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One of the drawings from the stream, Motifa the modern day angel from OneyPlays blessing the masses with her holy laser beams. (yes I used Dio from part 3 of JJBa as a reference)

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Omg, you followed me😳 Hi, hi, hi! I love everything BTS. Can you write a extremely smut scenario about my favorite Jiminnie Oppa❤️ Thank you!


Lying there with your boyfriend, you found your lips tracing little maps across that deliciously golden skin, leaving behind a trail of wet kisses as marks of your course. You loved moments like these, where you could just lie together all day; but, even more you loved the product that ensued each and every time. Your lovemaking was divine; a drug that shot straight into your nervous system and gave you wings.

There were small sighs already escaping from those smooth, plush lips, as you continued your exploration of unmarked skin beneath you. Obsidian irises were smoldering, lighting that fire in your belly that was already dimly flickering. Those muscular hands were gripping your hips, hooking around the already naked hip bones—this would be round two for you. You caught your swollen bottom lip in between your teeth and straightened yourself to look down at him with your own hazy eyes, straddling his sheet covered thighs.

“Ready for round two,” you purred, hovering your lips teasingly over his, just out of reach, as you pressed his shoulders down with your hands, insinuating your desire to be in control this time around.

“Yes,” he hissed, breathing deeply through his nose as you trailed wet kisses down his jaw, and then back to his ear, catching the soft lobe between a set of teeth gently.

You couldn’t help the smirk that lit up your lips at the sound of his already turned on tone. It was so sensual; so raw; so sexy. Hands were digging themselves into your skin painfully, leaving behind bruises for tomorrow, as you bit down on the rapid pulse in his neck. Flinching, you groaned—you were a fan of mixing pain and pleasure, and so was your beau.

Following that map that was your beloved, Park Jimin, you made your way down his defined torso, leaving behind love bites along the way, until you reached the white sheets bunched at his waist. A dark stare was watching you intently, his hands interlocked behind his head, chin downturned, as he followed your movements curiously. Raking fingernails down the rippling muscles of his chest and abdomen, you left behind faint red lines with a devious smirk, watching as he squirmed in pleasure, growling and rolling those sultry eyes back into his skull.

This was your favorite part of your sexual escapades with Jimin: teasing him, until finally he begged. Dragging your heated, wet mouth across the tight expanses of skin just above his groin that stretched over those prominent hip bones, you grazed your teeth, nibbling along teasingly. Your eyes though, never left their target: his own seductive stare.

Who would give into temptation first? Who would bite into that forbidden fruit and succumb to the juicy flavor?

His hands unlatched from the back of his head, clenching into tight fists around the wrinkled sheets of the bed, attempting to calm himself, but as you lowered your hot mouth over the thin sheet covering that impressive hardened length, you felt him jolt and grab at your hair roughly. Grinning, you raised one eyebrow in triumph, his own eyes disappearing behind eyelids, that mouth begging, “Please, just stop teasing me.”

“As you wish,” you murmured against the skin that you had revealed beneath the white sheet, kissing the tip of his leaking tip.

There was an instantaneous moan of desperation at the tantalizing contact; fists pushing you forward, closer to that aching muscle. Your mouth hovered, breathing coyly around the tip, and then moving toward the skin of his thighs, leaving behind more kisses and claims of territory. A glare was pinning you down, demanding you to do as you promised, and without warning, you let your mouth completely envelop that long length.

A deep groan escaped through his mouth and chest, his head tossing back toward the headboard, hands gripping your hair hopelessly. You had won the game. Bobbing your head expertly, you let that hardened muscle scrape at the walls of your mouth and throat, moaning as you felt his hands guiding your head over him. Teeth were biting painfully into that plush bottom lip, as he stared down at you with glazed eyes, reaching some sort of nirvana there in that warm, wet cavern.

It wasn’t long before he was writhing beneath you, begging for a tighter, hotter space to fill. You were persistent though, teasing the muscle beneath your mouth and fingers, playing with the tip, and then following that map down the shaft, kissing the vein that stood prominently beneath the reddened skin of his length. But, it wasn’t enough for Jimin, he needed to be one with you. He needed to feel something that only your most feminine cave could evoke within him.

Suddenly, you were being tugged up from your previous position, drawn up and over that lubed length, before being completely filled with that muscle as he drug your hips down over his own. A mutual moan of delight sang through the two of you, shudders racking your naked bodies, heads thrown back in pure pleasure. If there was a heaven, it had to feel similar to this.

Dangling your breasts over his face, you grabbed at the wood of the headboard, gripping it with tensed fingers. Taking advantage of the compromising position, you felt a warm mouth covering the hardened pink buds of your breasts, nimble fingers rolling them gently, sending a breathy sigh through your throat and out your mouth. You were afraid to move at all—you knew neither of you could last long now, the pleasure was just too intense.

So, experimentally, you ground your pelvis down onto him, shifting yourself just slightly. It was bliss; pure bliss. You couldn’t keep your hips in check any longer, they seemed to have thoughts and plans of their own, and they involved plenty of heavy grinding and bouncing. Moans were filling the room, echoing all around you, creating a sensual ambiance. Who needed the radio, when you could make songs of your own?

Strong hands were back on your hips, gripping painfully around the sensitive skin, as those hazy dark eyes watched your efforts, smirking with each bounce of your breasts and hips. White hot flames were licking your stomach, promising a paradise there in that tight space. Muscular arms were suddenly surrounding you as he sat up, tangling desperate fingers in messy locks of your hair, scratching at the soft skin of your back; those smooth lips kissing you fiercely, telling you one thing: he was close to that oblivion too.

Your hands were grasping for anything to hold onto: his hair, his shoulders, his back, his neck. Just anything. Staring into one another’s eyes, like windows to the other’s soul, you timed out that oncoming train of bliss, riding out the explosion together. Toes curling, hips writhing, mouths groaning, you felt that explosion of flames lick your stomach, and then make its course through your veins, mapping each corner of your body, just like you had mapped out Jimin’s before.

Falling from that high, you both lie panting, collapsed and entangled, holding one another, as he murmured, “My turn.”

Confused, you laughed, “To what?”

“Follow the map that leads to you,” he smirked, flipping you over, planting kisses down your neck to nip lightly at your collarbone.

And just like that, your journey into paradise began once again. This time with him leading the way, mapping out the entirety of your skin. 


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