toe pad

I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

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Cute Mettaton headcanons:

- When he genuinely laughs he snorts and he’s really loud and obnoxious.
- He’s not a pretty sleeper. He snores and drools and ends up sprawled out on the bed with the sheets half kicked off of him.
- He purrs. Especially when pet.
- He has toe beans/pads on his feet so he doesn’t scratch floors. He really enjoys having them massaged.
- He’s waterproof and loves being bathed by someone else, especially having his hair scrubbed.
- He will flirt incessantly but the second he gets an actual date he has no idea what to do and becomes a mess.
- He calls his really young fans his little stars.
- He takes time to talk to everyone when signing autographs.
- When he gets to the surface he sees that people aren’t nearly as accepting of LGBT+ people as they are in the Underground and starts his own foundation making special clothing lines for trans people, speaking out against homophobia/transphobia, and raising money to help LGBT+ people get out of dangerous living situations. He’s also paid for several transgender fans’ surgical transition.
- He constantly lets his fans know how grateful he is for their love.


“FirstSpear 1911 Magazine Base Pad and Chip McCormick 1911 Magazine · Aluminum in construction, gives the base pad weight allowing mag to free fall easily during a speed reload · Hard anodized finish · Grip enhancements on bottom of base pad to assist in firmly locking magazine in place · Toe of Base Pad is dished out to aid in removal of a difficult magazine · Middle grove on Base Pad fits the FirstSpear bungee cord speed tab · Currently available for the 1911 series pistol, watch for more models to follow” - FirstSpear

I love FirstSpear and I love 1911s, going to have to check these out. 

Short and Sweet

Just a little something for @seiyakanie and her @veraandalyn OC’s to welcome the newest baby into the world.

Alyn let out a sigh and rubbed his eyes, leaning back in his chair and allowing his muscles to relax.
It had been a really long day.
He turned, his eyebrows moving upward questioningly as his gaze landed on the tiny figure hovering in the doorway.
“Oh, Mai, what’s up?”
She fidgeted for a minute and then straightened, Vera’s shirt that she used to sleep in practically dragged on the ground, the hem hovering just above her small toes as she padded closer.
“I need to tell you something.”
Turning fully, he crouched down in front of her and brushed the hair out of her face. “Sure thing, baby girl. Is something wro-” his words were cut off by a small hand placed over his mouth.
Her small face was pinched in concentration, brows furrowed seriously over her eyes as she stared at him.
Alyn raised his eyebrows, slightly concerned by his young daughter’s sudden soberness, but patient enough to wait and see what she had to say.
After she was sure he wasn’t going to keep talking, she moved her hand from his mouth and placed it on his cheek, her other hand coming to rest on the opposite side of his face.
Finally, taking a deep breath, she stared right into his eyes and said slowly. “I…love you.” She seemed to contemplate the words for a minute, and then her expression relaxed and she nodded her head slightly.
Alyn felt his chest swell, a smile curling his lips. “Well, I love you too.”
She wrinkled her nose. “I know that, silly, you tell me all the time.”
He chuckled. “So I do. Was that all you wanted to tell me?”
She nodded. “Yep.”
“Why were you so serious about it?”
She blinked, staring as if it were terribly obvious. “It’s important, isn’t it? To tell someone you love them.”
“I guess so, yeah.”
Mai frowned slightly. “I’ve never said it before.”
“You haven’t?” Alyn asked in disbelief, thoughts traveling back the past year to when they first adopted Mai.
She shook her head. “No, which is why I wanted to tell you.”
He smiled and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in for a warm hug. “Thank you.” He placed a quick kiss against her cheek. “Feel better now?”
She smiled, her whole face lighting up. “Yep!” Then her eyes widened and she slipped out of Alyn’s arms, running for the door.
“Hey, where are you going?” He called after her.
She stopped in the doorway, beaming as she called over her shoulder. “I’m going to go tell momma too!”

Bruce Wayne Imagine

Requested prompt : “Did they touch you or hurt you? Who was it? Are you okay?”

