tofu cake


💖 early valentine’s day 💖

we celebrated on saturday because the real day is on a boring tuesday…. we went to a new restaurant that we never tried before and it was amazing! i had spicy ramen with fried fish, crab, tempura shrimp, fish cake and tofu inside 🍥🍜💕

my boyfriend gave me the sweetest gifts! he made penny the panda at build a bear workshop. she smells like fruits and she has a heart inside her that beats when you hug her 🐼💓 the pooh bear is adorable in his little carnival outfit! i’m happy 🎡🎠


Woozi, who produced SEVENTEEN’s album, is a 20-year-old with lots of talents. It’s his existence that made it possible for SEVENTEEN to debut happily. He is good in producing, singing, dancing, and even speaking. He is the manliest among the cute and different members. It’s the reversed charm of a Busan man. Tsundere style. 

cr: jyeoshin @ what17says
© take out only with credits 

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We are excited about our brand new Metal/Enamel charms and necklaces coming out this fall! These are just a very small preview of what will be available both online and at conventions! Along with our staple characters, our two newest characters, Kekitsu the Cake Fennic Fox and Adzuki the Red(bean) Panda, will have a few pieces as well! Which preview piece are you most excited about?