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Friends, as much as we love the trope of Major Height Difference™ between a pairing, may I also mention one of my personal favourites: you are both the Same Height™

my bf and I are the Exact Same Height which leads to incidents as such:

  • arguments over who is taller (which changes from day-to-day depending on how one of you is wearing your hair)
  • neither of you can reach the top shelf but one of you is going to insist that you can and spend five minutes trying to get the can of soup down while the other silently judges from where they stand
  • kisses lead to bonking one another in the nose a lot
  • you can alternate between being the big spoon and the little spoon because neither of you is obviously bigger or smaller
  • hugs from behind where their head comes to rest on your shoulder
  • one of you will constantly try to lean on the other (elbow on shoulder) and stay there despite the fact that they’re not quite the right height to make it comfortable
  • going up on tip-toe in order to give forehead kisses

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Can I request "I'll hold you together" with Bruce Wayne? You're such a beautiful writer ❤❤

He just stares at you, eyes wide, and you can see him trying to wrap his mind around the words.

“You carry the world on your shoulders,” you continue, taking his hands in yours, smiling sadly. “But you don’t have to do it alone, Bruce. You take care of Gotham, of Alfred, of the boys and I. But who’s there for you, huh? Who takes care of you?”

He just keeps staring, and you giggle lightly as you reach out and lay a hand on his cheek, leaning on your toes to rest your forehead against his.

“Let me help you, Bruce Wayne. Let me carry some of that weight.”

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Headcannon of Danny & Colleen please

Are you ready for actual disgusting amounts of fluff because that’s what you’re getting. I really don’t even care rn if this seems kind of out of character, because it’s adorable. Fight me.


Okay so hear me out: Danny/Colleen + forehead kisses.

Yknow, that cliche ship thing but just. Because forehead kisses are actually the cutest most innocent/pure thing ever and i think it’s definitely the sort of thing that they would do. (We already got that adorable lingering forehead touch). It just definitely seems like a them thing.

It’s not difficult for Danny to kiss Colleen’s forehead, because he’s taller. But consider the cuteness of Colleen either having to stand on tip toes to kiss his forehead or just sort of pulling him down so that she can. (Bonus if for Colleen “I’m not good at talking” Wing it becomes a quiet and wordless way to say I love you bc omg pls) She doesn’t do it as often as he does because Danny kind of seems like the one who initiates more affectionate stuff like this but when she does he is v happy bc he loves her. Fight me.

Danny, however, really has no concept of when it’s a good time for this. He will just sort of kiss her forehead even if she’s busy and/or trying to do something (bc he loves her and doesn’t want to wait xD). Not often, but it happens. Or when they’re laying in bed and sleepy. Or longer, lingering ones as a goodbye or in quiet moments where neither of them feel like pulling away and so they just sort of decide that nah, pulling away is unnecessary.

But yeah.

I could probably keep going, but. I think you get the gist xD Really just love them bye

thg character aesthetics
  • katniss everdeen: long walks on a winding path, messy braids, newly planted primroses
  • peeta mellark: fresh bread at the bakery, soothing embraces in the middle of the night, paint-smeared hands
  • finnick odair: sand between toes, forehead kisses, sharing secrets between whispers
  • johanna mason: words spoken through gritted teeth, smudged eyeliner, cursing until your voice is raw
  • annie cresta: knotted hair, homemade seashell necklaces, gentle hands cradling your face
  • primrose everdeen: cat hair lingering on your clothes, blonde hair shining in the sun, medicine taken right in the morning
They went and stood in the middle of their tiny kitchen, Jimin’s hands resting on the back of Jungkook’s neck, and Jungkook’s hands settled on the older’s hips. They found the rhythm and lazily waltzed around the linoleum, their sock covered feet sliding slightly as they spun each other around. Their laughter mingled with the music from the speakers, making it into their own special soundtrack, only for them to remember and share. Jimin raised himself slightly up onto his toes, pressing his forehead softly against Jungkook’s and closing his eyes. He reveled in the sensation of having him close, breathing in and smelling Jungkook all around him, comfort and warmth seeping into his bones. He’d never get tired of that feeling.

rain all day and i don’t mind written by jams_and_suga

21/endless favorite quote from my favorite stories of all time

just some andreil things to consider

-Andrew stretching up on his toes to kiss Neil’s forehead
-Andrew plopping himself down in Neil’s lap and glaring at him til he gets kisses (he doesn’t have to glare for very long)
-Andrew waiting until Neil falls asleep in their bed and then just lightly brushing his fingers through Neil’s hair–sometimes Neil smiles in his sleep when Andrew does this and every time it happens Andrew raises the percentage by like 10 because it is just that infuriatingly adorable
-They’re sitting on a park bench and Neil is feeding little pieces of bread to some birds and by the time he runs out of bread there are like 50 birds of various size and color around them and they all stay even long after the bread is gone and when did Neil become the bird whisperer
-Sitting under a huge umbrella at the beach, content just holding hands and watching the rest of the Foxes playing around in the water
-Neil being the only one who can wake Andrew up without getting punched in the face, like somehow Andrew just knows it’s him
-Neil running his thumbs across Andrew’s cheekbones, down the line of his jaw, just generally being enthralled by Andrew’s face and Andrew claims to hate it but he’s actually just super pleased and kind of embarrassed
-Just. These two just being so stupid in love with each other.


Calum: They’re tight and secure. When he props his head up on the top of yours, it allows you to just get that little bit closer to him, tucking yourself right up against him not even enough space for a piece of paper.

Ashton: They’re excited and goofy. He’ll grab onto you tightly and sway you back and forth in an exaggerated manner. You hold onto his sides and rest your head on his shoulder, laughing out happily.

Luke: They’re quiet and gently, his head tucked up against your neck. You can feel his soft breath hitting your neck, and that’s when you can tell he’s absolutely exhausted. You hold his shoulders and kiss his temple, just keeping him comfortable.

Michael: They’re really close and intimate. You slide your arms around his neck, standing up on your tip toes to press your forehead against his. He presses his hand flat against your back, holding you protectively against his body.

I just imagined this scene where Felicity keeps putting on a brave face, and she’s smiling because she’s happy to be alive. Oliver carries her to bed, and goes back down cause Felicity forced him to go the lair, but makes it to the stairs before he comes back when he  hears her talking to herself.

“Move,” she commanding her legs. “You have three seconds to move!” She staring at her legs intensely waiting for something to happen but nothing does.

“MOVE,” she yells. Oliver’s heart breaks as she screams, and tears roll down his face, as they start to pour down hers. He completely opens the door, which was slightly ajar, and moves to the bed.


He kisses her fiercely, and then moves to her legs. He kisses her from her toes to her forehead, and just holds her afterwards while they both cry.

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I loved all the changes and surprise additions to Faith.

I don’t care.  I love Diana’s story but Toni’s adaptation was perfect.

The walk coming home.  It was so heartbreakingly beautiful.

Fergus combing Claire’s hair.  

The song she sings to Faith.  Just kill me now.

The way Claire holds on to her daughter, how she strokes her face, her toes, kisses her forehead.

Louise at the hospital and letting Claire cry her broken little heart out.  

Every one of these moments from this adaptation, I wish cherish.

Caitriona Balfe, what an actor.

Toni Graphia, what a writer.

I dare say, I loved it more than the Wedding.  

Yes, I said it.

I loved it more than the Wedding.

“Ever wonder if the world would be better off without you?” Cas x Reader

For cocopuffiens! Hope you like, dear! I chose Cas.

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