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So I had this dream last night, where Lance from Voltron got captured, and the villain was all “oh so you’re in tune with water eh?” And so he put Lance with his hands cuffed behind his back in a glass tank (with air holes at the top), and filled it with water, leaving just enough space at the top for him to be able to breathe if he stood on his tip toes

I figured I’d share because it might make a good prompt for someone? I think the gang came in and busted him out before too long, but I woke up before I really knew

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10 for blackdonald

10. Not being able to speak properly after the kiss ends

He doesn’t even know where he ends and she begins. Every part of him is consumed, set alight by her fire and it’s driving him crazy. He’s breathing in Mary MacDonald, and it’s as sweet and delicious as honeycomb.

He’s memorised the taste of her lips and still, every single time, he’s astounded. She makes him feel a dozen emotions at once, deliriously happy, scared, giddy; it’s a euphoric and addictive tingling in his fingers, desperately wanting and needing more.

His back hits the wall with a soft thud, and the collision shocks them both. Sirius opens his eyes and Mary, standing on her tip-toes, looking like she’s just battled through a hurricane gives him an exhilarated smile. 

He’s breathing heavily, trying to regain his thoughts. She’s so close, breathing hot against his neck. She’s out of breath too, and he can feel her heart thudding against her chest as she tries to clear her throat. 

Mary’s like the sweetness of strawberries with cream, like the candy-floss coloured clouds that scatter around the horizon in a sunset. He’s shivering against her, not sure what he feels and yet understanding it exactly at the same time. 

For some reason, he’s completely lost for words. She’s not quite staring, but looking up expectantly at him. Her hands still grasp at the ends of his hair, her palms resting against the back of his neck. He swallows.

All that comes out is a bumbling mess, a random mix-up of verbs and nouns. “I.. shall er, you want - um.”

She’s still for a few seconds, until she lets out a bubble of infectious laughter. She pulls him forward, her lips ghosting against his. “Cat got your tongue, Black?”

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Things you said: 12 or 56? Your choice for character. :)

things you said in the spur of the moment 

“You are beautiful”

Blaster fire, unbearable temperatures, enemies all over the place and the only thing his brain can say is that. Not the best timing, but life is best lived on the edge. Old Doc was all for this.

“I– This isn’t really the time.”

She actually heard it, over all of this noise? Right he had the comms on.

“Right?” He laughed it off, shooting someone in the gut. 

“But thank you, I think you’re beautiful too.”

“You think I’m what now?” He dropped his guard, ducking a shot for his head, then her lightsaber whizzing past him. He looked back to see her smiling

“Did you just call me beautiful?” 

“Yes I did.’ She got onto her tip toes and but her arms around his kneck, pulling him down for a kiss. Doc picked her up, her legs locking around his waist

What is more cute than a kiss? A tip toe kiss! <33

This is my sort of apology for my previous angsty doodles (plus the DB and FMA joke) and I hope you guys can forgive me o3o

Hope you guys enjoy~!

Keith’s nose wrinkles. “It’s kinda hard not to think that way, though.” He looks away. Then back to Shiro’s eyes. “Hey. Hey, Shiro.”

“Yes?” Shiro strokes Keith’s cheeks. Even his prosthetic, with all its flat metallic surfaces, feels calming.

Keith’s mouth twitches. “We don’t have to- to- do anything or decide anything but I just.” Keith bites his lip. Instead of saying it out loud, he gets on his tip-toes and leans closer.

“Oh,” says Shiro. Pleased, low.

“Shush,” says Keith and then their lips meet, complete with all the fireworks and racing hearts and clammy palms Keith has come to expect with crushes and love and like.

a moment from @aarnivalkeaa‘s fic baby, light my fire.


what i mean when i say “disabled bodies are treated as public property” is that we are constantly under scrutiny, and everybody and their grandma has an opinion on how we should live our lives/treat our illnesses/cope. 

if you try everything you’re wasting money and desperate, if you don’t you’re not trying hard enough. if you work you’re not really disabled, and if you don’t you’re a lazy piece of shit mooching off the government. there is no winning. no matter what happens it is wrong. and everybody has an opinion on you- and god forbid you tell them off for it, that makes you an ungrateful bitch.

its like able bodied people cannot possibly fathom how disabled can be independent, thinking, capable beings, fully equipped to make our own choices in life. we aren’t alive so you have something to tear up over and talk about over dinner. we shouldn’t feel the need to tip toe around everybody and everything because we’re afraid of what kind of hell abled bodied people will raise.

i love the trope where keith never grows taller even when he’s around 22 so he just remains little and lance loves it

tip toeing to kiss him? lance picking him up for hugs? only about reaching his chest with his nose? lance loves it and never puts keith down even when he protests

when he’s the big spoon he feels like lance’s jet pack and keith gets so pouty because all he wants to do is hold lance and lance is giggling; when he’s the little spoon lance loves it because he fits so perfectly and small in his arms

lance’s clothes are so big on him too, he loves wearing his jacket and flapping the sleeves around

the problem with beating kids as a way to show them the difference between right and wrong is that it causes kids to do or not do something because they fear the punishment, not because they actually understand that it’s right or wrong. so you’re not teaching the kids anything except to fear you and fear your punishment. and i’d rather take the time to teach my (far far in the future) kid values than to have them walking around on tip toe because they think i’m going to beat them.