1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee
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Interview with Simon Tofield, creator of Simon’s Cat.

Today is International Tiger Day!

Did you know Tiger Day is held annually on July 29 to give worldwide attention to the preservation of tigers? It was founded at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010. At that time wild tigers were dangerously close to extinction. In the last 100 years there has been a 97% reduction in their numbers.

Today has been established to raise awareness of their vulnerable position and to celebrate these amazing animals.  You can find out more at


NEW FILM! - Crazy Time!

“A frenzied feline has a moment of madness!”


NEW FILM! - ‘Butterflies’

'A lovestruck cat has a bad case of the butterflies’

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Channel Frederator Network is only getting stronger!

Channel Frederator continues to grow as a cartoon MCN on YouTube, having added 102 new channels to its network in December 2014.

This puts Channel Frederator Network at over 1,300 channels total (actually, at 1,366 channels today, it’s fast approaching its next landmark–as of the 102 new signings, it was just at 1,324). Channels come from all over the world and, together, boast over 16 million subscribers.

Recently signed cartoon channels on the network include The Big Lez ShowThe Jam Cave, and Jonny Ethco. They join popular creations on Channel Frederator like David Firth’s Salad Fingers, Simon Tofield’s Simon’s Cat, and the popular series “Bee and PuppyCat,” created by Natasha Allegri.

Fred Seibert created Channel Frederator Network, which is well known for its flagship YouTube channel, Cartoon Hangover. The company has offices in Burbank, California and New York City.”


NEW FILM! - ‘Box Clever’
Who can relate to this scenario?

'Box Clever’ is a film that Simon has wanted to make for a long time. The film features in our 12 minute crowdfunded film 'Off to the Vet’ as just a small part of the overall story.

We decided to release 'Box Clever’ in black and white as it works as a stand alone film, and a small teaser for non funders! : )

Please read the full YouTube description for more info on the release of 'Off to the Vet’.


NEW FILM! - ‘Smitten’

“A love struck cat tries to impress his Valentine.”
Simon's Cat - Halloween Tips!

Halloween Tips!

External image

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We have been working hard on our Halloween themed film ‘Scary Legs’, which will be released on YouTube tomorrow.

In the meantime, please consider your pets during the Halloween celebrations. We have several ‘tricks’ and tips to stop your pets from being scaredy cats at this time of year.


NEW FILM - Hot Water!

“A hungry cat goes in search of food and gets his owner into some hot water!”

What does your cat get up to in the bathroom?


NEW FILM!! - Pawtrait!

“A doting cat owner tries to capture a memorable moment!”

Have you taken a photo of your cats as kittens? We’d love to see your pictures!


NEW FILM! - ‘Fish Tank’ 

 A curious cat is fishing for trouble!