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Don’t wanna b that kinda person but did u guys notice the tiptoeing Magnus did to kiss his boyfriend 😂😍😍

no absolutely not. that is wrong and also annoying

magnus did not tiptoe to kiss alec. he has never had to tiptoe. magnus and alec are nose to nose, alec is four inches taller than magnus which is not even half a head taller

this is how tall they both are. magnus is tall. he does not get on his tip toes, he does not get a stool to kiss alec, he just kisses him. he leaned in to kiss him in that moment and that was it

2doc Request 01

shoooosh, don’t worry your head my friend. you know people would still be goin’ on regardless of that. people love talking lmao

also sorry for the delay, my computer’s been on the fucking struggle because it’s so hot right now….. but here’s the first fic request!!!

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How to Deal with Toxic People

If you can’t escape the toxic people in your life:

1. Don’t allow them to manipulate you into acting in certain ways (For example, don’t allow them to control you by being moody, demanding or rude.)

2. Don’t tip toe around them or live your life walking on egg shells.

3. Don’t make excuses for their bad behaviour or their inappropriate and over-the-top reactions.

4. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself and to call things what they are (Often we are too polite to say anything, especially in social settings. However, that just perpetuates the situation, and keeps you feeling trapped and negative.)

5. Don’t allow them to play emotional games. For example, speak up when they are being rude and offensive by saying something like “Was it your intention to try to make me look bad when you said that?) Often a direct approach, especially in public, is very effective.

6. Establish personal boundaries. Do not allow other people to treat you in rude or disrespectful ways. Remember that we teach other people how to treat us!

7. Remember not to take things personally as it’s really about THEM, and not you.