his arms. Lorcan had lifted Elide onto his shoulders and he held her legs with one arm, opening his phone with his other hand. 

“Here they come!” Elide squealed and smacked Lorcan’s head. Lorcan grunted and he groaned, sliding his phone back in his pocket before looking up at the stage. 

The lights dimmed and Rowan gave a long sigh as Lysandra squealed, clapping. A small spotlight centered on a stage and a girl stood there, her golden hair falling on her shoulders in waves. 

“Thank you for joining us here tonight!” She worked the crowd up and Elide and Lysandra both started to clap wildly. Aedion gave a few polite claps. “We started writing new music a few weeks back and we wanted to try a few out with you. I hope you enjoy” 

She grinned against the microphone before two males pushed a piano on stage. Lysandra fanned herself and she moaned. “Those are her twin brothers. God, they’re so hot” 

“Hey,” Aedion protested. 

“Whatever,” Lysandra giggled. 

The girl sat down at the piano and she smiled, pulling the microphone down against her lips. She cracked her knuckles and nodded back at her brothers. The one with dirty blonde hair pulled on a guitar while the other one sat at the drums. 

Her fingers slowly slid across the keys and Rowan rose an eyebrow, suddenly interested. She pulled her shoulder up slightly and shook her head. “I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath” She breathed into the microphone and Elide touched her heart. “I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath”

“I wanna be known, by you,” Her brother sang as he strummed the guitar. He gripped the microphone gently. “I wanna be known, by you” 

They repeated this exchange of lyrics again and one of the twins created a slow tempo on the drums. Lysandra unlocked her phone and she turned on her flashlight, lifting it into the air. “You’re insufferable,” Rowan grumbled and Lysandra stuck out her tongue. 

“Though I’m weak and beaten down,” The girl’s voice rose slightly and she stood up against the piano. She moved to the beat slowly. “I’ll slip away into this sound”

“The ghost of you,” Her brother picked up, flashing his teeth. Elide and Lysandra swooned slightly. “Is close to me. I’m inside out, you’re underneath” 

There was a short pause of only piano playing. Rowan had to admit she had talent. She sounded absolutely beautiful. 

“I’ve got two faces is, blurry’s the one I’m not,” The brother with the guitar sang. “I’ve got two faces, blurry’s the one I’m not”

“I need your help to, take her out,” The brother at the drums sang. The siblings paused and looked back at their brother, still creating a slow tempo on his drums. “I need your help to, take her out” 

“Blurryface is about their abusive step-mother,” Lysandra whispered. Rowan looked down at his sister, with an eyebrow raised. “Maeve. They don’t talk much about her, but I hear she did some…pretty sick stuff. She was locked up about a year ago I think”

“You do know how creepy it is to know this, right?” 


“Though I’m weak and beaten down,” The girl sang again, her shoulders trembling. Rowan wondered if her other brother was supposed to sing or not. He got the quiet vibe from that one. “I’ll slip away, into this sound” 

“The ghost of you,” Her brother on the guitar - Fenrys as Lysandra had just whispered to him - finally harmonized. “Is close to me. I’m inside out, you’re underneath” 

Phone lights filled the air as again they sang these lyrics to each other yet again. Rowan thought it was pretty morbid, but if this was some people’s tastes, who was he to judge? Lysandra grinned and she snatched his phone, lifting both phones into the air. 


The tempo had begun to pick up without Rowan noticing it. Everyone was pouncing on their toes. Rowan groaned and he looked at Lorcan, who even seemed to be into it. Great. He’d lost his ally. 

“Don’t let me be gone, don’t let me be gone,” The girl - Aelin - whispered into the microphone. She still played the piano with one hand as she gripped the microphone, her eyes slightly closed. God, she wasn’t going to cry was she?

“Don’t let me be gone, don’t let me be gone,” Fenrys whispered, tilting his head down. God, they were definitely going to cry. Rowan looked away and found his sister crying. He was surrounded by wimps. 

“Don’t let me be,” Connall screamed from the drums. Fenrys strummed at the guitar harder. Rowan jumped and he looked back to the stage. “Don’t let me be!” The lights began to flash and Rowan knew he would be blind walking out of this performance. He’d be lucky if he didn’t go into cardiac arrest. 

“Ahhhh!” Aelin sang, tilting her head back. Rowan marveled at her voice for a second and the pure pain there. What had her step-mother done? Cinderella level or Rapunzel level? Worse? “Yeah,” She whispered before her brother took over. 

“I’m a goner!” Her brother screamed into the microphone. He strummed his guitar faster and faster and Lysandra started spasming next to Rowan. He knew that was his sister trying to dance, but she looked like she had been electrocuted. “Somebody catch my breath!” 

“I’m a goner!” Aelin slowly walked over to her brother. She smiled, a smile Rowan knew was shared between siblings. She looked back at Connall and sang, “Somebody catch my breath” 

“I wanna be known, by you,” Slowly the music began to fade and Rowan’s sister stopped spasming. Finally. “I wanna be know, by you,” Connall whispered and the lights slowly faded. 

Lysandra cupped her mouth and she screamed along with the rest of the crowd. Even Aedion and Vaughan looked impressed. It was still morbid, Rowan would never say it wasn’t. But it was…empowering. 

The lights flash back on and Aelin was grinning. She screamed and pumped the crowd up, flipping her golden hair out of her eyes. “Thank you for listening! Now, I know you came here for a party. So let’s hit it!” 

At that her brothers began to create a beat and Aelin danced around the stage, grinning and laughing. Rowan watching her the rest of the night and all her energy. Whatever Blurryface had done, maybe it didn’t affect her anymore. 

Their eyes had connected once during the entire performance and Rowan knew, that Blurryface definitely still affected the siblings. But that didn’t stop him from dancing with his sister and friends and having a good time. 

Who knew, maybe he would meet the infamous Fire Wolves as they called themselves. And maybe he would be able to punch Blurryface in the face. 

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The ladies of ToG and ACOTAR are my queens. Who's with me?

I think everyone in these two fandoms can easily say we’re with you. I know for sure I am