This is the final sailor moon piece for the otakon art show! I will make it a print soon. Unfortunately it didn’t sell at the art show but 2 of my other pieces did. I honestly believe it didn’t sell because it was actually placed in the hentai section (with my intentions not at all wanting the part near her breast to be a nipple, just an accent) next to a whole bunch of hardcore hentai with futanari ino and hinata doing the thing….. so yeah. maybe next time! 


Alright here’s my Day 2 for 30 Day challenge! 

Day 2- Draw a figure using a reference - link to reference 

Ok I’m going to do some quick critiquing for myself: 

- Composed? Not really. I ignored the ground. but that’s okayy purpose was to mainly focus on the figure anyways.

- The length of the upper arm is just a bit skewed. 

- I fattened her up! (I always tend to do this. and I don’t really know why… )

- Her top nipple could have stood to be a little more angled towards the bottom of it. More to the angle of the breast. 

- Value changed. no bueno. That’s because I took too long a break and came back to it afterwards. from the breasts to the right of the piece, I changed the way I put down value. Pay attention next time!

- as compared to the original, the bottom arm doesn’t slant upwards slightly… //minus points for accuracy ! haha 


halllooo. been gone a while. still plan or working doing my art improvement regiment but i suddenly got busier than i anticipated. 

I think i did these 2 ½ weeks ago. This is day 5 of the 30 day art challenge by PencilCat - Draw more figures. Quick gestures and silhouettes. x20, with atleast 10 different body shapes

hmhmmm i had notes for this…. thoughts… can no longer remember them. but here they are! guess i’m not doing this in 30 days. plus im working on my other arts stuff i guess so yeah.