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Pattern requests? Here's a hard one. I HATE making socks. Not cause they're hard (they're not), but because I die of boredom 1/8th of the way up the foot, then I turn the heel and that's fun, and then I die again 1/16th of the way up the cuff. And then you make TWO. Any toe-up socks (or toe down, heck maybe I need to broaden my mind) that won't make me question my sanity?

Wow, Anon, that IS a hard request!  I have never made socks before, but I imagine that you get bored because the pattern is too same-same after a while. I looked for some socks that seem to have interest on the foot and on up the leg.

Try these and let me know how it goes!

Pentoeminoes by Mylene Pijpers

Symphony Socks by Elisabeth White

Diamondback Socks by Kirsten Hall

Believe Socks by KnittyMelissa - FREE!

Coffee Cantata by Caoua Coffee - FREE!

Eisern by General Hogbuffer - FREE!

Audrey Socks by Jennifer Pattison - FREE!

This Is How It Starts, Our Life Together | Act 1 | Various x MC

Week 1 

Thursday:  Act 1


The trouble is Lord Mitsuhide doesn’t feel sensible around you. Not when you’re pouring his tea and leaning over him, the smell of fresh green leaves in spring tickling his nose. Why Lord Nobunaga would think this a good idea, he’ll never know, only that he’s now stuck between a rock and a hard place working in close proximity with you. A thrill courses through him, but that’s to be expected after five consecutive days together.

“Milord, may I start collating these files?”

When you both look up he feels himself slipping. His gaze sinks to the papers in his hands. He can’t let you know. He’s a gentleman. The perfect gentleman.

“Of course. Thank you.”

But he’s not privy to your thoughts, and if he could comprehend the state you’re in, he would drop those files and run out the door. Or drop those files and run to you. A buzzing under your skin races along your nerves, slithering and swirling through your system, to make an odd, tingling warmth in your stomach. Watching him melts your brain to soup.

You want to slip your sandal off and trail your socked toes up and down his thigh, where his hands perch lazily atop, drumming absentmindedly. You want to slide your fingers under the crisp fabric of his kimono and run your fingers across the muscle and veins and feel the beating pulse under your thumb. But most of all, you want to drag his mouth down and kiss that soft, dissolute mouth senseless.

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This vanilla sock is practically knitting itself! The gorgeous self-striping yarn is #sutherlandsock by @caledoniadyeworks I really liked having the option to add a mini skein for toes and heels. Because I’m a little bit sad, I started tagging my sock projects on Ravelry this morning (every now and again, my internal administrator breaks free and categorises stuff). It’s 16 months since I cast on my first pair of socks. I have completed 37 pairs and have 2 pairs on the go. The first 5 pairs were cuff down, using the excellent tutorials by @winwickmum Since I started knitting toe-up socks I have used the #fishlipskissheel 15 times, and #sockmaticianstoeups by @sockmatician 15 times. 29 pairs were vanilla socks, but I’m starting to experiment more with patterned socks. I have knitted 24 pairs for me, 6 for Jamie, 5 for Himself, and 2 pairs as gifts. On average, I complete a pair of socks every 2 weeks. I don’t know if I should be impressed 👏👏👏 or horrified 😱😱😱 #knittersofinstagram #knitting #operationsockdrawer

What’s the perfect way to avoid fighting (dying. Let’s be real honest here, there’s not so much fighting as there is flailing and dying a lot) baddies in video games and that other knitting project that is still languishing as a barely started swatch (and the not-even-half-way-finished scarf, and the one-and-a-half hand warmers still on the dpns)?

Attempt toe up socks for the first time, naturally. (I might have a motivation/follow-through problem. It… might be a severe case.)

Yarn is one of the many balls of JoJoLand Melody I had for another project I never started (are you sensing a trend yet?), needles are the new Knitter’s Pride US2 circs I haven’t broken in yet.

But hey, I did finish my latest washcloth in a night a few days ago, so I can totally keep claiming that I actually knit whole projects, right? Right??