toffee tango

Toffee Tango

Ricordate il gelato di Aria nella 2x25? A che gusto è le chiede Melissa e lei risponde Toffee. Ricordate anche la fine dello stesso episodio quando Mona pensa al suo rossetto al manicomio dicendo che era il ‘Toffee Tango’? Be già l'assonanza tra le due cose faceva sospettare. E nella 3x04 Aria quando realizza il profilo per sua mamma nel sito di incontra quale ballo inventa che lei sappia fare? TANGO!


Io non credo nelle coincidenze in Pretty Little Liars, e voi?

anonymous asked:

i think alison did have an affair with byron. see, she found out ian's affair (with spencer), had an affair with him; she found out about byron's affair, had an affair with him. seems plausible right? & also, may i ask, why does the toffee make aria suspicious (to us/whoever thinks aria is A). i get the dolls one, because A is always in a hoodie & jeans. but why does aria & mona liking toffee one of the reasons why aria may be A?

Because the writers are always saying there are no coincidences in Rosewood. Aria was eating Toffee flavored ice cream (Maybe fro-yo?) and she made the dating profile for her mom that was hot-mom-loves-tango. And Mona’s favorite lipstick is toffee tango. Coincidence? 

Rewatching 3x4, this jumped out to me. I’ve seen theories that link Melissa and Mona through toffee but I don’t think this is what we were meant to get from it. The whole toffee thing started when Melissa stole Aria’s toffee frozen yogurt. It was linked to Mona because at the end of 2x25, when at Radley, Mona says she likes the lipstick she is wearing, and that it was called Toffee Tango. But I think people are looking at it wrong. Let’s not forget that aria was the one who had the toffee yogurt in the first place, and later gave it to Melissa. And Ella’s dating site ‘hot mama loves to TANGO’ is another reference to this lipstick. So that is 2 aria references in regards to mona and her toffee tango lipstick. I think this is a subtle way of them telling us that Aria is involved with mona, and the A team, or even that aria is Big A. (I really do believe that Aria is big A and Ezra is Varjak)