toffie art

Это Тоффи! (Персонаж by @lopalu)

Мне очень понравился этот перс, они(они-потому что как я знаю у этого перса нет пола) довольно милые)

More Toffy

Hello, Princess!

Last night i watched the “Battle for Mewni” episode of SWTFOE. I’m happy that everything ended well. But my favourite villain is dead and it made me very sad. I hope i will see him (maybe as a zombie x) ) in new season.

Also i tried to redraw this EPIC moment from “Battle for Mewni” episode:

I hope that i did it good :)


@blackpaladinallura x.


i fixed that scene so keith isnt such an awkward dork anymore


theyre holding hands under the shirt btw


hey pals i made this lil animatic purely so i could draw angsty ham man