You are a fire housed in flesh
And the remnant of a people
Who assume they are forgotten

You can hear your subjects’ cries
As clear as the crack of a whip
You can feel them
Flowing through your blood
As it falls to the stone
Can’t you?

You proud girl, brave girl
You reckless queen of the forlorn
All you ever wanted was to heal

But they took that from you
And forced weapons into your hands

(They’re all long dead now—
What did they think would happen
When they stole everything
Then taught you how to kill?)

As much as you hated it then
Their lessons serve you now
You learned to never trust a king
And to always watch your back
Perhaps they never meant to teach you that
But you picked up on it all the same

However, that is not the moral of this story
No, your story is one
Of heartbreak and love
And betrayal and trust
Your story is one of survival
Through the land of your enemy
And back to your home
Your story is one of a burning flame
That refused to die out
Because it still had a kingdom
To protect
To love
To rule

The moral of the story is this:

You are a fire housed in flesh
And the remnant of a people
Who are asking not to be forgotten

(You will never let them be forgotten)

—  Aelin - A Poem

I’ve been wanting to do a full body of Manon and Abraxos for a while. I’m so happy with how this turned out!

Since im so stoked with how this turned out, I’m offering it up as a free line art if anyone wants to color it in. ❤️ just keep my url on there and link back! I would love too see what people do with it! ❤️❤️

@sncinder @propshophannah since you two adore Manon just as much as me.

Me, with a book that I love: “omfg this book is amazing it deserves a movie!!”

Also me, when a book I love is rumoured to be turned into a movie: “omfg they’re going to ruin it is nothing sacred”

Family: *has company over*

Me, in another room: *screams*

Company: Oh my God, is your daughter okay, was that her screaming?


Family: …she’s reading.

everyone in tower of dawn: at least aelin is on her way up to terrasen to save us all!!!!!

me, knowing exactly where aelin is rn:

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