Combined with requested prompt: “Why haven’t you been answering your phone?!”

#82 and # 86

Intruders enter your home, bruce comes to the rescue 

The manor was dead quiet. The rumbling of the sky and the flashes of the night surrounding Gotham. The power had gone out, leaving you in complete darkness only to be illuminated by the lightening every once in a while. Your skin shivered, your arms held tight. These nights were the loneliest. Not a person in sight.

 Alfred’s suitcase was packed away, along with himself as he traveled down South to see the youngest Pennyworth, whom of which you’d met. Your bare feet shuffled down the hallways. Your cold toes padding on the cold marble.  Usually on nights like these, Alfred, Bruce and yourself, would place yourselves down in front of the fire, and sit, whilst sipping bubbling wine, meltingly sweet hot chocolate, or warming tea. 

Your spine straightened.

Thunder roared.

Your head looked out the window watching the rain whip itself into the glass. 

A vibration sounds, Almost the sound of a bee. You walk back. Following the noise, eyes trying to make shift in the dark.

It stops. 

You stop. 

Your eyes wonder, trying to pin point the phone like echolocation. 

It starts again. You move forward, the sound almost becoming more violent as you move towards it. You turn into the living room, your phone lighting up the room in a glowing white. It moved with every vibration on the glass coffee table, begging to be answered. You pick up the phone, it’s cold spiking your ear.

“Hello?” You ask, voice quiet. Another rumble of thunder passes by.

“Why haven’t you been answering your phone?!” your husbands deep worried voice projects.

“I couldn’t find it,” You say defensively, “why what’s wrong?” You question, holding your stomach as you suddenly feel a wave of chilly air. 

“(y/n) you have to-”

You’re pushed roughly into the wall. Aggressive hands around your arms. The phone cracks into two. You’re breath is punched out of your chest. Your head feeling rocky and disillusioned.

Deep laughs echo your ears. 

You’re eyes are dark and grainy. The room still dark.

Another pair of hands grabs your head, whipping it to face to your left. You can’t see. Your eyes now blurred by the fear. Your breathing quickens. Your lips quiver.


The lightening illuminates the room. Four men stand in front of you. Your eyes widen and you squirm in his vigorous grip. He laughs, ripping you from the wall to the floor. Your eyebrow hits first. Skin splits at the contact. You couldn’t help but yelp, your eyes squeezing shut to mobiles the pain, but it was all too much. You opened them. 

Feet deafen your view. He flips you on your back, pulls you up by your shirt and punches you. Your neck feels like it snaps from the force. You look at him with tears over flooding your face. The window is behind him. The flashes of lightening making him a man in a silhouette surrounded by laughing men. He pushes you down. You make no waste of time and quickly crawl with your limbs and stumble up, trying to run to the door.

He grabs your hair. Your breath escapes off without you and two men grabbed each side of your arms. A man whose face was blackened by the shadows comes up to you. He touches your face, his dirty hands trailing your cheek.

“Pretty” he mumbles. You spit in his face. He slaps you hard. The two men throw you to the ground. Your back giving out at the impact. 


The lightening illuminates the man. He begins the take his jacket off, and the men laugh. Your eyes widen. With another lightening strike, you see his foul smirk. You scream, kicking and throwing your legs as hard as you can. 

The man smirks, his boots clucked as he yanks them off his feet. You begin to cry silently. It was dark, ‘maybe they couldn’t see you cry,’  you thought. 

The man crawls on top of you, yet to actually physically touch you. He looks deep into your eyes, a wild crazy smirk plastered on his lips. Your noses almost touched.

His eyes almost looked right into your mind

In a split second his eyes showed confusion. 

He was ripped off you and thrown all the way across the room destroying the coffee table at the same time. AS the glass shattered on the marble clattering in sprinkles a lightening strike illuminated Bruce’s face. 

He was angry.

Bruce strode past you and to the man holding your arm. Most of the fighting was in the dark, in the shadows, unknown to the intruders; Bruce’s specialty.  You heard the gut turning hits and the cracking punches thrown. Heavy bodies were thrown swiftly into the wall. 

