here’s my crappy power point on the blackhawks rookie families. 

enjoy! (click to enlarge- after the”so now it looks like THIS” slide they won’t enlarge. sorry, i don’t know why.) 

So Saad said he’s always thought about coming back to the Hawks one day.

The trade back to Chicago was a “little bit of a shock” this morning.

He’s kept in touch with Toews and they’re good friends.

He’s excited to be back in Chicago and to play with Toews.

He believes playing in CBJ helped his game to become more consistent.

Seabs and Toews called him to congratulate him.

The Blackhawks line up on the blue line for the National Anthem at the Stadium Series game at Soldier Field in Chicago.  March 1, 2014.  It was so loud on the field it was deafening.  Couldn’t hear the words of the Anthem at all.  What an incredible experience to photograph this.


“The biggest thing I saw with [Saad] was not only his skill and ability at his age, but also that element that he always wanted to improve and get better and better as the season went along. He’s never satisfied and he wants to be a difference-maker. I don’t know if I can think of a game I’ve seen him play better than he was last night. He was unbelievable.”