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Wakfu ep 8 season 1

Miyano Mamoru Q&A in Junon November 2013

Miyano Mamoru requested by @jennshaiel​ (SORRY FOR THE WAIT); merry christmas everyone (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Q1: Favorite dessert
Fresh cream and red bean paste are my favorites, but a cream mochi filled with both of these is the best dessert.

Q2: Favorite ingredients in miso soup
Tofu, cabbage, and bacon miso soup. I like soft tofu because while it’s lick-able, the inside is still very hot, which makes me think, “This thing has a lot of potential~” (laugh)

Q3: Favorite time of the day
Between 12am and 2am. It’s a time when I think, “Uwa, it’s this time already!? Even though I need to sleep!” but then still unintentionally do a lot of things. When I notice the time in the end, it’s 3am…4am…(laugh)

Q4: Something you need in your free time
Coffee. If I have time, I first look for Doutor Coffee (*a coffee shop*). My Doutor Sensor works to a scary level.

Q5: Favorite street in the world
Probably Ebisu. Since this is the location of the theatre troupe I’ve been in since I was a kid, I pass by this street all the time. During the years of lessons, my friends and I often went to the Ebisu park and played original versions of the game of tag that we came up with. Of course, I can only say this after I’ve become an adult (laugh).

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