I am dreadfully sorry to hear the news. I do hope you and your family are ok and of course I shall keep your brother in my thoughts, my arms and legs are crossed as well. It is such a shame, how old was he again? 17? 18? I never remember these things.Too young to be fighting in any case. 

I also hate to hear of your father treating you in such a way. You have to deal with so much. I just can’t wait for the time when we can live together as confirmed bachelors away from this entire mess of family life. It will be so much easier. 

I hope everything ok and as always I wish you well. 



I am dreadfully sorry to hear about your brother. He was a good boy and to see him go like that is truly terrible. All of my condolences are with you and your family. 

I do hope your family will stop treating you so harshly, it is as if they are not aware that you lost someone too. In any case, you know where I am if you want to rant, my door is always open to you. 

What time are you due back, I am missing you terribly and there is a concert due to be playing in under a weeks time that I know you would love dearly. I am not quite sure of the composer but I’m sure you’ll remind me. 

I hope all is well. 

Missing you dearly



Yes it was. Don’t worry though I’ve been given the notes by a good friend, it wasn’t too hard a lesson and I’ve been told it was rather tepid so it seems you saved me. Thank you and I apologize for my earlier irritation at the matter. 

Half three sounds wonderful. Usual place? 


P.S: You know me too well Robert, and yes, I did hear your laugh. moron.

I had an early morning lecture too….which I missed… by an hour and a half. Thank you Robert, I appreciate it. Really. 

I don’t have any lessons this afternoon so if you are anywhere near the library we could meet?


P.S: Don’t worry, you know I can’t stay mad at you for very long. It is definitely a weakness. 


Only you Robert, it will only ever be you.

Yes I guess that makes sense, I would never had thought you would take someone elses words and actually act on them in their entirety. You’re too stubborn for that. 

Honestly I am debating it. He is so laborious! Although yes I do resign, I am smitten for the topic, I just wish he wouldn’t butcher it like he is. 

I would love to do that Frobisher, although I do recall falling off that bench or was that a dream? Please confirm or deny this ill recalled memory. 

- R.S.


Why would you think my answer would be anything less than a resounding yes? 

Concerning Professor Mackerras, stuff him. I love you the way that you are Robert and I don’t want you changing for anyone let alone a stodgy old professor like him. 

You know I would much rather come and sit with you. I know, I know, I am tone deaf and cannot understand a note of that sheet music but your presence would be enough. It’s as if you radiate the music that you love so much. It’s addicting. 


P.S: I’ll keep them safe, do not worry. I won’t let them out of my sight. 

Dearest Frobisher

Missing you dreadfully in a frankly quite horrendous Physics lecture. The professor is so dull! He insists on writing out the entire topic onto the board before we are allowed to take notes which is infuriating to say the least. Oh how I wish you were here to make jokes about how he writes his thetas or maybe to compose a sweet melody based on the god awful sound of the chalk on the blackboard. 

In any case I hope you are enjoying your music. I am sure anything you could be doing now would be nicer than this. I’m begging you Robert, please come and save me! 


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You're so lucky, Sixsmith. Robert Frobisher is the most handsomest, good-looking, smartest gentleman out there. You should kiss the ground beneath him everyday so that he feels loved!

I know and I am blessed. -R.S

P.S: Robert, you had better tell me which photo to use for the icon. I have no clue!