Grunts escaped them.

Heavy breathing overtook them. You got up slowly, your body and bones complying. You moved slowly, crawling on your hands and knees. 

In a matter of only under a minute, there was silence. You turned around breathing heavily, and leant on the side of the couch. Your hands were shaking slightly, and your eyes were blind in the dark. You heard shuffling then felt Bruce’s warm hands on your cheeks. 

“Did they touch you or hurt you?  Are you okay?” His voice was quick. The fight had taken a little out of him, but the adrenaline was still there. You nodded you’re head furiously, biting your lips as tears began to embed your eyes. 

You sniffled.

He pulled you in close, collapsing onto the ground in front of you. He held your head and body, whilst you rested into his chest. He made small quiet sounds, occasionally saying,

“Everything is okay now.”, trying to calm your breathing. His large hands engulfed your small fragile body. He stroked your hair with his thumb, and mumbled in your hair. The thunder rumbled, the rain still falling.

He pulled you up, your face now to his. He kissed you softly, your cold lips being warmed up by his warm ones. He stood up, bending back down to hold your hands.

“We’re going to stand up now, tell me if anything hurts.” You nodded, and squeezed his hands tight as you began to push up. Your legs stood straight, but as your back began to stand tall, your head got dizzy and your back began to tighten. You were unsteady. Your feet moving to stop you from falling. Bruce’s hand quickly grabbed your waist tight. His heart fell. He looked down at you his eyes concerned and in pain.

“I’ll carry you.” He said quietly. So he picked you up effortlessly, your body swinging into his arms. He walked slowly, the calm swinging of his steps soothing you down. You looked up at his face. He was angry and upset, and you could see it in his jaw. You place your hand on his chest, right above his heart. He looked back down at you, stopping at the beginning of the stairs. He watches your beautiful eyes, the blood from your split eye running down your temple. His stomach felt sickened in thought of what would of happened if he were only a little late.

“Thank you,” You say. Voice quiet and croaky.

He smiled softly at you, leaning down to place a kiss on your forehead. He begins to climb the stairs, the soft sway drawing you sleepy.

You rest into his chest further, his  warmth heating up your body. He reached the bedroom, his large hands still holding you up tight, secure and strong.

“You’re my wife,” he says, “I wouldn’t of done anything less.”

-I’m back. Hope you liked! Not as descriptive as usual, but i think still post worthy.

This is a pic of me this past fall. I found this little guy held up in a nook in my car door. It is a barking tree frog. Tree frogs can be identified by their large padded toes that they use to stick to whatever they want to climb. After I took this I let this little frog go back into the woods. It was a nice day to find a froggy friend. :)


Gray wolf (Canis lupus) paw print 

The prints and placement of a wolf’s paw is similar to that of a large dog, making it easy to confuse the two. However, the toe pads of a wolf are more oblong and not so densely placed, causing the the dispersion of the two middle toes to be slightly larger than that of a dog’s. Imprints of the nails are bigger, longer, and more pointed than that of a dog. The print of a forepaw from a grown up Gray wolf is about 11 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide. The hindpaw is about 8 centimeters long and 7 centimeters wide. 

While walking - something wolves relatively don’t often do - the lenght of the tread is 80 to 90 centimeters. While trotting - the pace wolves use most - the length is about 1 meter. When galopping or leaping, it’s 1.50 meters or more.

Wolves, like all canines, are digitigrade - meaning they walk on just their toe tips. It’s a very effective way of running. It helps them to stop and turn quickly and to prevent their paw pads from wearing down. The front of a wolf’s feet is very large. This allows greater weight distribution when a wolf runs on snow. It also provides more support to prevent them from sinking in the snow, helping them to hunt, run, and play without injury. Wolves also have small webs between their toes, enabling them to swim distances of up to 13 kilometers (8 miles). 


“Split squat variations for the 🍑 burn. Elevated, weighted split squats. Do not have your toes pressed into the pad or box, make sure your foot is flat against whatever you are using to elevate and push through the balls of your foot and heels on the forward leg”