TOFU TIME!! Tasty Peach’s adorable Tofusagi couldn’t possibly settle for anything else, of course. She’ll definitely be hosting most of our tofu dishes from now on.

And you should cook more tofu dishes, too! It’s no meat substitute, but it’s a fine meal all on its own. This is a very simple recipe from a Japanese cookbook, and it’s a great way to start with tofu. In the future, we’ll be happy to bring you even fancier dishes!

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Disapproval Meowchi, Tofusagi, and Nomwhal plush are LIVE for preorder! Meowchi is on preorder for 1 week only, as this is an open preorder!

Tofusagi is 9.5 inches (24.5cm) tall, and Nomwhal is huge at 15 inches (38cm) long!! You can order these cuties on the plush page below!

Order here:

A snippet of the Tofusagi tofu bunny plush design I have currently in prototype phase! I have had many people ask for these cuties to be made into plush form, and we are happy to announce they are coming!!!

We have other Tofusagi related goodies here:

An all new zipper pouch design featuring Udon the noodle kitten and Tofusagi! 

More Udon and Tofusagi goods available here:



Meowchi Monday has a special announcement! 

Disapproval Meowchi, Nomwhal, and Tofusagi will all go up for pre-orders tomorrow! The meowchi will stay up for an entire week. We do not expect to have them in hand for shipment until mid to late July, so keep that in mind when ordering! Disapproval Meowchi will ONLY be available during this one week pre-order event. Nomwhal & Tofusagi will remain staples in our store for the foreseeable future!

Just a small handful of the 2016 TPS Summer Collection! All new metal and enamel charms and necklaces! More to come as we photograph all of the adorable new pieces!

Which do you like best so far? 

Tofusagi is ready for fun in the sun in this tee sketch! This super cute Hawaiian themed tee is sure to brighten your day! The design will be ready for spring/summer, and just in time for our very first convention in Hawaii! We will be vending Kawaii Kon in Honolulu, HI, April 8th–10th 2016.

For more information on KawaiiKon, check out their website!

We are excited about our brand new Metal/Enamel charms and necklaces coming out this fall! These are just a very small preview of what will be available both online and at conventions! Along with our staple characters, our two newest characters, Kekitsu the Cake Fennic Fox and Adzuki the Red(bean) Panda, will have a few pieces as well! Which preview piece are you most excited about?

We are very excited for the next launch of metal & enamel products for Spring/Summer of 2016! Here is a look at 3 of the new metal necklaces coming in soon!

We have the special edition Hibiscus Tofusagi, Sakura Blossom, and the Rainbow Carousel Horse! All metal is nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic!

These will be released in a few weeks, and will be announced when they go live!

You’ve all been wanting more Tofusagi merch, so here is the mock up bag design for Tofusagi Messenger Bags! These bags will be included with the other 6 designs we have. Meaning there are still two left to come! Can you guess which bags we have yet to show?

More Tofusagi related goods available here: